Annie’s Farmhouse Style Kit Club Review + Coupon – HOMESTEAD MAGNETS

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Annie’s Farmhouse Style Kit Club features craft projects featuring laid-back designs to add a farmhouse vibe to your space. Every month, they send a new kit that includes all the crafting materials you need, plus easy, step-by-step instructions. All you will need from home are basic tools like a glue gun and scissors. The subscription is $19.99 a month plus $5.95 shipping ($6.95 in Canada).

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All the materials are packed in plastic together with the booklet.

This month’s project is Homestead Magnets!

The instructions are accompanied by photos, so it’s easy to tell if you’re doing the right thing!

Inside is a list of all the materials, along with step-by-step instructions and helpful hints as well.

Everything in my kit!

The package includes six wood backing pieces, white paint, and a paintbrush.

The wood frame pieces were neatly sealed in a plastic packaging. There’s also a stain, sponge, and a pair of latex gloves.

For the first step, I painted the wood backing pieces using white paint and the paintbrush included in the kit. You can apply a second coat if you want to. It’s up to you!

Next, put the latex gloves on before staining the wood frame pieces using the sponge.

Repeat the procedure on all the wood frame pieces and let them dry. Make sure to wipe them evenly!

For the design, there are six different rub-ons and a craft stick for transferring it onto the wood backing pieces. I love the designs!

The kit also includes adhesive magnets. What’s a homestead magnet without the magnets, right?

To transfer the designs, remove the backing paper and carefully place it on top of a wood backing piece. Gently rub the image using the craft stick to transfer it.

For the next step, peel the edges of the rub-on. See to it that the image is transferred completely. If not, you can lay it back and rub on it more.

Just repeat the steps on all the wood backing pieces. Everything looks so pretty!

Using hot glue, assemble the wood frame pieces on the wood backing pieces with images facing upward. Make sure they stick well!

Repeat the steps on all the wood backing pieces so you can have six cute frames. Look at the stack on the side!

Finally, center and stick the adhesive magnets onto the back of the wood backing piece.

Here it is, the finished homestead magnets! I love the farmhouse vibes of these pieces!

I can’t wait to use these as a decoration on my refrigerator’s door. I am picturing how they would look like on it, and I’m just so excited!

The selection of the images is perfect for the farmhouse vibe. Should you have a metal board hanging in your living room, this will make a great decoration!

Here’s a final look at all the finished pieces!

I can’t get enough of DIY projects from Annie’s Farmhouse Style Kit-of-the-Month Club! I love that they send crafts complete with all the materials needed. Usually, I just have to get scissors, rulers, and such from home. To make it easy for crafters, there’s even a booklet with photographed step by step instructions so you can hardly go wrong! So far, I am enjoying the projects they send me, and I love the rustic vibe on each one. If you’re looking for ways to turn your leisure time into a productive one, you can give this craft subscription a try! It’s ideal even for beginners!

What do you think of the Annie’s Farmhouse Style Kit-of-the-Month Club?

Visit Annie’s Farmhouse Style Kit-of-the-Month Club to subscribe or find out more!


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