The BAM! Anime Box January 2021 Subscription Box Review

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The BAM! Anime Box is a subscription for anime fans. Each box includes 5-6 items inspired by your favorite anime franchises. Some of the items you may receive from this subscription include movie props, comics, fan-art and enamel pins. They also promise that every celebrity autograph they send includes a Beckett Authentication COA. It’s $34.99 per month plus shipping.

They sent the items in a plain brown box instead of the usual BAM! box in black.

Everything is covered by a black paper with the BAM! logo all over it.

They encourage subscribers to take a photo of their favorite item from the box and post it on social media using #BAMMER for a chance to win prizes from them.

The information card has a list of the items in the box. There are also individual photos and a brief description about the anime and item.

This month’s box also includes a scratch card. You need to get 3 identical symbols to win!

Everything in my box!

According to the card, they were not able to include the Pokemon pin in this month’s box but they promised to send it once they get their hands on it. They also sent an extra art print from a previous anime box and a pin to compensate for the delay.

Collector’s Pin. This enamel pin is originally from the November 2020 box. It features Monkey D. Luffy, the main protagonist of the One Piece series. The hero obtained his power by consuming the Gomu Gomu no Mi (Rubber Rubber Fruit), making him very strong and elastic!

It shows a younger version of the character wearing his trademark straw hat.

Artist Select Card. This month’s card features an illustration of Hisoka, one of the villains from the Hunter X hunter series who is always in search for a mighty opponent.

The artwork is by Trey Baldwin. There’s also an authentication at the back of the card!

Celebrity Autograph. The celebrity autographs from The BAM! Anime Box always includes a card of authenticity. It also has a certification serial number that can be verified on their website.

The print features an illustration of Asuna Yuuki, with an autograph from Cherami Leigh, the beautiful voice behind the character from Sword of Art Online television series!

Here’s a closer look at the autograph and the mark of authentication.

The next item is an fan art print and it also includes a certificate of authenticity. It’s signed by Adam McArthur, the creator of BAM! box.

Artist Alley. It’s a stunning artwork of No-Face, the antagonist in the Studio Ghibli film Spirited Away. This spirit is able to react to emotions and ingests certain individuals in order to gain their personality and physical traits.

The artist’s signature and production number are located at the bottom part of the art print.

Snacks. They even included some delicious Japanese snacks along with the anime collectibles for this month! The first one is a pack of Retsuko chocolates with a delicious mixed berry in the middle.

I also received Pocky in cookies and cream flavor. It’s the perfect sweet treat!

Lastly, here’s a Hi-Chew soft candy with fizzy bits inside. It’s cola flavored!

I loved the art prints in this month’s The BAM! Anime Box! They are worth adding to any anime fan’s collection because they’re authenticated. You can even have them framed and displayed at your desk or anywhere else you’d like. My favorite art print from this month’s box is the one featuring No-Face. I love Spirited Away and the art itself looks unique. Plus, I like the colors used by the artist! What’s disappointing about this month’s box is that they weren’t able to include the Pokemon pin and between the 2 promised gifts as a compensation for the delay, I only received one which is the Monkey D. Luffy pin. I hope they turn things around next month because I really like their anime collectibles and autographed items!


They have finally sent the missing Bam! Anime January 2021 Collectible Enamel Pin.

I received Jessie from Team Rocket!

What do you think of the The BAM! Anime Box?

Visit The BAM! Anime Box to subscribe or find out more!


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