Cloth & Paper December 2021 Review – Desk Calendar, Stickers, Pens, and More!

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Cloth & Paper has quickly become one of the boxes I am super excited to receive each month, they have such a sleek look about them and I reach for their pens again and again. They have a few different subscription options, and you can choose planner sizes based on the planner you use at home or work. This is a review of their Penspiration AND Planning + Stationery combo, which is $54.99 a month and drops to as low as $49.99 a month when you choose the 6-month term. This is the December box, they send calendar cards etc two months in advance, so you’re never behind or have to worry about getting those supplies late. I didn’t receive any calendar inserts, but then again they sent a spiral-bound planner last month so I’m good to go for the year.

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The items were wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a sticker — sleek and simple.

Looking good!

I found a card that told me what I would find inside this month’s Planning + Stationery box.

Here is a picture list of those items on the back.

When you sign up, you will get to choose the planner size that you own (there are 13 options) and then you will receive products that will fit appropriately. If you don’t own a ring or discbound planner, then there is also a 14th option, to receive a coordinating bound or notepad stationery item instead. Cloth & Paper has a website with tons of stationery products and you can find a planner there if you are in need.

Everything in my Planning + Stationery plus Penspiration box! Again, you will need to have a planner of some sort and Cloth & Paper has lots to choose from on their website and in a variety of price points. If you don’t want or need a planner, your items may differ from what I received. I have an A5 clear planner from Cloth & Paper and I keep adding the dashboards and inserts to the front of the planner each month.

Planning + Stationery

Dashboards — Gratitude and Illumination The dashboards can be layered and we have two very different styles here. Gratitude is vellum-ish and has a fancy lowercase “g” while Illumination has lots of debossed letters (they aren’t raised, they are recessed, see I learned a new word!) that repeat. The idea is to color in a word that you want to focus on this year or of course you can leave it blank.

Vision Board Insert It’s 2022, time to start the year off right by setting up a vision board!

This sheet has space for the word of the year that you choose to focus on, goals, and more. There are dot grids all over the book to help make it easier to write lists, calendars, boxes, etc.

There are 22 pages in all, including an end-of-year wrap-up.

Arched Habit Tracker Insert Our next insert is a habit tracker to put into place those things we hope to make a part of our daily lives.

It’s a whole lot of spreads that look just like this, except there’s enough for each month of the year and maybe a couple extra.

Here is a sample that I found in the back of the insert, and each row has 31 boxes. I’m a visual learner so this helps me see where I’ve been and what I need to work on when starting a new habit.

Spotlight Stickers These stickers can be used as bullet points, or to highlight events that you need to catch your eye at a glance.

There are 3 different sizes and the middle is see-through.

Mini Icon Stickers There were 6 sheets of teeny stickers to mark those daily and weekly chores that need to be done, like laundry or shopping.

These are clear with black icons on them.

Text Divider Tabs Cloth & Paper suggests using these sticky notes on blank planner dividers. There are lots of them too — I couldn’t get an accurate count but I would say at least 25 of each one.

Journaling Cards There were four journaling cards, and you’re going to need an insert of some sort to get the most use out of them if you plan on putting them in your planner. Clockwise from top: Living Well Matte Quote Card, Reflection Vellum Quote Card, February 2022 Transparent Calendar Card, and Muse Matte Quote Card.

2022 Desk Calendar Set A set of 12 month-at-a-glance cards with a wooden holder is a cool way to display the month ahead on a desk or countertop.

There is room to write in some events or reminders, and the cards are really sturdy. This is the last item from the Planning + Stationery Box, but if you also grabbed the Penspiration box, or maybe you subscribe to both, then please keep reading to see what we received!


The items shipped in the same box as my Planning + Stationery Box, but they were enclosed in this holder.

December Prompt Card and Pen Test Sheet Two sturdy cards were included with the Penspiration box.

One card has a journaling prompt on the back while the other has space for swatching the pens (shown below).

I also found this card in my box, but it wasn’t described in any of the literature.

Here are the pens! There were 6 pens, but 4 of them are dual-ended, so it’s like 10 different pens! I think I placed them in order as described by Cloth & Paper: Zebra Sarasa Clip Pen in Milk White, Zebra Funwari Brush Pen,‎ Zebra Fude Brush Sign Dual Ended Pen, Zebra Mildliner Double Ended Brush Pen in Mild Smoke Blue, Zebra Mildliner Double Ended Brush Pen in Mild Gray, and Zebra Mildliner Double Ended Brush Pen in Mild Brown.

Here I have swatched them in order as well. I wasn’t expecting the first pen to have white ink so I had to swatch it on one of the tabs shown earlier. I have a few pens from previous Cloth & Paper boxes and they are wonderful to use and they make me feel sophisticated when I use them, even if it’s just to write the grocery list.

The December Cloth & Paper Planning + Stationery Box and Penspiration Box have me off to a good start for the new year! There was a yearly calendar that looks sleek on my desk and a couple of inserts that can be used all year long. I also received lots of stickers to help keep my planner looking good without being flashy, the color palette is always subdued. My favorite items each month are the pens, I can’t wait to try them out a little more, they make writing to-do lists more fun, if that’s possible!

Cloth & Paper offers a monthly subscription box of their planner supplies, inserts, and writing instruments. The items look sleek and Cloth & Paper believes “there is luxury in simplicity”.  The Planning + Stationery box is $39.99 a month but drops to as low as $36.99 a month when you sign up for a 6-month term. The Penspiration box is $21.99 a month but drops to $19.99 a month for the 3-month plan. The Penspiration AND Planning + Stationery combo is $54.99 a month and drops to as low as $49.99 a month when you choose the 6-month term.

DEAL: Get 10% off your first box! Use the coupon code HELLOSUB10 at checkout!

Visit CLOTH & PAPER to subscribe or find out more!


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