MasterClass Chris Hadfield Space Exploration Class Review

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This is a review of the Chris Hadfield Teaches Space Exploration class from MasterClass!

The MasterClass Instructor – Chris Hadfield

This class opens with some amazing scenes of earth from space and with an introduction to who Chris Hadfield is. For those who are not familiar, he was the Commander of the International Space Station and first Canadian to go to space. Not only is he a decorated astronaut, engineer, and pilot, he is known for his YouTube videos which brought exploring space back home to millions of viewers.

Referred to as “the most famous astronaut since Neil Armstrong,” Colonel Chris Hadfield is a worldwide sensation whose video of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”—seen by over 75 million people online—was called “possibly the most poignant version of the song ever created,” by Bowie himself. Acclaimed for making outer space accessible to millions, and for infusing a sense of wonder into our collective consciousness not felt since humanity first walked on the Moon, Colonel Hadfield continues to bring the marvels of science and space travel to everyone he encounters.

In this class, Chris Hadfield brings space exploration to viewers like never before. His class is focused on exploration and he goes into everything from rocket mechanics to how to spacewalk. In this class, viewers get to learn the ins and outs of the intensive astronaut training, how to navigate a spaceship to the ISS, what it is like when you get to the ISS, and then a great lesson on what Chris believes is the next frontier, getting to Mars.

Space Exploration – Who is it for?

This class is for anyone who is interested in exploration. Chris talks about how this class is for anyone interested in not just exploring space, but exploring the unknown, a new idea, or the things one might be capable of. While this class does focus specifically on space exploration, the determination, imagination, and hard work required to become an astronaut can be applied to everyone.

MasterClass Chris Hadfield – Main Themes

  • Exploration
  • Hard Work
  • Inspiration
  • Find your place in space

MasterClass Workbook – Chris Hadfield

The workbook for this class is a great reference guide to use when following along with the video lessons. Each chapter in the workbook has a review of each video lesson, explanations of key concepts, and opportunities to learn more. The learn more section of the workbook has plenty of resources including how to find out the requirements to become an astronaut, essays about the risks of exploration, and links to lesson plans to help further explain orbital transfers and interplanetary trajectories.

MasterClass Space Exploration Key Takeaways

Chris Hadfield has created an inspiring and detailed class that provides amazing insights into the complicated and fascinating world of space exploration. Viewers are taken on a journey with Chris where you get to learn about orbital mechanics, how rockets work, the intense training required, how to navigate the rocket, and how to spacewalk, while also getting to hear Chris’s own experiences as an astronaut.

We’re going to need some really special people to go to Mars.

What I really loved about this class was the combination of educational lessons and lessons that focus on Chris’s experiences and journey. Chris’s ability to explain complicated processes in a way that is easy to understand really opens this class up to all levels of experience. His lessons on his own experiences are also so interesting and exciting that you find yourself on the edge of your seat to hear what he has to say about things like what happens on launch day and what it is like at the ISS.

Final Thoughts Chris Hadfield’s MasterClass

I loved this class from the very beginning! Chris Hadfield has created an inspiring and exciting class that really provides an inside look into what it is like to be an astronaut, while inspiring the next generation of astronauts to look towards the new frontier, Mars. If you are looking for an in-depth class that will inspire you to explore the unknown, this is the class for you!

What do you think of this MasterClass?

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