Pura Becki Owens Fragrance Available Now + Coupon!

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The Pura Becki Owens Fragrance collection is now available! There are two scents in the collection – Coconut Calm and Vanilla Berry (both $16 each). OR You can grab the Becki Owens Signature Set that comes with the Pura Smart Device, Vanilla Berry scent, and Coconut Calm scent for $76!

Pura and Becki Owens have created the first-ever Pura collaboration! With delicious smells that are warm and inviting, we are taking your home interior to the next level. Pura is so excited to have Becki as part of our fragrances and be able to share some of her magic with your home!

DEAL: Get 15% off your first order! Use this link and the coupon code HELLOSUB at checkout. You’ll get FREE shipping with 2+ items in your order (that’s one smart device and one fragrance) plus 30% off subscription items!

About Becki Owens:

For over 20 years, Becki has been designing homes that are modern and inviting. She finds inspiration from the words clean and simple, and she desires to bring warmth and comfort to any space. Her vision is to create a beautiful place for people to gather and enjoy the special moments of life, and her calming and beautiful scents will help to create an atmosphere that all will remember.

Here are the scents from the Becki Owens collection:

  • COCONUT CALM Dreamy. Soothing. Sensuous. Coconut Calm is the perfect summer day. Notes of island coconut dance around cool ocean breezes and sensuously intriguing vanilla bean for an all-around joyful experience.
  • VANILLA BERRY Blissful. Sweet. Radiant. Vanilla Berry is sheer bliss wrapped into a fragrance. Tahitian vanilla extract is accentuated by sun-ripened berries and turquoise ocean, all sparkling with citrus notes to give you the perfect summer bliss.

The Pura Smart Device is $44, and allows you to customize your scent experience with premium, designer grade fragrances from the convenience of your smartphone. The fragrances are non-messy, and pet and kid friendly!

TIP: Get TWO fragrances with your first order – the Pura fits two refills so you can alternate scents!

About Pura:

World’s first smart home fragrance diffuser. Partner brands you know and trust. Control the scent of your home from your phone.
  • App controlled from anywhere
  • Custom schedules
  • Adjust scent intensity
  • Away mode
  • Swap between 2 scents
  • LED ambient nightlight

With a smart home diffuser, you get to be in control of what scents you get, how strong you want them to be, where and when to control the smells, and you can even set up a scent schedule, all from your phone. Simply connect your bluetooth to the device and log into the app to get fresh smells filling your home.

Details on fragrances and subscriptions:

  • For Subscriptions: “We’ll email you 3 days before your next delivery. No commitments. Cancel online anytime.” You’ll be able to manage your subscription in the Pura app!
  • How Long Does Each Fragrance Last? Depending on the fragrance, each vial should last for approximately 350 hours or 15 days on a medium scent intensity (Level 5 out of 10).
  • Are the Fragrance Vials Recyclable? Yes, they are! Don’t forget to remove the wick before recycling.
  • You can put TWO fragrances in the device! One for day, one for night! Or one for work from home, and one for not working!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Fits Your Life With the smart device, you don’t have to worry about bursts or sprays, the scents will flow into your home naturally, all controlled by how intensely you want them. No scent goes to waste with geofencing and calendar features to keep your home fresh when you want it to be, or save some smell while you’re away. The Pura diffuser starter kit blends in perfectly to your space and causes no extra harm or stress, because Pura knows you need less of that.
  • Clean Smells Pura is allll about CLEAN. The U.S. doesn’t have strict guidelines for what is allowed to go inside any fragrances, and we don’t think that’s okay. Even some of the top hotels and fragrance brands use harmful ingredients, and Pura wants to change that. Pura believes in pure, fresh, quality ingredients to create the finest scents. Your health, your pets, and the environment, that’s all taken care of.
  • Customer Care Pura knows that customer experience is one of the most important parts of any experience. With so many scents to choose from, you’re never stuck with one fragrance. People have their opinions, and they should be respected! Pura offers a free exchange for any scents you aren’t happy with, as well as the option for a 30-day money back guarantee. Although getting the pristine and simple packaging in your hands is enough to make you know that you’ll love it

Are you getting Pura?


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  • Elizabeth

    Honestly I wanted a PURA for years and just got one and I have not been more disappointed with the two of them that I got. I have yet to even catch the hint of a scent registering and I’m not sure they even work. I’ve been in touch with customer service which is so so and while I loved the idea of these they say that the fragrance pods can last up to three months, you’re looking at about three weeks if you have it on a medium setting which means you can barely smell it. They’re very very expensive for what they are. Too bad AREA isnt cheaper! you cannot beat their scent collection though so hopefully pura will make something that works.Or anybody out there that saying I’m diffusing in a room that’s too big or small I’m diffusing in a 10 x 10 and a 10 x 12 with the 1000 square-foot approved fragrances. And I have not smelled a hint of anything and now I don’t have Covid 😉

    • Brandy

      Hi Elizabeth – may I ask what smells you have in it? We have the pumpkin chai (600) & lavender chamomile (1000) in ours currently. It HEAVILY scents the basement that it’s in (the area is about 400 square feet). I keep it on 3. Anything else is too much! I’ve definitely seen the Aera before but forgot about it. I’m going to have to check it out.

      FWIW I think the pumpkin chai is much smellier than the chamomile. Sorry yours isn’t going as planned. Can you smell it if you’re right up on it?