The Office Subscription Box Review – Winter 2020

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The Office Subscription Box by Culturefly is a quarterly subscription that gives fans exclusive Dunder Mifflin merch! Each box costs $35.99. Each box contains 7-10 exclusives that include apparel, accessories, household items, and collectibles for every fan of the series.

Even the interior of the box is filled with illustrations of iconic items from the series!

I’m excited about all the box’s contents!

The card features the same design as the box, and it’s inspired by Pam’s desk! Pam is the receptionist at the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.

The back of the card lists all the contents of the box.

Everything in the box!

Holiday Gift Wrap. It’s a paper wrapper that features Dwight Schrute and other notable items from the series. This is a great way to wrap up gifts no matter what occasion, especially if the recipient is a fellow The Office enthusiast!

There are two wrappers, one has a light blue background while the other is light green.

The light blue wrapper features Dwight along with the famous stapler in jello from Season 1, beets from Schrute Farms, and some Schrute Bucks!

Meanwhile, the green wrapper had me giggling because of Princess Unicorn from the Moroccan Christmas episode in Season 5, Michael Scott’s World’s Best Boss mug which he bought for himself, and Pam’s homemade comic book titled The Adventures of Jimmy Halpert.

Dwight with Teapot Pin. This quarter’s featured pin is an illustration of Dwight and a teapot. This is from the Christmas Party episode aired in Season 2!

The details and the paint job of the pin are really good. The teapot is actually a gift from Jim for Pam for their Secret Santa, and Dwight wanted to use it as a neti pot to clear out his nostrils. It’s such a funny episode and I can’t wait to rewatch it!

Impish or Admirable Stocking. Here’s another holiday-themed item, a stocking that shows Dwight dressed up as the traditional winter Christmas gift-bringer figure Belsnickel. It comes with a loop so you can easily hang it anywhere you want to.

I like the texture of the stocking, as well as the vivid print! “Impish or Admirable?” is a game that they played in that episode of The Office’s 9th season as well.

The Office Holiday Ornaments. Adding to my collection of The Office-themed holiday decors is this set of ornaments!

The ornaments feature Dwight Schrute, a statement mug, and a Dundie Award trophy! Each of them comes with a golden loop.

Holiday Cards. I also received a bunch of The Office-themed cards, but the designs are not really holiday-themed nor too festive. I’m not complaining though, because it means I can send these to friends or family no matter what time of the year.

One of the cards features the Schrute Farms logo and the other has an illustration of the Dunder Mifflin office. The third one, and my favorite of them all, has Dwight’s photo. The last one is the Jazz babies photo, which is the same as what Angela Martin received in their Secret Santa!

The Office Mystery Squishies. To add more fun to the box, they sent a mystery squishy! The designs available are World’s Best Boss mug, Bears Beets Battlestar Galactica, Dunder Mifflin Multi-Purpose Copy Paper Box, and a pretzel representing Pretzel Day!

I received the Multi-Purpose Copy Paper Box!

This is indeed squishy! It makes such a nice desk companion, and of course, a conversation starter because who wouldn’t recognize that iconic box?

“I Think I Made The Right Choice” Teapot. Remember the teapot that Dwight was holding on the pin illustration? This is a replica of that teapot and it’s not just for display but it’s also functional!

The teapot has Pam’s words: ” I think I made the right choice”.

It’s made of ceramic and I really like its light green color!

Dunder Mifflin Robe. This gray robe reminds me of Michael Scott!

The fabric is soft and plush, and it’s very comfortable to wear.

It even has front pockets exactly like the one worn by Michael!

Of course, there’s a Dunder Mifflin Inc. logo to complete the design. It’s a great robe to wear while lounging around and rewatching my favorite The Office episodes!

This is another perfect box for all Office fans! All the items are perfect for Christmas and they brought back a lot of fun memories from “The Christmas” episode. I was so happy to receive 2 replicas in the box and they are indeed my favorites among all the merchandise. I feel like walking around the house wearing the robe and holding the teapot. At the very least, the robe is an excellent item to wear to my next Zoom meeting. Or maybe ALL the Zoom meetings?!

What do you think of this quarter’s box?

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