Annie’s Young Woodworkers Subscription Box Review + Coupon – MARSHMALLOW LAUNCHER

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Annie’s Young Woodworkers Club is a monthly subscription that provides woodworking craft kits for kids 7-12 years old. For $19.99 each month plus $5.95 shipping ($6.95 in Canada), you will receive a kit that contains materials and instructions for making home accessories, jewelry, or even holiday treasures. Aside from creating a useful item, kids will also learn and master real-world building skills that they can use until they grow into adults. They will learn woodworking skills like using screws and nails, using sandpaper to round off edges, handling a hammer, learning the importance of making careful measurements, and more! The first three kits will include 5 kid-sized, high-quality tools that they will use again for the upcoming boxes/projects, and that includes a tape measure, screwdriver, jeweler’s screwdriver, carpenter’s square, and hammer.

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The tools came in separate plastic packaging.

The first tool is the jeweler’s screwdriver.

We also have this square ruler. With this, we can make sure of the accuracy of angles!

It is made of wood and is durable as well.

This plastic pouch contains the materials for making a Marshmallow Launcher!

There’s also an included instruction booklet to guide us in making this month’s woodwork!

It lists all the pieces and tools we need with some assembly tips as well.

The instructions are easy to follow and they come with photos!

We can also decide how far our marshmallows can reach by adjusting the rubber band on the hooks!

Everything in my box!

Here are the provided materials for the Marshmallow Launcher!

The first step is to attach the sideboards to the base.

The kit even provided the rubber bands, nails, screw, hooks, bolt, washers, and wing nut!

The sideboards are almost done!

My younger son also helped in securing the boards.

These pilot holes made it easier for my kids to do this project.

After smoothing out the wood with sandpaper, it’s time for the kids to paint their launcher using the brush and paint!

They made sure all surfaces are coated with paint. Yellow is the color of our woodwork this month!

My younger son did the painting for the arm!

The hooks are now placed on the pilot holes located at the base.

Using the jeweler’s screwdriver, my older son attached the cup to the launcher’s arm.

With the use of the bolt, washers, and wing nut, the arm is now attached to the launcher’s body.

It works! They were surprised how far their launcher can throw things!

Just a few adjustments and quality checking before they enjoy playing with this Marshmallow Launcher!

The kit also includes stickers for the finishing touch!

My kids started off with the stickers on the arm. This is where they placed the “Marshmallow Launcher” stickers!

The sides of the launcher got some designs too!

They loved putting the stickers!

We put the launcher to the test again!

My kids also added some details using a marker for that battle look effect.

We can also try putting other small items on the cup and see them fly away!

It’s an awesome catapult that’s custom built for marshmallow fights!

The marshmallow fits just right into the cup.

They attached the boards really well so the launcher is pretty sturdy!

We all loved how it turned out!

Our Marshmallow Launcher project is a success!

Annie’s Young Woodworkers sent us an exciting woodwork project this month! My kids enjoyed every part of the project, and we didn’t encounter any problems especially because everything we needed was already available including the tools. They are also getting used on working with wood and paint. It’s also nice that they can play with the launcher even after the activity is done! This really is a perfect subscription to keep our kids occupied at home for a few hours!

What do you think of this month’s box?

Visit Young Woodworkers to subscribe or find out more!


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