MEL Science Launches MEL Med: Practice Medicine Like Real Medical Students!

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Find your path in medicine!

MEL Science has launched a new subscription box – the MEL Med STEM subscription for kids age 14 and above! This subscription is $69.90 per month, and will include up to 5 hands-on medical experiments every month based on a theme.

Diagnose patients like real medical students! Try your hand at in-depth medical experiments. Practice at home with professional tools and diagnose patients in a virtual hospital. For teens, students, and medicine enthusiasts ages 14+.

You’ll get up to 5 hands-on science projects every month:

  • Treat Watch pre-recorded patient interviews, and use your practical knowledge and guidance from the app to diagnose them! Meet a new patient every month.
  • Repeat One topic – two sets! Garner real-world experience in different medical branches using the real professional tools from the sets.

What you’ll get:

Every month, you get one experiment set with professional medical tools and all the necessary materials to successfully complete practical tasks.

The MEL Med subscription includes 16 medical sets. Each set covers a designated topic and, depending on the theme, includes 1–5 experiments.

Here are some MEL Med kits:

  • Therapy Learn one of the fundamental skills for every doctor. Measure blood pressure with a sphygmomanometer and practice using a stethoscope correctly. Determine blood oxygen levels using a pulse oximeter.
  • Surgery. Part 1 Use the same simulator as real surgeons to learn how to make surgical knots, then practice suturing on a model made of artificial skin that behaves like the real thing!
  • Dentistry. Part 1 This set contains an artificial jaw with model teeth affected by cavities. Use a drill to remove the damaged tooth tissue, then place composite fillings and use a UV lamp to harden the filling material. Practice creating healthy tooth architecture!
  • ECG In this set, you will receive an electrocardiogram module and electrodes that connect directly to your mobile phone. Play sports, hold your breath, and watch how your cardiogram changes.
  • Pharmacy. Part 1 Mix the components for Vitamin C fizzy tablets with a mortar. Create the finished tablets using a tablet press and verify their quality using pharmacopeia methods.
  • Dentistry. Part 2 Practice all the stages of creating a plaster jaw cast that can later be used to create a dental implant or make braces. Put a copy of your teeth on your shelf!
  • Lab diagnostic. Part 1 Become acquainted with laboratory diagnostic methods. Identify a sample from a diabetic individual and diagnose several other patients.
  • Nurse Create a closed circulatory system with moving “blood.” Learn how to administer intravenous injections and take blood samples correctly. Hone your skills working with vacuum tubes.

MEL Science brings monthly science kits straight to your door – and makes science cool and fun for kids! If you want to pass your best memories of your chemistry kit to your kids, or ensure that the kids are prepared for STEM learning, it’s the perfect subscription! The MEL science kits – they offer chemistry and physics over a range of ages – are REAL science  with an app and cool VR features, too! Your kids will learn to experiment using real science and terminology.

Everything in MEL Science comes with clear and concise instructions – and there’s full guidance on the apps too. The subscriptions come with stands for your tablet or phone, making it easy to follow along with the instructions. Some experiments require parental supervision (like the ones with fire!) but you’ll love these kits too! They’re just so fascinating and engaging. As parents, we love that the kits are safe (with that parental supervision!) and easy to use – and that they have clear warning labels and disposal instructions. You can get 2-3 experiments out of most of the sets, making them perfect for siblings or small groups or pods – whether you’re homeschooling, virtual schooling at home, or looking for some educational enrichment.


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