Gramma in a Box January 2021 Subscription Box Review!

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Gramma in a Box is a monthly subscription for kids (from a real Grandma!) that sends homemade cookies with frosting and sprinkles along with two easy candy crafts to make at least 15-20 edible treats. A single box is $22 but if you purchase a 3 month, 6-month, or 12-month pre-paid option you can save 10%.

The kit shows up bundled neatly together under some cute red polka dots tissue.

It was also secured using a Gramma in a Box sticker.

Most of the items came in separate plastic containers.

We also received a message from Gramma Terry! This month’s theme is Donuts and Cupcakes.

Featured at the back is the list of all the items included inside the box. They also provided a list of items you’ll need from home.

Every month, 3 projects are included in the box. This month, the projects are Donut Pops, Cupcake Clouds, and Donuts and Cupcake Cookies.

The other side of the card features the list of all the ingredients for each recipe.

Everything in the January 2021 box!

First Project: Donut Pops. For this project, the box provided melting chocolate, froot loops cereals, and rice crispies. The first step is to melt the chocolates in the microwave, which requires an adult’s help.

While this was happening, we scrambled, because the rice krispies weren’t mentioned on the instructions. We checked out the videos online, and you mix them into the chocolate.

When the melted chocolate was ready, my kids put wax paper on our table and placed a dollop of the melting the chocolate, added a popsicle stick in the middle, and then covered it with more chocolate. The final step is about putting the cereals one by one onto the melted chocolate.

Each piece is then left to cool making sure that everything stays intact.

The “flowers” are so cute and colorful!

Here’s a closer look at the Donut Pops. They really look delicious!

Second Project: Cupcake Clouds. The next project is about making Cupcake Clouds! The ingredients included are marshmallows and candy sprinkles. The remaining melted chocolate is needed for this project as well.

Basically, the kids just needed to coat the marshmallows with the melted chocolate.

They mixed it well to made sure that everything is well coated! The next step is to put the mixture in the cupcake liners.

To add color and texture, my kids also added candy sprinkles on top of the marshmallows.

They look and taste good!

My kids had fun making these cupcake clouds. They love marshmallows and the chocolate coating just made this project more delicious!

Third Project: Donuts and Cupcake Cookies. Lastly, here’s my kids’ favorite project in the box, and it’s all about decorating donuts and cupcakes! For this activity, the box provided colorful sprinkles, frosting, and cookies.

For the first step, my kids put their desired frosting color on each cookie. The cookies were super thin this month. usually they’re really thick, and they had the same great flavor as always, but it resulted in a cookie/frosting ratio that wasn’t quite my preference, although the kids had no issue with this.

My daughter did her best to cover everything with her chosen color for the frosting.

Here’s a cupcake shaped cookie made by my daughter.

The boys also made their own designs and I’m excited to see their finished products!

These colorful sprinkles surely made their designs more appealing.

Here are the finished cookie designs made by my kids!

They had their own styles and they all look so good!

They even used different colors for the frosting. I really like the way they used their imagination to design these treats!

Here’s a final look of all the delicious sweet projects my kids made this month!

Gramma In A Box sends fun edible crafts for kids, and my kids have a blast with them every time. This month’s box include simple but enjoyable projects such as the pops and chocolate-coated marshmallows. As always, my kids’ favorite is decorating the cookies because they get to be creative with it! The cookies are shaped like donuts and cupcakes and they all came out looking so cute. This is such a convenient activity box for kids because most of the ingredients are already provided and you’ll only need a few things from home. Then, after making the projects, they have delicious snacks to munch on!

What do you think about Gramma In A Box?

Visit Gramma in a Box to subscribe or find out more!

Visit Gramma in a Box to subscribe or find out more!


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