Confetti Grace November-December 2020 Craft Subscription Box Review

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Confetti Grace is a craft subscription, and they now offer two kinds of boxes: the Original Confetti Grace Bi-Monthly Subscription ($28.95) and the Lil’ Grace Monthly Box ($14.95). The bi-monthly box will still include 2 DIY projects , while the monthly boxes contain DIY projects in smaller sizes but the same quality. The idea behind here is to get to give one and keep one so you will be able to spread some happiness around you.

This is the review of the Confetti Grace Bi-Monthly!

Throw kindness around like confetti.

The box always includes 2 DIY projects, so you can keep one and give the other.

All the items were wrapped in white tissue paper designed with gold colored confetti.

They are sealed with a Confetti Grace sticker.

Items are packed separately and cushioned with white squiggles!

Included in the box is a guide in making crafts. For this month, the crafts are pedestal signs and snowman cards!

Everything in my box!

Included in the box is a silver snowflake pendant!

Here are 2 white bags and 2 different wrapping papers, which we can use in case we want to gift the finished products!

The first project is about making snowman greeting cards! For this activity, we used blue papers, plain cards, holly designs, paper cut-outs, white fluffy pom poms, glittered black strip, and black sticky gems.

You can put the snowman’s head anywhere you want! What’s left for me to do is write messages inside. Each card also comes with a white plain envelope where you can seal it in.

Here’s a closer look at the beautifully crafted snowman cards. They are so cute!

To start the second project, which is the pedestal signs, here’s a foam brush, a glue stick, a cup of white glue, a paintbrush, and sandpaper.

The box also includes 3 bottles of matte acrylic paint in light blue, white, and red.

Of course, they also sent the wooden pieces and the wooden boards.

Lastly, here are the sign decorations which includes 4 different prints, 2 pieces of colored paper, and a variety of sticky gems.

For the first step, I sanded the wooden parts and pieces to smoothen the surface. Then, I painted the boards white. If you want to keep them natural, you can! It’s up to you.

For the next step, I painted the toppers and the bases with light blue and Tuscan red.

Now, it’s time to design the prints. You can put the gems wherever you want! That’s what I did!

I glued the signs to the boards and let them dry. For the very last part, just dip the dowel into the white glue and assemble the pedestal. Make sure it sticks well!

Here’s the other side of the finished pedestal signs! They turned out really pretty.

This Merry Christmas design is my favorite. I put the holly beside the word Merry and added accent by sticking the red gem on it as well. I also glued it to the green paper so the sign will stand out even more!

Here’s another design I like. To make the snowflakes shiny, I glued the gems on the center and the edges!

I also did the same for the back part. I added the embellishments to make it look prettier!

The gems really work for the signs! They give more accent and beauty to it!

Here are all the projects I’ve worked on this month. They are all so cute and pretty! I’m more than ready to share these projects with family and friends.

Crafting has always been an enjoyable thing to do! What makes it more fun is that you can share the finished projects with friends or family. As always, Confetti Grace sends all necessary materials to finish the projects and the results are great. The pedestal signs and the cards are filled with Christmas inspired designs, making them perfect gifts for the season! The box also included bags and wrapping papers, so you don’t have to worry when gifting the projects. Another thing that I like about this subscription is that the crafts are easy to make. No complicated steps needed! Any crafter, beginner or not, would be able to do everything with ease! I can’t wait to add these to my mantlescape!

What do you think of this month’s Confetti Grace box?

Visit Confetti Grace to subscribe or find out more!


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