Marshmallow of the Month Club by Edible Opus Review: June 2021 Banana Split

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Marshmallow of the Month Club by Edible Opus sends all-natural marshmallows to your door every month! Each box includes 6 bite-sized marshmallows, plus homemade graham crackers, a chocolate surprise, and a curated drink (your choice among coffee, tea, and chocolate) based on the current month’s marshmallow flavor. Their marshmallows are made using fish-based gelatin, which is perfect for pescatarians. No eggs and corn syrup also make them guilt-free confections. The subscription is $25 per month. Edible Opus marshmallow subscription box made the list in our 2021 readers’ choice picks of best hidden gem subscriptions!

Everything was wrapped in tissue paper. There’s also a card sitting on top of the goodies!

I’m excited to finally open this box!

Everything in my box!

Here’s a candle and a stick for melting the chocolates and torching the marshmallows.

They also included a serving bowl, a mini paper umbrella, a spoon, and a colorful napkin for serving.

Of course, they didn’t forget to include some toppings!

Chocolate have a great chance to melt because of the hot weather, so instead of the regular chocolate they send, they included a cocoa powder this month to make chocolate sauce. They also added colorful sprinkles!

Subscribers can choose to receive chocolate, coffee, or tea with their marshmallows. I chose chocolate, and this month, it’s a double chocolate hot cocoa mix from Ghirardelli.

They also included a small note with a message on how you can best enjoy the treats! The QR code on the front of the card went right to a prep guidance video!

Now, let’s proceed to the main goodies! Here are the delicious marshmallows and they actually come in different flavors: chocolate banana, vanilla banana, and strawberry banana. They were sealed nicely to make sure they remain fresh!

I love that this is all-natural and has 0 trans fat. It means I can snack on these guilt-free!

To pair with the banana marshmallows, this month’s graham crackers are maple waffle flavored.

Made with natural ingredients, these graham crackers have 0 trans fat and only 140 calories.

The pack includes 6 pieces of graham crackers and they really captured the look of a regular waffle. The delicious maple flavor is so good, it’s tempting to eat it on its own.

Like the graham crackers, the marshmallows also came in a pack of 6. I can really taste the subtle sweetness of bananas in them!

This was easy to prepare! I toasted the marshmallows and arranged them in the provided container together with the grahams. Next, I just mixed the cocoa powder with 1 tablespoon hot water and drizzled it on top of the roasted marshmallows.

For the final touch, I put the colorful candy sprinkles on top! This turned out to be a really sweet and satisfying dessert, definitely a new take on s’mores that I’d love to have over and over again.

I love that they switched things up a bit for this month’s box. There’s no regular chocolate, but there’s a cocoa powder for making a quick and easy drizzle. Plus, candy sprinkles. You can never go wrong with them. I love banana split, and the marshmallow and graham cracker flavors in this box are definitely on point. The banana-flavored marshmallows taste great on their own, but paired with the maple flavored graham crackers and topped with a drizzle of the chocolate, they really taste heavenly! As always, the box provided a candle and a fork so it’s really convenient to make the s’mores as soon as I open the box. If you love s’mores or marshmallows in general, this is a good monthly treat for yourself! It’s also great to share with the whole family or with friends!

What do you think of the Marshmallow of the Month Club by Edible Opus box?

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  • Lauren

    My family loves this box! We had some shipping issues with ours for June (the post office’s problem, not the box’s) and my marshmallows ended up a melty gooey mess, even though they were shipped with an ice pack. It wasn’t a huge loss for me, as I don’t like banana-flavored anything, so if a box had to be ruined I’m okay with it being this one. Haha. My husband and kids still ate the melty marshmallows and they enjoyed them.

    I feel like my only suggestion/thing is change about the box is that sometimes the votive candles that come seem a bit scented. I’m not sure if they actually are, but they don’t always seem “fragrance-free”, which can mess with the experience/smell of the marshmallows.

    I use a FLICKR portable table-top concrete fireplace (that I got from a Bespoke Post box) to roast the marshmallows now. I had to pause my sub for July and August because I can’t trust my post office to deliver things when they receive them right now (not a normal issue I have) but I’m hoping to resubscribe in September. This box is a really fun thing my family looks forward to every month!

    • Mary L.

      Great minds think alike! I have the Flickr fireplace from Bespoke Post and have used that roast my marshmallows too.

      I’m on hiatus from this sub right now (needed to rein in my spending), but it really is fantastic. I am so impressed with the effort that goes into the presentation and contents of each box.

    • Dawn

      I was skeptical when I first subscribed, but I’ve been really impressed with the quality of everything in the box and all the fun little surprises that turn this into a little adventure every month! I’m privileged to be able to afford buying gourmet marshmallows (and graham crackers, chocolate, a beverage, a candle, a toasting fork, and so often other little extras!) every month, but it’s something I always look forward to. I’d take this over a disappointing Allure Beauty Box subscription any day! LOL

      Like you, banana is one of the few things I don’t care for, but my husband happily ate those marshmallows while I assembled my “sundae” with traditional marshmallows.