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Kiwi Crate is a kids’ craft and activity subscription that comes with everything you need to complete a great project or two, usually a pair of crafts that can be used as toys or playtime props. The box is geared for ages 5-8, and the projects are always age-appropriate, though some require more parental assistance than others.

Kiwi Crate is the most popular craft and activity subscription box for kids!

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This month’s theme is AIR HOCKEY! Kiwi Crate includes all the necessary supplies for the featured activities, plus explore! magazine. Everything was neatly packed in the box.

Discover the amazing power of air! Build a balloon-powered air hockey game where the puck whizzes and whooshes along a cushion of air. Use a set of number stencils and an air pump to make spray-art scoreboards for your game. Then learn all about how engineers harness air to do work — from moving, to inflating, to putting pressure on things!!

Explore! Magazine

An issue of explore magazine is included in every Crate. It is full of fun content that brings the project to life. explore! has read, draw, learn, explore, eat, and make designated activities. There is really a lot to look at and read – a comic, puzzles, and games – and it really extends your young one’s engagement with the Crate. Each expands on the theme of the box, whether through factoids, drawing activities, or recipes, but the variation is helpful for engaging different learning styles and interests.

KiwiCo, Inspiring young innovators with seriously fun and enriching hands-on experiences.

There is always a comic featuring Steve the Kiwi and his pals. This magazine also includes a lot of historical and scientific information relating to the current theme, including the science of air! This part of the booklet features how air affects our daily living.  They even provided some scenarios that prove that air works all around you! This part of the booklet features everything you need to know about air hockey, while the other side features another activity that will make marshmallows shrink! Here’s an on-page game for kids. They just have to trace the strings and figure out which kite belongs to whom! The booklet even introduced a unique recipe that is closely related to this month’s theme, the light-as-air-parfait! Also, there’s a Kiwi quiz on the next page and instructions on how to send a letter to Steve.

Kiwi Crate Crafts

The second booklet that comes in every crate is the actual instruction booklet for the crafts, and it often includes additional activities beyond the extension projects included in explore! Every Kiwi Crate comes with a unique Steve sticker (like your merit badge for completing the box). The first box of an annual subscription includes a poster for displaying your earned stickers. The booklet contains a list of all the supplies they provided for the crafts. It also has a rating of messiness and parental involvement for each activity. Here are all the items for this month’s Balloon-Powered Air Hockey project! The first part of the project requires us to set up the table. We used cords, cord locks, bumpers, and a smooth flat table to work on this part of the activity. My kids rolled the cord over the table and made sure that both ends of the cord are located under the table. Then, they grabbed the cord lock and slid it on the ends of the cord to lock. Next, they slid a bumper in between the edge of the table and under the cord, then tightened it by pushing the cord lock up. The first cord is done, it’s time to replicate the same procedure for the next cord. The next part of the project is creating the mallets and the construction of puck. For this part, we used mallet bases, felt circles, and handles. We also used a clear disk, big foam donut, foam connector, wood disks, teal tube, clear ring, balloon, small foam donut, metal ring, striped tube, and pump. My son started by peeling off the back of the felt circles and sticking them to the bottom of the mallet bases. For the next step, my younger son peeled the backings off the handles and stuck them to the markings on the mallets. Here are the finished mallets! These will be used to hit the puck! Now, we just have to stick the big foam donut inside the markings on the clear disk, then push the foam connector and teal tube onto it. The next step is to slide the balloon on the tube and secure it using the clear ring. We also connected the pump on the bottom part of the puck. Then, my kids inserted the metal ring and the striped tube on the disk, and finally, they pumped the bottom part of the puck to fill the balloon with air! The balloon filled with air releases a small amount of gas creating a little cushion that makes the puck float for a period of time. We have the mallets and the puck, so it’s now time to play the air hockey game! It takes two people to play the game. Each player should position themselves on one end of the table, and start by striking the floating puck to slide on the other end. The other player should stop the puck from falling out of the table and strike it back to the other end of the table. My sons were both very competitive and they enjoyed this game! For the second project, we’re working on the Spray-Art Scoreboards! For the stop and check portion, we need to make sure that the airbrush is aimed directly at the paper. We used the pump, Kiwi Crate box, tube holder, marker holder, marker, stencils, scoreboards, and clear ring for this project. My kids peeled off a number from the stencil sheet (starting from the lowest) and placed it on the scoreboard. They repeated the procedure on the rest of the numbers and sheets. For the next step, they stuck the tube holder on the box, slid the cord of the pump, and placed the marker and marker holder on the end of the tube. I held the marker and the tube, then my son smashed the pump. As he smashed the pump, it created a sudden burst of air pressure blew the marker’s head and sprayed ink on the scoreboard sheet. They repeated the pump smashing until the number is fully covered with the marker ink! The last step is to peel off the sticker on the scoreboard! It’s another fun-filled box! Kiwi Crate keeps on coming up with fun themes and engaging STEM projects for kids, like this box which is all about air hockey. My kids surely had a great time making the game tools, such as the mallet and even the scoreboard. Aside from the science-related lessons, these activities also help improve my kids’ critical thinking and troubleshooting skills. The booklet contains helpful information about the subject and the instructions, they are kid-friendly as well! It’s a fantastic box and definitely one of our favorite activity subscriptions for kids! Did you enjoy this month’s activity? Let us know in the comments! Visit Kiwi Crate to subscribe or to find out more about this fantastic kids’ craft subscription box!


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