Sleuth Kings Subscription Box Review + Coupons – Case 202 DRACULART

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Sleuth Kings is an interactive monthly mystery box. Every month, a physical case file arrives full of evidence, puzzles, ciphers, and more. Plans start at $29.95 per month and they also have 3-month and 6-months prepay options. You will work hand-in-hand with Sullivan King, the lead detective, via email as you solve the case.

Each month’s case is a new, stand-alone mystery that takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete. Each case includes an epilogue -a  follow-up letter from the client as well as a small gift. For every 4 cases you solve, you’ll be rewarded with a FREE bonus case that revolves around the hunt for Sullivan’s father.


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This is the review of Mystery Box Case 202 DRACULART.

The mystery comes in an envelope. The only things written on it are the Sleuth Kings P.O. box address and the case that you will be working on.

The epilogue is included and separated in another envelope.

To begin with your adventure, you need to login to their website and send Sullivan an email.

The files are neatly arranged in a white folder, with Sleuth Kings branding in front. All the files are organized inside the folder and they are even separated by paper clips.

Everything in my box!

The case objective is written on a card. We have to identify the art thief!

It also lists the contents of the case file: investigation instructions, investigation reports, clues, and more.

Here’s the snuck-out letter from Celest St. Claire. We can use her help in solving this case by taking a look at the information on her website.

The investigation instruction sheet names the client, the case you will be working on, and the whole situation. Our client for this case in Jean Burkhart.

I suggest that you read them thoroughly to fully understand the case and also to know where to start the whole investigation.

In this case, we just need to know the location where the artwork is being kept and the thief’s identity.

There are also clue analysis, where each clue item’s use is hinted or explained.

The first clue we received is a Vampire Pamphlet.

There is a word finder in the pamphlet.

There’s also a list of items mentioned in the Vampire story. Each item has a letter that we think should be arranged to spell out something…

A door hanger served as our second clue. For this one, we need to fill in the blanks with words to complete the quotes. There’s also a message on the side of the hanger.

At the back is an ad for the Dayton Blood Drive.

Our third clue is a Vampire Exhibit Ad. It features a silhouette of the Vampire, and looking at it, we think it’s Nosferatu! Like the first clues, there are images like a wolf, coffin, rose, and bat, and some letters and numbers.

The last clue is the Cafe Transylvania menu. The About Us section has numbers in red and I think these have something to do with the first ones. There’s a full sentence in red at the bottom as well!

We also have a suspect list. It lists the aliases of the art thieves within a few hundred-mile radius of Dayton.

Next is a diary entry from someone who claims to be a servant to the author of Dracula, and it looks like the person (or monster?) is immortal as it indicated in the entry that the person will be forever in his 30s!

There’s a set of Postcards included in the box, and this one looks like the word finder in the first clue.

Another one features the Cinematic Marathon for DraculArt. The lineup includes Nosferatu, Dracula (1931), Interview with a Vampire, The Lost Boys, From Dusk Till Dawn, and The Brides of Dracula.

Another card features DraculArt at the movies! It tells us about the movie marathon, and that there will be stakes with all of the favorite vampire’s name on them, like what is shown in the picture.

Remember the Dayton Blood Drive ad on the Door Hanger? We think that this sticker has something to do with it.

After solving the case, we can finally open the Epilogue envelope. Inside is a letter from Celest St. Claire! After she was abducted, weird things started happening to her! She even bit Sully and said that she’s a vampire named Scarlet and she’s the one who stole the artwork! An alter ego is taking over her and she didn’t know when it will happen. She suspects that her abductor drugged or brainwashed her. Sully also found a small vampire charm on her clenched fist when she passed out, and she wants us to keep it for her.

Everything is getting really exciting with Sleuth Kings! Now, Celest is losing herself at times, and it was after she was abducted (from the previous case)! We love how the story goes on, and how the cases are related to each other. If you started the cases from the very first one, you’ll also feel the excitement and thrill of these challenging puzzles! As the story progresses, the mystery is becoming bigger, and better! We’re really excited for the next boxes, and we’re also hyped up to find out what really happened to Celest, and what will happen to her relationship with Sully! This is definitely a mystery box to watch out for!

What do you think of the Sleuth Kings box?

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