mintMONGOOSE August 2020 Subscription Box Review

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mintMONGOOSE is a monthly subscription box containing 3 carefully selected jewelry pieces, delivered to your mailbox! There are two tiers to choose from: mintMONGOOSE is $15.99 a month for 3 pieces of jewelry; mintMONGOOSE BLACK is $22.99 a month for 4 pieces of jewelry plus 2 accessories. Both subscriptions come with a free gift every 3 months and both can be customized to your color preference: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, or Surprise Me!

At mintMONGOOSE, we believe the jewelry you wear should mean something. That’s why our CEO pulls inspiration from the simple life she lives with her kiddos + customer inspiration to craft meaningful sets. We deliver exclusive pieces you can’t find anywhere else, delivered right to your door — a delightfully affordable and convenient solution to the costly and time-consuming store-bought alternative.

The teal shipping envelope was sealed with a thank you sticker and I was surprised to see it came from the city where I spent the first 18 years of my life!

Inside I found a sturdy packing envelope and a candy. This is my very first shipment from mintMONGOOSE and I am reviewing the original level.

The packing envelope had a ribbon that was sealed with wax. It has a mongoose in the middle!

The back was bundled with some info.

I found a postcard-sized insert with a view of the Northern Lights, which just so happens to be the inspiration for this month’s collection. The card will sit on my desk as a mini artwork. I’ve never seen the Northern Lights before, have you?

I loved reading about the inspiration and not only that, there is a mini pep talk in this info!

I found a second card, business sized this time, that says each piece comes with a chain extender; I have bought a whole set of them on Amazon and they come in different finishes too. The subscription is somewhat flexible since you can change the base color if you like and the warranty is generous.

The back of the card had tips for keeping the pieces looking good.

I even found a candy!

This is the final card in the pack.

It lists the social media sites!

My items were in sea foam green tissue paper.

Each item came in its own wrapper.

Info on a shopping bonus was shown.

Here are my 3 pieces!

I received two necklaces and a pair of earrings.

Silver Tone Earrings What an interesting earring design!

They have a solid piece over the ear and the part hanging below is open! I had to do a double-take: the colorful shell necklace below has this exact same shape in it! They truly coordinate!

You can choose to receive earrings or not. I don’t have pierced ears (the holes closed up) but both of my daughters do so I like to gift earrings to them!

Stacking Necklace The necklaces in this set can be worn separately or together, and of course they can be combined with pieces in your own collection to get tons of different looks! The necklace is about 16.5″ from one clasp to the first opening, and the extender adds about 4.5″. So, 21″ total.

Here is a closeup of the open circle. The pendant is fixed in place.

Here is another closeup, this is the charm at the end of the extender. It’s a mongoose!

Here it is on my model.

So simple yet pretty.

Northern Lights Necklace The second necklace in this set is a stunner, such beautiful colors! This one measures 26″ from one end to the first circle, the extender adds another 4.5″. So, 30.5″ total. I can slip it on over my head with no problem.

The pendant is colorful and natural-looking, with an iridescent gleam, like the inside of a shell. It is very lightweight. Perhaps it is paua or abalone, or a really good likeness.

The pendant measures about 1″ across. It is significant but not obtrusive. The pendant can move freely.

The colors change depending on how the light hits it. It is 100% my style of jewelry, a little boho-chic, and with a natural element. Do you see the earring design here?

Here is how they would layer if worn together, and this is with each on the first hole of the chain, not including the extender.

I was super satisfied with my very first packet of jewelry from mintMONGOOSE! They fit my style very well, and I love that you can switch back and forth between jewelry tones to get pieces that work for you. I also appreciate that they have an option for no earrings, and I wonder what they would send instead? Of course, the earrings matched so well, including matching the main necklace, it’s such a cool touch. I think the pieces are unique and I look forward to seeing what they send next month!

What do you think of the mintMONGOOSE box?

Visit mintMONGOOSE to subscribe or find out more!


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  • Velvet

    Something about those earnings makes me think they look like zipper pulls.

    • Deb

      Hmm, I was kind of reminded of a belt buckle myself!