MEL Kids Review + Coupon – ELECTRIC BOAT

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MEL Kids is a monthly AR‑powered STEM subscription box from MEL Science intended for kids ages 5-10. You can subscribe to the box for $34.90 each month and you’ll get science-themed projects plus a visual explanation of the underlying scientific principles. This subscription uses an app for an AR (augmented reality) science explanation. There are also online video lessons that go along with the box. They’re about 1 hour long and the kids can build the box along with the lesson, or use them if they need help. Each monthly kit contains hands-on experiments, activities, building sets, educational comics, and a unique piece of a great story!

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This is a review of the MEL Science Kids – Electric Boat box.

They also listed all the box contents and provided information on how it works.

There’s a blueprint of the project inside the box’s top lid.

Everything in the box!

Here’s a hexagonal card that you can scan using the app for the AR experience!

There’s also a new sticker from this month’s box to put on the map.

The cover of the booklet shows Zac and Newt building an electric boat.

It also provided a list of components for easy reference. The components include stoppers, rubber band, string, motor, propeller, short tube, long tube, crossbars, keel, deck, hulls, mast, brace, flags, rudder, propeller covers, connector, battery holder, anchor, and sails.

Here’s a quick look at the Electric Boat’s components.

This month’s project is a great way to learn about the parts of a battery, how batteries work, and how to power a boat with batteries.

Here are my kids working together to complete the boat!

There are step-by-step visual illustrations for this project. They indicate what part is needed and where to put it.

Putting the boat parts together is also a great way to enhance fine motor skills!

With my supervision, my kids easily put together the boat’s parts and learned how to construct a real battery.

This page illustrates on how the kids can properly secure the string into the anchor.

Here’s a look at the finished boat!

The booklet also contains a reminder to not disconnect the batteries after the experiment.

Looks like Zac and Newt’s electric boat will be challenged by other contestants!

As always, the story in the booklet is not just entertaining, it also teaches kids valuable lessons.

My kids had fun with this activity and the boat sailed successfully!

The last part of the booklet congratulates us for finishing the project.

The new map sticker is now placed where it should be!

This part of the booklet discuss the science behind floating boats.

Gravity is acting on everything around you, including boats! It is the force that pulls objects down towards the earth.

When an object is partially or fully immersed in a glass or liquid, such as water, another force acts on it as well. This force pushes it out of the water and is called buoyancy or upthrust.

For further learning after the project, they also suggest extra activities like this Float or Sink experiment.

The different parts of the boat are listed on this part of the booklet. Their uses are also explained as well.

More activities can be found on the next pages of the booklet!

My daughter had so much fun with this month’s MEL Science Kids project! Building the electric boat was a challenging task, but the easy-to-follow instructions and kid-friendly materials were a big help. The booklet is also packed with useful information, including articles and extra activities for kids to try. This activity subscription is such a fun way to introduce kids to different science concepts at home!

What do you think of MEL Science Kids?

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