Le Comptoir Colonial Spice Advent Calendar Is Here: 24 Savory and Sweets Spices!

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The Le Comptoir Colonial Spice Advent Calendar is available now at Williams Sonoma! This calendar features 24 spices – 6 for vegetables and side dishes, 7 for fish, 9 for meat and 2 for dessert recipes!

Spice Advent Calendar ($39.95)

An unforgettable treat for your favorite foodie, this advent calendar spices up the holiday countdown. Produced exclusively for us by Parisian spice specialist Le Comptoir Colonial, it contains a selection of premium spices for vegetable, meat and fish dishes as well as sweet recipes. It’s a sophisticated alternative to traditional advent calendars, and provides inspiration to try a range of global dishes during the holidays and beyond.

  • Smoked Sea Salt: Crushed salt from Guérande is dried and smoked with beech wood to give it dark color and smoked, woodsy flavor. (0.56 oz.)
  • Lebanese Seasoning ‘Zaatar’: Mild blend of spices and herbs – including thyme, sesame and sumac – is an ideal complement for vegetable dishes, cheese and poultry. (0.53 oz.)
  • Dry Salt with White Summer Truffle: Featuring decadent and festive notes, this salt is mixed with pieces of white truffle to enhance salads and provide an indulgent finishing touch for homemade potato chips. (0.53 oz.)
  • Paella Seasoning: Mild blend of salt, paprika, turmeric, caraway, white pepper, garlic and hot pepper is ideal for seasoning and coloring rice and sauces. (0.49 oz.)
  • Potato Seasoning: Featuring salt, pink shallot, blond mustard seeds, rosemary, garlic semolina, spicy melegueta pepper, thyme and lemon peel, this mixture enhances sautés, baked potatoes and vegetable stir-fries. (0.35 oz.)
  • Fine Sea Salt with Saffron: Fine sea salt with saffron filaments is the perfect finishing touch for salads, rice and vegetable stir-fries. (0.46 oz.)
  • Duo of Raspberry and Timut Berry: Sweet mix of crushed berries has notes of grapefruit and raspberry to bring a touch of acidity and color to light dishes like scallop carpaccio. (0.21 oz.)
  • Green Curry: Featuring coriander, tarragon powder, ginger, lemongrass, jalapeño, celery, paprika, garlic, coriander leaves and black pepper, this mix of hot spices is an ideal accompaniment for cod, tuna and crayfish. (0.18 oz.)
  • Drakkar Salt: Mix of crushed salt, spices and herbs has smoked, peppered and spiced notes that work well with fish dishes. (0.46 oz.)
  • White Pepper and Lemon for Oyster Seasoning: Mix of white pepper with grounded lemon rind enhances cold or hot oysters as well as fish sauces. (0.28 oz.)
  • Festive Pepper: Lemon tang and spiciness allow this colorful mixture of crushed peppers, berries and spices to go wonderfully with white fish dishes. (0.25 oz.)
  • Fine Herbs Seasoning: Blend of dehydrated herbs – including parsley, chives and tarragon – enhances salads andomelettes. (0.11 oz.)
  • Five Peppercorns Mix: Blend of crushed peppercorns has unique flavors that work well with fish dishes, such as lobster and pike. (0.25 oz.)
  • Christmas Salt: Blend of salt, sesame, spices, pink peppercorns and red chili extract enlivens holiday fare. (0.35 oz.)
  • Island Pepper Blend: Made with black Sarawak pepper from Malaysia and wild pepper voantsy periphery from Madagascar, this mix has woodsy and fruity notes that complement duck and beef. (0.25 oz.)
  • Merlot Wine Salt: A blend of red wine and crushed coarse sea salt from Île de Ré, this ruby-colored salt goes perfectly with white meat and beef, and adds appealing color and flavor to sauces. (0.56 oz.)
  • BBQ Seasoning: Featuring a range of herbs and spices – including rosemary, black pepper, basil, parsley, bay leaf, thyme, nutmeg, marjoram, summer savory and cloves – this mix is ideal for barbecued meat and plancha griddles, as well as salads and vegetables. (0.28 oz.)
  • Roasting Spice Blend: Made with paprika, caraway, garlic and chili, this salt-based seasoning boasts subtle flavors of orange and garlic with a bit of heat. (0.71 oz.)
  • Toasted Spices: This blend of toasted spices – including coriander, golden sesame, garlic, cumin and fenugreek – brings out the grilled notes of red meat and poultry, and adds depth and dimension to sauces. (0.21 oz.)
  • Old-Fashioned Curry: Ideal for white meat as well as fish and vegetables, this slightly spicy mixture includes coriander, turmeric, fennel, salt, cumin, fenugreek, caraway, pepper, garlic and yellow mustard. (0.25 oz.)
  • Crazy Salt: A blend of salt, paprika, thyme, chili, pink peppercorn, crushed black pepper and rosemary, this spicy seasoning complements red and white meat, and works well as a marinade. (0.35 oz.)
  • Creole Seasoning: A spicy, tomato-forward blend with a slight kick of heat, this mix adds authentic creole color and flavor to jambalaya and gumbo. (0.49 oz.)
  • Gingerbread Spice Blend: Featuring festive notes of cinnamon, star anise, cloves and cardamom, this spicy mix elevates homemade gingerbread. (0.28 oz.)
  • Speculoos Spice Blend: Well-suited to chocolate-based desserts and fruitcake, this mixture adds authentic flavor to traditional Belgian speculoos cookies. (0.28 oz.)

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  • Timothy Ryan Hunsicker

    I like the Drakkar salt packet from the advent calendar. However I find it annoying there is no way to purchase this spice by itself. This means whatever you make with this salt a one off item. Why try different spices if you can’t buy more?

  • CV

    I ordered it. They kept delaying delivery. Now it’s back ordered to February 2022!