JourneeBox Riviera Maya Box Spoilers!

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We have the first three spoilers for the Riviera Maya JourneeBox! FYI: The current schedule for shipping this box will be late January/early February.

Boxes will include a Molinillo, a traditional whisk!


Spoiler #3 features a molinillo, a traditional wooden whisk that can be found in Mexico, turning many a hot chocolate into a foamy treat. The molinillo can be used to make traditional Mexican drinking chocolate (or any chocolate bar that can be shaved then melted) into delicious foamy, whipped hot chocolate – yes, including the Ah Cacao chocolate we dropped in Spoiler #1. To use, simply place the handle between palms and rotate the molinillo back and forth.

The box will include an item from the Riviera Maya Jewelry Collection

Mayan Sundial Necklace

The sundial necklace is inspired by the ancient civilization of the Mayans. The sun played an important part in ancient Mayan culture, which included the worship of the sun god, Kinich Ahau. The Mayans were able to keep time using sundials which were incredibly accurate. Select between a brushed 18k gold or sterling silver finish, $55 MSRP.

Annual Subscriber Bonus Item: Tulum Earrings [You will not get this item if you are not an annual subscriber]

Our Journee to Riviera Maya continues with an iconic earring set inspired by architecture from the Mexican city of Tulum. Tulum is home to the ruins of a pre-Columbian Mayan city, which was walled and set on tall cliffs overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Like these earrings, the architecture of Tulum features interlocking patterns using vertical and horizontal blocks. Select between an antiqued 18k gold or sterling silver finish, $65 MSRP.

Subscribers will have their choice between two amazingly tasty chocolate bars from Ah Cacao: either milk chocolate or Mayan dark chocolate.

Our Journee to Riviera Maya, Mexico begins with an ancient, adored delicatessen: chocolate. Made from the seeds of the Theobroma Cacao cacao tree, the Olmec civilization was one of the earliest civilizations in Latin America and credited as the first to cultivate the cacao plant into chocolate well over 3,000 years ago.

High quality, sustainably produced cacao is a labor of love from our Riviera Maya JourneeBox partner – Ah Cacao in Mexico. In 2013, Ah Cacao was recognized by theMexican Center for Philanthropy as a socially responsible company for their nature conservation efforts and their work directly with farms that harvest cacao seeds used for chocolate production in their zero emissions, rooftop solar powered facility.

JourneeBox is a lifestyle subscription box that delivers travel and nature inspired goods for just $54.99 per quarter. See all our JourneeBox reviews to find out more!

Each JourneeBox contains specially designed travel and nature-inspired accessories, home, beauty and apparel goods; delivered to you four times a year. The box is made up of $250+ worth of ethically-made, sustainable designer goods for only $219.99 a  year ($54.99 per box).

What do you think of the JourneeBox spoiler?


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  • Xtina

    When is the Mexico box shipping? I get the supply issues. I just want to know when to expect this.

  • Amy

    I am sure it will be tasty, but I agree it seems odd to lead with this.

    But really, I am still on “delicatessen.” I have never seen it used this way and can’t decide if I’m out of date or if they mean delicacy. Since they often have typos in the booklet I’m going to assume this is one, but I’m still going to Google to see if I’m just behind.

    • Hello Subscription

      Delicatesse is basically the same as delicacy. Seldomly used, but it’s a word. They could’ve been autocorrected. I personally wouldn’t use the word delicacy or any other word with the same connotation for a straight up chocolate bar, but that might just be me – Brandy

  • Lorraine

    I understand the need for a change up since we only got 2 boxes all year, but a chocolate bar?

  • Mary L.

    Yeah, I know they are doing the best they can with supply chain issues, but I am not really feeling this destination and this spoiler isn’t doing much for me.

  • Anita F

    A chocolate bar is not very exciting. Sorry.