Beauty Heroes November 2021 Full Spoilers!

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We have the full spoilers for the November 2021 Beauty Heroes, a deluxe beauty subscription box that features clean beauty brands! Subscribe by the 20th to get this month’s box – or while supplies last!

The featured brand is Khus+Khus!

Some plants enhance, balance and protect our stress regulation system. Some regulate vital energy. Some protect the immune system and response. Khus+Khus formulas do all this and more by building a force field with plants, so we have a protective shield on us and in us at all times. And what better time than now, as we enter winter? This month’s Discovery gets us armed and ready, from head to toe.

This month’s Hero product is an uplifting, fluffy soufflé that nourishes skin, body and spirit. Intensely hydrating LEMON Body Potion features a deliciously aromatic combination of bright, effervescent lemon to awaken the senses, and sandalwood and Bulgarian rose oils to add intense calming effects on the skin and mind. LEMON Body Potion delivers a whipped experience that sinks into your skin to soothe skin dry from stress and environmental toxins, calm and hydrate sensitive skin and restore well-being and spirit for all skin types.

Moisture, moisture everywhere! This month’s mega-humectant Sidekick D Drop Liposomes is a water-based liposome powerhouse packed with nutrients for the skin. Juicy watermelon ferment delivers nutrients, including plant-based vitamin A, to the skin and locks in hydration. French peppermint adds a deeply refreshing, cooling and soothing experience. Hemp liposomes are a water-based component delivering all the soothing, calming and antioxidant benefits of CBD.

October’s Beauty Discovery has a value of $142.

From the earliest of times, people have taken pleasure in rubbing fragrant substances into their skin. Scent was a powerful force in ritual, medicine, mythology, even conquest. In modern times, Khus+Khus combines the powers of scent with sophisticated plant-based compounds and Ayurvedic herbs to build modern herbal fusions–creating products that work from the outside in to deliver healing and well-being.

“Scents hold memories and emotions for all of us,” says Khus+Khus founder Kristi Blustein. “Creating products artfully, with intense thought not only given to the way the product performs but to the way it smells, is what allows a product to care for the whole being.”

These thoughtful nature-sourced fragrances and ingredients are what make Khus+Khus truly captivating. Scents that include effervescent moments of bright lemon, exhilarating French peppermint, intensely calming new Caledonia sandalwood. Deeply hydrating moringa oil, amalaki rich in vitamin C, and hemp liposomes that deliver the soothing, calming antioxidant benefits of CBD.

3-month subscriptions are $45.95/month ($137.85); 6-month subscriptions are $41.95/month ($251.70); and 12-month subscriptions are $39.95/month ($479.40).

About Beauty Heroes:

Always the highest quality, just the right quantity. Our monthly Discovery delivers healthy beauty straight to your door, helping you to live a little bit lighter, and love a whole lot more. Discover one clean beauty brand each month, always valued at $100+. Comes with one full-size product, plus deluxe sidekicks, for an immersive experience.

What do you think about this month’s Beauty Heroes box?


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  • Lauren

    I love this brand, but am really disappointed with this selection. I have The Fix face cream from them that has a lemon scent and it is not enjoyable. In fact, I wish all the beauty brands would lay off lemon. It comes off too sweet like a lemon Starbust or funky/chemically like lemon Pledge and I want neither. I’ve yet to see a clean beauty brand get the lemon scent right.

    I will give both products a try, but this product announcement is “meh” for me. Khus + Khus has a lot of incredible products. I wish we were getting something else from the brand.

    • Joy

      I was so disappointed because of the “hydrator” … with all the incredible serum formulations out there in the world, BH keeps sending really ho-hum face products like this. It’s the lame Ingredients serum from August all over again. Even worse, it has peppermint in it. I hate mint in my skincare like you hate lemon. I do not enjoy the “cooling” sensation. especially in November!!

      • Lauren

        I wanted to try the products before I responded. Now that I used them for two days… my opinion is slightly improved? Maybe? The lotion is actually the best done lemon scent I’ve smelled so far. Someone described it as lemon sorbet and I think that’s super accurate. But the consistency is thick, slippery and takes atop long to absorb so it’s really something I’ll only use in the evening. it has all the makings of a great cold-winter cream. Except it smells like summer. It just doesn’t work for me.

        I imagine I’ll make myself use up 50-60% of it because it’s not terrible but after a while in rotation, I’m going to be tired of it because the scent still isn’t my favorite and it definitely doesn’t “match” the texture. Have you tried their Rasa cream?? That stuff is the best. This product can’t compare IMO.

        Also, I think you were completely right about the serum. Since I don’t dislike peppermint the same way I dislike lemon, I can say it’s okay-ish. But it’s not wowing me at all. I think it’s a pretty plain serum with a fancy label.

        I’m always glad to try new things; that’s why I subscribe and I’m not necessarily upset we got these products because I think they are… more okay than I expected. Lol. They won’t be re-purchases for me and I’m not even certain I’ll use them in their entirety, but I’m glad I gave them a shot and hope for something with more magic next month.

  • Sara

    Beauty Heroes has been outstanding this year, every box a treat.