Annie’s Farmhouse Style Kit Club Review + Coupon – LAVENDER SOAP

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Annie’s Farmhouse Style Kit Club features craft projects featuring laid-back designs to add a farmhouse vibe to your space. Every month, they send a new kit that includes all the crafting materials you need, plus easy, step-by-step instructions. All you will need from home are basic tools like a glue gun and scissors. The subscription is $19.99 a month plus $5.95 shipping ($6.95 in Canada).

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The items came in a purple padded mailer.

This month’s project is Lavender & Lemon Handmade Soap!

The instructions are accompanied by photos so it’s easy to tell if you’re doing the right thing!

The guide lists step-by-step instructions for the project.

Everything in my kit!

To give the soap shape, they sent a soap mold made from silicone.

One of the main ingredients in making the soap is a pack of goat’s milk soap blocks.

For added scent and texture, here’s a pack of dried lavender seeds.

Next up are two bottles of essential oils! The one on the left is the lavender and the other is lemon.

Also included in this month’s box is a spritzer bottle.

For the finishing part, we have some jute twine.

Lastly, here’s a pair of kraft tags for the finished soaps.

The first step is to fill the spritzer bottle with alcohol and spray it on the silicone mold.

From the plastic pack, I transferred the blocks of goat’s milk soap on the glass bowl and microwaved it until the soap is melted.

Next, I removed the melted soap from the microwave and let it cool for a few minutes. Once done, I added several droplets of essential oils to the soap.

I also added the bag of dried lavender seeds to the mixture, and mixed it well!

Now, it’s time to pour the mixture into the silicone soap mold.

It’s also a must to spray rubbing alcohol on top of the mixture, this will help air bubbles move to the top.

I waited for a few hours for the soap to harden.

Once the soap is already hard, it’s time to remove it from the mold simply by peeling it off.

The soaps came out looking great. The lavender buds beautifully settled on top!

For the finishing touch, I wrapped the soap using the jute twine and added the handmade soap tag!

These soaps smell really nice! I’d love to do more of these and send them as a gift.

This month’s DIY project is a lot of fun! I never thought that making a lavender and lemon scented soap would be this easy. Thanks to the detailed instruction booklet that was included inside the kit, everything went smoothly from start to finish. Another thing I like about this craft subscription is that they already provide the main materials for the project. No need to go out and visit craft shops! If you are looking for new craft projects to try at home, Annie’s Farmhouse Style Kit Club is a great way to go. So far, everything I’ve tried from Annie’s is really fun and the finished project is fantastic!

What do you think of the Annie’s Farmhouse Style Kit-of-the-Month Club?

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