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  • Mia

    Honestly, I can always use hand sanitizer.

    I would love to see how that nail polish looks on a hand. The sunscreen alone makes the box worthwhile. I just may bite. I’ve been eyeing the regular Beachly for a while but agree with Lauren that it’s pricey.

  • Lauren

    I may get slammed for this but… I’m completely over hand sanitizer. Did anyone make it through 2020 without gallons and gallons of it? I’m good. Totally stocked.

    I agree with @AprilAriesPb and @Snow. I love the idea of this box and have gotten a few things I really like, but I feel like the value just isn’t consistently there. It’s a pricey box! The last box before I cancelled listed “postcards” as one of its items. $99+shipping… and1/5 items is postcards?

    I say all this, but, I’ll probably re-subscribe. lol. I just like the idea of this box.

    • Lauren

      Oops! Just realized this is Beachly BEAUTY and not the normal subscription box! Sorry! My postcard comment was directed at the regular Beachly box. Sorry!

  • MzBev

    I wish more subs included lip balms with SPF! It’s rare to get one like that.

  • AprilAriesPb

    I want to like this box more than I do. Maybe my expectations are too high for this box.

    • Snow

      The first one was awesome. This second box is a bit lackluster. We went from perfume to hand sanitizer 😣