Suvie – Review? Kitchen Robot & Meal Delivery Subscription + Coupon!

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“Spend less time cooking. Don’t compromise anything.”

Suvie is a kitchen robot and companion meal delivery service that helps you eat right even when you’re crunched for time! The Suivie Kitchen Robot is $1199 (can be purchase in terms). Meals start at $10/serving.

Suvie is the first automated refrigerator and cooker that makes healthy meals on your schedule.

Save valuable time when you combine the Suvie appliance with our chef-designed, wholesome, and easy Smart Meals.

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Here are the functions of the Suvie Kitchen Robot, which uses water to cook, instead of a heating element (hence the name – a play on sous vide!):

  • Load & Cool Just scan your smart meal card or set a timer, and the resevoir automatically circulates water around your pans to refrigerate your meats and vegetables.
  • Cook & Steam When it gets closer to dinner time, water gently cooks your food to the precise temperature so that nothing is overcooked, dry, or lacking in flavor.
  • Boil & Warm When the time is right, water boils your starch and warms your sauce. Water then drains into the tray below.
  • Broil & Serve Everything is timed to finish cooking at the same time. With the option to broil, you can perfectly crisp your proteins and vegetables for more flavor before you serve.

Use the app for recipes (all also available on the Suvie blog), or prepare the meals from your subscription! Suvie can cook up to 4 adult servings, or 2 adults and 3 children.

Schedule dinner on the go When you load your meal items into the Suvie appliance, it automatically detects them. The Suvie mobile app is then updated with information about what food is in the appliance, so as soon as you designate your desired mealtime, the algorithm will take care of the rest.

Suvie offers three different meal boxes:

  • Flex Plan – 20 meals per box – $10/serving $200 every 2, 4 or 6 weeks
  • Protein Box Plan – 44 ($219), 28 ($155), or 20 ($138) servings per box – every 4 weeks [check our list of best meat subscriptions for other options! FYI, we think either Rastelli’s or Crowd Cow may be the meat vendor for their service]
  • Weekly Plan – 4, 6, or 8 meals per box – $12/serving $200 every week

How it works:

  1. SCHEDULE Load and schedule your dinner. Use your own groceries or our meals.
  2. REFRIGERATE The only smart appliance that automatically refrigerates food.
  3. COOK TO PERFECTION Independently cools and cooks each ingredient to perfection.

Are you getting Suvie? Do you want to see more about this kitchen robot & meal delivery subscription in a review?


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