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Little Learning Hands is a monthly kids subscription box that contains 4-5 hands-on learning activities for art, science, math, engineering, and literacy. Your first box is an Intro World Explorers Global Kit, which includes a Little Learning Hands Passport, a scratch-off map, and a backpack. The regular boxes after that will include a country sticker, country booklet, 2 recipe cards (one savory and one sweet), 4 Table Talk cards, 3D puzzle, other life skill-building activities (arts, crafts, science, etc.), country flag, and play money. Kit costs start at $34.95 a month.

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Everything in the box is wrapped in tissue paper, sealed with a sticker.

This month, the featured country is BRAZIL!

The information sheet lists all the items inside the box. There’s a brief description for each of the item as well.

Table Talk Cards. These cards have a few questions that parents or guardians can ask kids during or after the activities. This is a great way to encourage discussion!

At the back, these cards also share fun facts about the featured country.

Brazil Passport Sticker. Each box comes with a sticker that kids can put on their World Explorers Passport from the Intro Box!

Brazilian Flag. There’s also a miniature replica of Brazil’s flag. It has the colors green and yellow with the image of a blue disc depicting a starry sky.

Brazilian Money. It also includes some Brazilian real, the country’s official currency.

Brazil Booklet. This booklet contains lots of information about Brazil. It’s fun to read and my kids love the illustrations in it!

The country’s flag and currency, national day, and symbol are discussed on the first pages. There’s also a brief description about the country’s flag and national day.

This part of the booklet also features the country’s national animal, flower, and fruit.

It even highlights some of Brazil’s famous personalities.

Popular landmarks in Brazil are also mentioned in the booklet, including Christ the Redeemer statue and Snake Island!

More fun facts about the country are featured on the other pages of the book!

Recipe Cards. The box included these 2 delicious Brazilian recipes that kids can try doing at home!

The first recipe is Brazilian Cheese Bread.

This classic Brazilian dish is available 24/7 at bars and restaurants, but Brazilians love to eat at breakfast. Enjoy your pao de queijo warm in the morning for a great start to your day!

A list of the ingredients is provided and kitchen tools that kids need to make the dish. Of course, this recipe also requires the use of an oven and kids would need adult supervision when using it.

Next up is a recipe for Brigadeiros.

In 1946, a confectioner named Heloisa Nabuco de Oliveira wanted to show his support for a presidential candidate named Eduardo Gomes, a brigadier, and so he made a special sweet and named it after him, calling the treat a “doce de brigadeiro,” or brigadier’s sweet. The candidate did not match the popularity of the dessert and he was defeated in the election, but Brazilians still celebrate this sweet treat!

Like the previous recipe, a list of ingredients and required kitchen tools were listed on the guide.

This dessert can be customized and enjoyed in many ways!

Create Your Own Monkey Pillow. Here’s another fun activity for the kids, a DIY Monkey Pillow!

The kit included everything that my kids need for this activity, including the monkey pillow and the fabric pieces.

The concept is similar to paint by numbers, except that kids will put the designated fabric color on the numbers instead of paint. No sewing was involved, so it was a pretty easy task for my kids and they were able to finish the pillow in no time!

The finished piece looks great! My kids definitely did an amazing job!

3D Puzzle of Christ the Redeemer. Every box comes with a 3D puzzle featuring a landmark from the featured country. This month, it’s the Christ the Redeemer statue.

Here are all the pieces included in the puzzle!

The box has a brief description of Christ the Redeemer. This puzzle consists of 32 pieces.

My kids didn’t have any problem removing the pieces from the board. The 3D puzzle is really kid friendly. Everything is easy to assemble and my kids were able to do it with minimal adult supervision.

The Christ the Redeemer 3D puzzle is done and ready for display!

Here’s another look at this month’s activities!

This month’s Little Learning Hands brought my kids to the beautiful country of Brazil through fun activities and recipes! My kids’ favorite among all the activities is the DIY monkey pillow. The concept is fun because there’s a corresponding color for each number on the pillow. Also, it doesn’t involve sewing so my kids were able to easily do it on their own. The featured 3D puzzle in this box is the Christ the Redeemer statue and my kids had fun building it as well. The reading materials were also useful and my kids learned so much about Brazil especially their culture, history, and people and we have started assembling ingredients for the recipes! This is definitely an ideal activity subscription for kids! It helps them learn more about the world, while having fun!

What do you think of the Little Learning Hands box?

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