New Beauty Test Tube July 2021 Full Spoilers!

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We have full spoilers for the July 2021 New Beauty Test Tube, a beauty subscription box that sends full and sample-size products! It’s the 15TH ANNIVERSARY SUMMER TUBE!

Each tube includes:

  • Tatcha Kyoto Red Silk Lipstick $55
  • Virtue Labs Restorative Treatment Mask $30
  • Repêchage Hydra Medic® Clear Complexion Drying Lotion $27
  • Babe Lash Essential Serum $37
  • HERBO Perfume Oil Roll-On $12
  • NatureLab: Tokyo Perfect Shine Oil Mist $17
  • ScarAway Clear Silicone Scar Sheets $14.99
  • HairMax Quick Dry Hair Towel $19

What do you think of this month’s spoilers?

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  • Dana

    Every time I see the spoilers, I am less than enthusiastic about receiving this. After I receive the test tube and try the products, I absolutely love it. I have been wanting to try the Scar Away sheets but I have spent so much money on scar products that do not work. These work and I can wear shorts again. Yes there are a few products (I have no need for acne products and I don’t wear red lipstick but because it’s tacha I will try it) that I will gift. I love hair products and have wanted to try virtue and nature lab. I needed a hair towel. I can’t believe that I didn’t want this month’s test tube now that I have it. I have several beauty box subscriptions. If there is 1 high end product that I have wanted to try, then it’s worth it. There are only a couple of times in the several years with beauty boxes that I loved every item but I get my money’s worth and I rarely have to buy anything. Instead I have too much. There are too many complaints instead of focusing on what is good. You can’t please everyone. It seems now days people would rather complain instead of finding the good. I just cancel the subs that are not for me but it doesn’t mean that it is not a great sub for someone else. New Beauty is actually one of my favorite subs because of the variety and the products that I haven’t ever heard of. Many I would purchase.

  • Jennifer Meighan

    I love every tube and especially the VIP box. I usually keep 3 or 4 items for myself and give the others to friends. I figure if even only 3 items are hits for my use, it’s totally worth it. Frankly I don’t understand why there are complaints. It’s an unrealistic expectation that everyone will love, or even like everything in the tube.
    The VIP box is unbelievable: $800 of fantastic products for $99! Again, I figure if I love 3-4 products, it’s a great deal. I give the rest away.
    I’m not interested in unknown, “cutting edge” brands. I am interested in well reviewed items with proven results. Especially items that are $75+
    I will say please please no more facial cleansers nor exfoliators/vitamin C. I have enough to last for the next 5 years!!!!
    Also, please consider sensitive skin: ditch anything that can irritate. No added fragrances! More clean beauty. For gosh sake no more eyelash/eyebrow growth!!!! I’ve given away at least 5 tubes!!!!

  • Susan Freeman

    Been a customer since the beginning. I agree with everyone that each box has gotten worse… it’s true that the whole point of this test tube was to try cutting edge products. Now they push the VIP box which is expensive. I subbed once to it but I thought it sucked. All in all the products have been disappointing. Looking forward to this four times a year is no longer on my mind. As a matter of fact when I opened my mailbox I had no idea it was coming. That should tell New Beauty everything they need to know.

  • M’lissa

    Every month it just gets worse. Last month hand sanitizer?? This month, scar patches. What is this? Walgreens. Will be cancelling

  • Svetlana7e

    I love it. Excited to try lipstick. Most useful items are towel and scar away.

  • Jessica

    Im so disappointed. This used to be my favorite sub. There was always full size great products I wouldn’t have tried without it. This is their 15 anniversary summer box and im not happy with it all. Wish they would have done a different color for the lipstick. Red lipstick is hard to pull off for most. I feel like every testtube is worse than the last. I know Newbeauty reads our comments and if they were smart they would listen to so many of us that have been unhappy with it for months. I actually have 2 subs because that’s how much I loved it but im canceling both. Hopefully it let’s me cancel as I’ve read so many comments from ppl that tried to cancel but charged them anyway. At least I will still get their vip boxes because those are incredible.

  • Jeff Horton

    I have subscribed to New Beauty Test Tube for years. It was always full of cutting edge FULL SIZED products. This is the 15th anniversary tube? There is nothing exciting or cutting edge in this tube. The most expensive item in this tube is lipstick? Very sad when I look more forward to the Allure box than the very first beauty subscription box. Each tube is more disappointing than the last. I bought a years subscription for a friend.. I am embarrassed-what a shame.

  • Kim

    What happened to high end, cutting edge beauty that no one was willing to pay full price for without first trying? That’s why I subbed years ago. The products are fine now and worth the value but I miss the days of feeling like I was “trying the things stars would be trying” (for lack of a better term.) Please make me feel fancy again. My friends used to love to hear the stories about the new discovery I was sampling that they hadn’t heard of or used yet. They would ask me months later how the product worked out. Now it’s nothing to speak of.

  • Laurie

    It’s good deal for a $30 investment. I don’t see a wow item in it though and what’s with the minis? This was always a full size sub. The mask and hair towel are really nice and I’m looking forward to getting them.

  • Mamas3loves

    I loveeeee it & its been SO long since ive felt that way

  • Laura

    For me, this tube at the annual discount is totally worth it. Mostly excited for the hair towel and many will roll their eyes at the scar away patches but they are a staple for an injury I sustained on my leg. I can’t normally wear red lipstick but at that price point I’m willing to try it. I like to gift or donate the items I can’t use.

  • Danielle

    I haven’t been impressed with my tubes lately

  • shakingmyhead

    Boring. Glad I canceled.