MasterClass Brandon McMillan Dog Training Class Review

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This is a review of the Brandon McMillan Teaches Dog Training class from MasterClass!

The MasterClass Instructor – Brandon McMillan

This class opens with an introduction to how Brandon McMillan got to where he is today. Brandon comes from a long line of animal breeders. He grew up breeding wild animals for Hollywood films. He is most known for training the tiger in the comedy The Hangover, but when Brandon began to realize the crisis of shelter dog euthanasia in the United States he began to shift his talents to training shelter dogs.

A career-changing moment came when a friend asked him to train a service dog for an injured combat veteran who had lost both legs in Afghanistan. Brandon spent the better part of a year training a Doberman to perform essential tasks. Upon seeing the veteran’s reaction to meeting his new dog, Brandon realized his calling was in training dogs to change people’s lives. He quit animal training for film and television that day and began his new quest. Brandon was now taking dogs out of shelters and training them to be service dogs, therapy dogs, and emotional support animals.

After this life changing moment, Brandon made a career out of training service dogs by cofounding the Argus Service Dog Foundation and has his own lifestyle series called, Lucky Dog. He is also the author of Lucky Dog Lessons: Train Your Dog in 7 Days.

Brandon has created a class that teaches owners how to train their dog and create a strong bond that will last the entirety of your dogs life. The class focuses on four key areas which include understanding your dogs variables and trust, training techniques for humans, the seven common commands (sit, down, stay, no, off, come, and heel), and lastly Brandon tackles a few behavioral issues. The main focus of this class is on understanding the variables that make your dog unique and different, focusing on technique and conditioning, and probably the most important aspect, trust.

Dog Training – Who is it for?

This class is for anyone who wants to train their own dog! Whether your dog is just a puppy or an older dog it is never too late to build this bond. This training not only breaks down the seven fundamental commands which include sit, down, stay, no, off, come, and heel, but takes the time to go into a few common behavioral issues like housebreaking, door dashing, digging, chewing, and barking.

MasterClass Brandon McMillan – Main Themes

  • Trust
  • Control
  • Reward
  • Passion
  • Authenticity

MasterClass Workbook – Brandon McMillan

The workbook for this class is an essential tool when training your own dog! This workbook is extremely detailed and has a lot of great tips for different breeds and dog sizes. The workbook includes all of the information talked about in each lesson, including tips on how to socialize your dog and how to go about teaching all of the seven commands. It also has a great graphic for Brandon’s top tools used to train his dogs, an outline of a schedule to keep track of your dog’s progress, and tips on how to find the perfect dog for you.

MasterClass Dog Training Key Takeaways

Brandon McMillan has created a class that really focuses on training the humans! The majority of the class is actually about building the foundations needed to build trust and have control over the training ground. The trust comes from understanding your dog, while control is all about understanding training methods, signaling commands, and leash techniques. Once the viewer is trained on the correct signals and how to control the environment, then the viewer can begin to train their dog by following Brandon’s easy steps for each of the seven commands.

One of the most common things I hear people say to me is, ‘my dog is untrainable.’ And I say back to them that there are no untrainable dogs, just untrained humans. Most importantly, I want you to understand how important trust is between you and your dog. That bond, that relationship—it’s just like with humans. The more trust you have between each other, the more you’ll learn [from] each other.

What I really enjoyed about this class was how Brandon really takes the time to demonstrate each of the seven commands with different types of dogs and different ages. He controls the environment and then demonstrates different techniques for most of the commands. Another important insight he gives is about the key to using treats as a reward. He says the key is to make sure to reward only after the behavior has stopped for at least 10-15 seconds or else you are rewarding the bad behavior that just occurred.

Final Thoughts on Brandon McMillan’s MasterClass

I loved this class from the very beginning! Brandon has created a passionate and educational class that really focuses on training the human even before thinking about training the dog. If you are looking for a class to teach you how to train your own dog and create this lifelong bond, this is the class for you!

What do you think of this MasterClass?

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