MEL Chemistry Lite Review – BLUE BOTTLE

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MEL Chemistry Lite is a subscription service from MEL Science offering monthly deliveries of safe chemistry experiments for kids. Each box is $19.90 per month + free shipping, and will include one hands-on experiment + FREE VR lessons you can access via the MEL VR app! Mel Chemistry Lite is currently available in 5 countries: USA, UK, Chile, Indonesia, and India.

The box sleeve indicates the experiment for this month and a list of the materials.

My kids were excited to finally open this box!

The items were packed with a carton to keep them in place during shipping.

The inner lid has an instruction on how to put a hole in the bottle’s nozzle.

Everything for the Blue Bottle experiment!

There’s a card in the box and it shows the level of difficulty, danger, and duration of the experiment. Blue Bottle is fairly easy and you’d only need 20 minutes to do it!

Inside, it has complete and illustrated instructions. It also included images that are labeled so the kids can easily follow them.

At the back, there’s also an explanation on how the experiment works.

Methylene blue, calcium hydroxide, and lactose are the reagents for this experiment.

This sheet provided us with a few reminders, first aid, and instructions for supervising adults.

My kids also used the MEL Chemistry app to guide them in this experiment.

After filling half of the bottle with warm water, my daughter started adding reagents needed in every step of the experiment.

She carefully added 2 small spoonfuls of calcium hydroxide inside the bottle.

As always, the app became really helpful with every step of the activity.

Next, she added 5 drops of methylene blue solution.

She then mixed the reagents by shaking the bottle with a lot of effort. It’s noticeable that all the liquid inside turned into blue.

After leaving the bottle undisturbed for around 2 minutes, the color of the liquid changed and we cannot see any traces of the blue color.

As instructed, she shook the bottle again and the color went back to its blue color!

Lastly, my daughter tried adding lactose to check the reaction and see if they will have the same results.

The app provided a detailed explanation on how the experiments works.

Even though you can restore your bottle’s blue hue and leave it to pale again every several times, sooner or later it will stop working. But why? If you take a look at the reactions occuring as a whole, you’ll notice that it’s basically electrons going from lactose to oxygen with methylene blue carrying them. But both lactose and oxygen change in the process, losing their ability to interact with methylene blue. Eventually one of two things will inevitably happen: either lactose will run out, or oxygen will.

Every box from MEL Chemistry Lite contains a fun and interesting experiment for kids. This month, my daughter had fun observing how the liquid in the bottle changes its color from time to time. It was easy to do specially with the help of the app, plus the explanations were really helpful in understanding the science concept behind the experiment. It’s also nice that almost all the materials needed are provided and the instructions were also easy to follow even for kids. This is such a great chemistry kit for kids who love exploring science!

What do you think of the MEL Chemistry Lite by MEL Science box?

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