Girls Can! Crate Subscription Box Review + Coupon – THE ZEALOUS ZOO VETERINARIAN

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Girls Can Crate is a monthly subscription for children between 5 and 10 years of age that promotes the idea that girls can do whatever they set their minds to. Each month features a different female pioneer whose story inspires girls to achieve. Each box includes a 20-page activity book that includes the heroine’s story, 2-3 STEAM activities, and creative play props. Boxes cost $29.95 each month with themes that celebrate female pioneers from diverse backgrounds, but the activities themselves are usually gender-neutral.

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The items were cushioned with bright yellow squiggles. Some items were also protected by plastic.

There’s a pamphlet that lists what’s inside the crate. This month, we’re celebrating the life of Patricia O’Connor!

Meanwhile, these are pointers on how to be zealous!

Everything in the box!

Every box includes a booklet featuring information about this month’s heroine.

At the back of the booklet, there’s a little intro about Patricia, from her former classmate.

{We} saw the confidence, spunk, and wisdom of this veterinarian who had been such a leader by example. Their love and respect for her never diminished.

Patricia loves animals. She takes care of pets and even zoo animals. She’s the first female zoo veterinarian in the US!

The booklet has fun activities for the kids that are related to this month’s heroine. One is a matching activity where kids need to connect the names to the appropriate descriptions. On the next page is a pattern memory activity.

There’s even a suggested activity that uses washable glue, which teaches kids how snakes shed their skin. All the kids have to do is to cover one side of their hand with the glue and when it’s dry, they need to slowly peel the glue from their hand.

There was also a find the difference game and a word scramble!

There are a lot of stuff that kids can learn about animals in this booklet alone. It’s a fun and engaging read, and my kids really enjoyed it!

The box includes a collectible button pin featuring the Zealous Zoo Veterinarian!

Challenge #1: Dig into Owl Pellets. The first challenge is about digging into owl pellets and identifying the parts kids will find in them. Everything was explained clearly in the booklet and it’s easier for kids to follow because of the step-by-step illustration.

The materials they provided for this activity include a sterile owl pellet, tools, bone sheet, and petri dish. The owl pellet is a mass of undigested parts of the owl’s food. Owls swallow their prey whole, but some parts of it can’t be fully digested so they spit it back up. The owl pellets they sent in this box is sterilized, so it’s clean and safe for kids to handle.

My son was amazed by this, so he started digging right away. After finding some bone pieces, he referred to the bone chart to find the names of the bones and to know whether they belong to a bird, mole, rodent, or shrews. This was a great activity. The booklet even encouraged pretend play (with the kids as the zoo vet) to make it more fun!

Challenge #2: Sew Animal Friends. The second activity is a crafty one! Using the provided materials, kids need to sew keychains featuring a bird, a mammal, and a reptile.

For this activity, the box provided felt pieces, stuffing, needles, thread, and white clips. Since this involves the use of needles, it is ideal for older kids.

The first step is to measure and cut the thread. My son did this part swiftly on his own. He also slid the thread through the eye of the needle, so it’ll be ready for sewing.

My daughter picked the felt snake for her keychain! This project uses a running stitch and it was pretty easy for her. The illustrated instructions on the booklet were a great help.

This is a great way to teach kids about basic sewing techniques. After sewing a running stitch on the edges, my daughter secured it with an ending knot.

She also attached googly eyes to complete the keychain. The final product looks cute!

Challenge #3: Experiment with Giraffe Spit. In this last activity, kids will learn about giraffes and their saliva, which helps protect their mouth from thorns of the trees they eat.

The box included a giraffe spit activator for this activity, which is made with cornstarch. From home, we used a clear bowl and lid plus water.

My youngest started by pouring the giraffe spit activator in a bowl and adding about 2 tablespoons of water. Then, she mixed them well.

The pretend giraffe spit has liquid-like consistency. Just like an actual giraffe spit, it becomes hard when you apply pressure to it.

This explains why giraffes don’t get harmed by the thorns. The spit becomes hard so the thorns won’t poke their mouth. My kids were amazed by this fact!

Girls Can! Crate introduces an inspiring woman in each box and sends fun activities to keep kids busy! This month, the featured heroine is Dr. Patricia O’Connor, the Zealous Zoo Veterinarian. Her love for animals and her passion for her profession is truly inspiring. We loved reading her story! Of course, my kids also had a great time with all the activities in the crate. One activity is about digging owl pellets (they’re sterilized, so no worries!), another one is about making animal inspired keychains, and the last one is learning about the giraffe by making a pretend giraffe spit using cornstarch. The instructions were easy to follow so my kids were able to do everything smoothly with only little adult supervision. If you’re looking for an activity box for kids that is also packed with inspiration, Girls Can! Crate is one of your best bets!

Do you enjoy Girls Can Crate as much as we do? What’s your favorite thing about this subscription?

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