YVY Naturals – Review? Eco Friendly Home Cleaning Subscription!

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Let’s Clean Up The Way We Clean!

YVY Naturals is an eco-friendly Home cleaning subscription! Price for the Trial Kits start at $10.99, while Full-sized Kits, and refills start at $19.99 each.

YVY was born with a clear purpose: to clean up the way we clean. We’re here to bring much needed sense into this fundamental daily habit and forever transform household cleaning. It’s simple. We’re out to clean the dirt in cleaning products, drastically reducing the plastic waste in cleaning routine and CO2 emissions in how products get to you. We want to bring more value and convenience to you, and for everyone to enjoy a safer environment at home and in the world. We want to forever change the way we clean – for better.

Should we review this box?

Why get YVY?

YVY is absolutely different and absolutely better. Our products are made with only 100% natural Brazilian botanicals and oils. It’s totally pure, safe for your kids, pets and plants, industrial-grade effectiveness. What else would you need? To be delivered to your door? Oh, yeah, we got you covered. Reusable and Returnable Capsules? Yes… Reusable pods that preserves the quality and integrity of our craft, and while at it, it also helps us to preserve the environment.

Here’s how it works:

  • Select Your Kit Choose the cleaners that best fit your needs.
  • Get Your Refill We’ll send you refills as often as you need.
  • Cancel/Pause Anytime Cancel your subscription, no questions asked.
  • Reusable Capsules Easily return empty capsules for reuse.

Here are the products:

Home Kits

  • Home Kit ($25.99 $19.99)
  • Large Home Kit ($38.99 $29.99)
  • All-Purpose Kit ($21.99 $19.99)
  • Bathroom Kit ($21.99 $19.99)
  • Kitchen Kit ($21.99 $19.99)

Trial Kits

  • YVY Trial Kit – All Products ($14.99)
  • Trial Kit – Kitchen ($10.99)
  • Trial Kit – Bathroom ($10.99)
  • Trial Kit – All-Purpose ($10.99)

  • Home Kit Refill – 6 Pods ($21.99 $19.99)
  • Bathroom Kit Refill – 6 Pods ($21.99 $19.99)
  • Kitchen Kit Refill – 6 Pods ($21.99 $19.99)
  • All-Purpose Kit Refill – 6 Pods ($21.99 $19.99)

  • Bathroom Bottle ($5.99)
  • All-Purpose Bottle ($5.99)
  • Kitchen Bottle ($5.99)

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Should we review this box?


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