Shaker & Spoon November 2021 Spoilers: Fall for Mezcal!

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Shaker & Spoon, a DIY cocktail subscription box, has released the spoilers for their November 2021 box! Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Club is a monthly cocktail mixers, recipes, tools, and ingredients subscription box!

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The theme is Fall for Mezcal!

It’s a lively time of year in Mexico, a period when the last cheerful shouts and mariachi chords of Independence Day parties fade out and attention turns to preparing for the more spiritual but equally as energetic and colorful Día de los Muertos. In these months they honor their country and its people, past and present, along with family and friends and plenty of food, music, and dance to spare. Oh, and very likely a healthy share of mezcal as well.

The national spirit, itself the focus of its own annual celebrations in Oaxaca and elsewhere, is much more suited for a low-key but omnipresent role in the culture. For more than 400 years in happiness, in sadness, and everything in between, mezcal stoically stands nearby for one to savor, possibly with some spilled on the ground for those lost and fondly remembered. “Tómalo a besos” (drink it with kisses) is Mexico’s poetic way of describing how to traditionally enjoy mezcal, sipped neat, which allows the terroir and full expression of agave to bloom to the senses, as it would with a fine wine.

On virtually every bar menu around the world, however, it has come into its own as an exceptional base, casting its spell on cocktails by elevating its partnering flavors while adding so many of its own. It’s smooth and faintly sweet, with the smoky, earthy citrus notes of roasted agave—and one sip, no matter how it’s prepared, makes it a cinch to completely Fall for Mezcal over and over again.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Drawing inspiration from the whimsical yet deeply complex nature of her favorite style of art, Nova Clark has turned to roses and painted a delightfully drinkable picture called Abstract Distraction. The cocktail features the flavorful and fragrant flower twice—with both an infused strawberry jam and a sparkling lemonade—to set a bright and fruity stage for the earthy light smoke and vanilla notes of mezcal. Sample this drink amid a landscape of stunning fall foliage and, miraculously, everything will be coming up roses.

Take a tour of any rural palenque (mezcal distillery), as Sam Jimenez so often does, and see centuries of tradition playing out as the smoke of roasted agave and the lively citrus scents of the plant’s fermenting state waft about. His El Palenque captures these unforgettable sense memories of mezcal production, and with a special nod to a Mexican street drink. A bespoke pineapple shrub (specially developed just for this cocktail, mirroring the fermented pineapple base of tepache) and lemon lime–flavored ginger beer bring bite and sharpness, balanced by mezcal and a demerara syrup that symbolizes the rich sweetness achieved by agave’s time spent in smoldering pit ovens. Viva mezcal and long live your evening!

Sage represents wisdom, long life, and esteem, and its effect in the kitchen (particularly during Thanksgiving) speaks loudly of the season with a strong but comforting, warm flavor. With this in mind, Marshall Altier just had to bring it over to the bar for his Brush of the Bush, a wise old fashioned that celebrates the distinctly delicious voice of mezcal with help from sage-infused agave syrup and cherry vanilla bitters. Our all-knowing advice? Usher in the autumn vibes, and enjoy this one in good company!

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