I Create Art Kit Subscription Box Review + Coupon – HIPPO & SUNFLOWER

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I Create Art is a unique monthly art subscription for kids. The box costs $35 per month and comes with free shipping for quarterly, semi-annual, and annual subscriptions. Each month, the shipment includes 2 new art projects, complete with materials, instructions, and resources.  The box may contain painting to crafts where kids will learn something new, and they also give you access to instructional YouTube videos for the kids and have a learner dashboard for access! You can also pick up supplemental sibling supply packs.

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The box is sealed by an I Create Art sticker.

The bottom of the box lists down the items inside, I Create Art Products and Accessories.

There’s also a big “Thank You” text when you open the box.

The contents are packed in a blue bag with the brand’s logo.

All the items are wrapped with a blue paper and sealed with a sticker.

We’re excited to take out the contents of the box and start the projects right away!

Everything in our box!

Project 1: Hippo. The first activity in this box is about drawing a hippopotamus using oil pastels! We received a paper that contains instructions and some tips on how to properly do it.

Here are some facts about the Hippopotamus, the third-largest mammal species!

We also received a hippo line drawing.

Here are more actual photos of the hippo for the kids’ reference.

There’s even a reference image that features a baby hippo! Another interesting image is a hippo with birds perched on its body.

My youngest loved looking at the photos!

For this project, they provided a set of oil pastels and drawing paper.

Here’s the stencil kids can use!

They started off by making their own outlines for the drawing. My son drew a tree first on the side.

My older daughter had a different approach. Instead of the background, she drew a hippo first!

This is great! It’s the first time that she tried to draw this animal and I’m impressed with how the outlines were done.

My son is also doing a good job. The outlines are almost done and ready for the colors!

Here, he started putting the details on the animal. He colored the hippo lightly and emphasized the details.

My daughter chose the darker tone for the animal and proceeded with the grass afterward.

My daughter’s hippo artwork is almost done!

There you go! The colors are vibrant and the details are fine. She did a great job putting her ideas into her artwork!

This is my son’s finished work and it’s just too cute! My son even added a river on the side. He had a different approach and technique on his work. He did a lighter version and experimented with more colors.

Project 2: Sunflower. The second project is about making a sunflower collage art!

Listed here are some facts about the sunflower, and one of the most interesting facts is that sunflowers don’t only come in yellow but also in red and purple!

There is also a line drawing provided for the second activity. This will serve as the kids’ guide.

These reference photos feature sunflowers in different places, giving the kids more ideas for their artwork.

These were really helpful!

My kids drew sunflowers first before making a collage. My daughter started right away by drawing the brown core of the flower, followed by the yellow petals.

Her work turned out great and I love that she tried to represent a different angle on one of the flowers.

My son also did his own take on sunflowers!

He drew three sunflowers in a big vase and it looks cool!

Now, it’s time to make the collage! For this, we used the provided green papers and palette papers.

They also sent us watercolor paper, acrylic paint, glue stick, and a roller brush.

My son started with the lines as a guide for the petals.

He colored the petals appropriately using the brush and paint.

Then, he added the detail on each petal before cutting them into shapes.

They have started gluing the parts all together. First, the stem and then the leaves!

The petals were glued last and carefully placed on the head.

Here’s the finished project! This flower collage turned out great. With minimal assistance, the outcome of this is beyond my expectation!

Here’s a closer look at the finished sunflower collage. I appreciate that my son did extra effort in putting details on every petal of this flower. All the pieces look great together in this activity.

Here are all of my kids’ finished artworks in one photo. Once again, this activity box has turned out to be a great experience for them!

Through I Create Art, my kids are able to express their ideas in drawings and improve their own art style! They enjoyed both the hippo and the sunflower projects this month, as well as knowing new things about the featured subjects. The kit provides most of the materials needed for the activities. The instructions are also kid-friendly. The outcome of my kids’ work really made me proud as a parent, knowing what my kids are capable of accomplishing. This subscription is really nice, whether your kids want to improve their art skills or you’re just looking for new activities to do together at home! It’s a great experience not just for the kids, but for the whole family!

What do you think about the I Create Art Kit?

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