Smalls Digz Cat Litter Subscription Box Review + Coupon!

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Smalls is a customizable cat food subscription that you can configure to your cat’s needs or preferences. They also offer two different types of litter for your furry feline friend – one is silica-based, the other is millet! When you add a Smalls litter option to your plan, you will get the first bag for only $1. The succeeding litter orders will cost $18 for each bag.

Cats’ natural digging and burying behaviours come from their instinct to hide their scent from predators and larger animals. Because of this, doing their business has evolved to be an important way cats mark their territory, establish dominance and hierarchies, and even release stress.

You might find your cat hides their business from you as an admission you’re the dominant “cat” in the house.

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I recently reviewed the Smalls cat food offerings and the litter came in the same box for convenience.

Smalls Millet Litter ($18) Smalls has two different fragrance-free options and both were touted as anti-tracking and virtually dust-free, scent absorptive, and easy to clean. Millet is an ancient grain, I even grew up eating it as a side dish! It is environmentally-friendly and biodegradable.

Some info about cats bathroom behavior was noted on the package.

Instructions for switching to a new litter were on the back: some cats may not like an abrupt change in litter so mixing it with your current brand may be necessary. Ingredients were also noted and they are millet, corn starch, calcium carbonate, vegetable adhesives, and food color.

I was surprised to see that it looked similar to other cat litters, but was yellow instead of the usual colors. I mixed it with our current litter brand so my cats could get used to it.

Smalls Silica Litter ($18) My cats are happy with the millet litter but now they can try this crystal litter!

Just like the other bag, it has Instructions for switching to a new litter. This bag of silica litter should be enough for one cat for one month. Ingredients include silica sand, soda ash, and water.

There are blue bits in the litter. The litter looks and feels like rock salt and I have one cat who refuses to use the box if it has crystals inside. We found that out the hard way when we switched a few years ago and stick to clay or millet litter nowadays. Princess Prissy Paws (aka Zoey) calls the shots around here, we just obey.

Smalls is a convenient cat subscription, and we love that they offer cat litter as well! I wasn’t sure what the absorbency of millet would be like but since it’s mixed with a couple of other ingredients I guess they all work together to keep the smell away. I noticed it clumped around the mess when I cleaned it up and although it says non-tracking, it is cat litter and I’ve never found one that doesn’t exit the box when the cat does. I didn’t see yellow powder anywhere and the litter stayed on the mat that I have near the box. My cats prefer the millet litter but it was also nice trying the crystal ones which were odor-free and absorbent as promised. If your cat is okay with silica and you want to spoil them with a premium bathroom experience, this is a good choice. You can have the litter shipped along with other healthy cat food and treats from Smalls!

What do you think of Smalls Cat Litter? 

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