2020 My Neighbor Totoro Advent Calendar Available Now!

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The 2020 My Neighbor Totoro Advent Calendar ($34.98) APPEARS to be available now – but we wanted to give you a SCAM alert! This company doesn’t seem to exist! It’s pretty but watch out – you won’t get what you paid for!

Check here instead for any My Neighbor Totoro Advent Calendar that may be available!

Help kids count down to the special day with this cool advent calendar – each door opens to reveal a construct-and-keep gift! My Neighbor Totoro is coming to the calendar, making the countdown to Christmas even more exciting. Every door creates a new gift for the children Lovely Oanimation figures are best for DIY Fairy Miniature garden decoration, Home, office, desk ornaments. Miniature totoro made of high quality resin, waterproof and durable.

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  • Sheri B

    Currently fighting with the ‘company’ and hopeful that PayPal gives me back my money. Their ‘tracking’ is shifty and seems fake.

  • SF

    I received, but all were crushed because they shipped in a soft envelope. I am going back and forth with their “customer service” who are offering me a discount and a free gift. No way. I’m going to bother them forever.

  • Thom

    I actually did get this. It is indeed an advent calendar, one door was slightly opened. The figure looks like in the photos so… ?!? I guess someone somewhere made this thing.

  • KJ

    I ordered 11/5/20, still nothing!

  • NK

    Horrible scam!! Chinese company. Be aware People!
    I am still trying get a full refund from this scam!

  • Adam

    Can Confirm. This is a scam.

  • Amanda

    Interesting PJ, that you received something! I’m with everyone else that nothing has come. Ordered 11/6; Paypal info says shipped 11/21. I emailed seller on 12/5. No response. Hoping I can get a refund. I would sure love this advent calendar, for the future though! Anyone have a lead where it can be found?

  • Lylette

    Mine just arrived today 12/17/20 although I ordered it on 11/7/20

  • PJ

    Mine came 3 1/2 weeks after I ordered it. All components were present, but the variety of figurines was not as represented in the photos.

    • Neal

      I had the same experience. Duplicates and triplicates of some figures, and various pieces don’t stand on their own and appear to be missing parts.

  • Nicole Vani

    I ordered the totoro advent calendar for my kids for Christmas. It never came.

  • Lina

    Feeling like such a fool, having fallen for this!!! Received package today after several weeks plus having to pay extra import tax to get it into the country (Sweden), containing 8 figurines (albeit adorable but for that money??), no calendar but instead some sort of gift box… Looks like some people only got six though so maybe i should be happy after all??!!

  • Alisha

    So angry, spent so much money on a piece of flimsy cardboard and the figurines are tiny!! Horrible quality! Still waiting for return information, the person who was in contact with me was responding w tracking info as it took 5 weeks to get here. I am so pissed about this!!!

  • Mike

    Darn it! me too! Bought it a month ago and nothing. Sounds like some of you did get the figurines? LAME.

  • Maureen McDonald

    Advent calendar did not arrive. $46.00+ and nothing. No response! This is a SCAM.

  • Michael A.

    I “purchased” the “My Neighbor Totoro Advent Calendar” for around $42 through your website on 11/16, but have only gotten vague answers since my account was charged. No item mailed at all. You should be ashamed for helping operating a scam. Why would you advertise something that isn’t real? HelloSubscription.com is just as guilty as the scammers. Fraud site!

  • Dave

    I still haven’t received ours in the mail, even though Advent started yesterday. Reading the comments here, I put in for a refund from PayPal.


    This is a big scam ! I just received a bunch of minifigurines… and not the calendar.

  • Deb Orbell

    This is scam, just recieved 6 six figures, no calendar. DO NOT BUY !!!

  • Paloma Gomez

    I`ve just received six figures in a bag but not the calendar

  • Tim

    It appears this is a scam. I paid for this through another seller, and now the company does not exist. An expensive mistake!

  • blackops

    not real. doesn’t exist. do not buy.

  • Thomas Madsen

    Where can I buy the Advent calender?