Get Outside Club September 2020 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Get Outside Club is a subscription that sends a new adventure game for kids every month! The interactive game is a part-scavenger hunt and a part escape room, designed by a professional and experienced escape room game designer. It can be played in your yard or at a park. Games may include treasure hunting adventures, dragon quests, and so much more, and they are recommended for kids between 8 to 14 years old.

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The mission of this box is to get kids outside more often!

All the materials needed for the game were packed neatly in the box.

Everything in my box!

This box is all about treasure hunting and it’s called The Legend of Sea Dog Simmons! A card explains what it is all about.

You and your team are on a mission for the lost treasure of a famous pirate named Captain Sea Dog Simmons. Legend has it that Captain Simmons and his crew of pirates hit the treasure motherload when they stole a vast amount of treasure from a ship destined for France. Although no one is certain about how much was stolen or what was stolen, it is rumored that the ship was transporting a huge amount of valuable treasures to King Louis XIII of France. Mysteriously after the heist Captain Simmons and his crew were never seen again. Did their ship run into rough seas and sink burying the treasure deep beneath the sea? Did they make landfall somewhere and hide it? Did they sell off the treasure bit by bit? For centuries, these questions have plagued treasure hunters around the Globe.


Your mission is find “one safe path” to the lost treasures of Captain Simmons and then figure out the final code that opens the treasure. This is no easy task. For centuries skilled treasure hunters have tried and failed in their quests to locate the treasure. If you and your team hope to be the treasure hunters that succeed in this mission, then you will need to work together, communicate, solve clues, and crack the code that has eluded the many treasure hunters before you. GOOD LUCK.

They sent us a pair of envelopes. One is for the game master/parent and the other is for the players/kids!

The Top Secret envelope should be opened before starting the game.

Inside the Top Secret envelope are these sheets that provide all the information that parents need to set-up the game, including the 2 phases: The Scavenger Hunt and Solving the Code. It also contains important tips for running a successful game.

These wooden treasure map pieces are needed in the first part of the game, The Scavenger Hunt. Parents just have to place each piece throughout the yard or any outdoor space. You can provide hints and clues for the hidden locations, depending on how hard it is to find the wooden pieces, or just let kids find them on their own.

Once the kids have found all 6 pieces, they have to form them into the treasure map!

Aside from the puzzle map, we also received 6 different clue cards. According to the sheet, you can either hide these cards as well or directly give them to your kids to proceed to the next part of the game.

Featured at the back of each card are some clues, and tips to help kids solve the code!

This box also includes a Monthly Achievement Badge.

It’s a well-designed badge with a gold base color that features a MASTER TREASURE HUNTER carvings in front of it.

This final sheet should only be unfolded once the kids have deciphered all the other codes!

The second envelope contains the materials for the players.

Here’s a sheet that kids can use to take notes and to find out the final code made up of 5 letters or numbers.

Also included for the players is a drawstring pouch bag!

Inside the bag is a pair of irregular-shaped, gold-colored coins with unique carvings.

These P1 and P2 coins contain inscribed codes and clues related to the final code.

If you look at the picture in the Project Sea Dog Log you will see the P1 and P2 log identified so you’ll know which is which.

Here’s a note for the players from Captain Dog Simmons! It gives the players the “one safe path” to the treasure as well as the order of the final code.

This sheet was sourced from an S.D.S. (Sea Dog Simmons) book. Listed on this page are the 12 chapters of the book with symbols printed on each chapter.

Players will need to focus on chapters 2, 7, and 11, which are the ones referenced on the map. The roman numerals total to 81, meaning players should go to page 81 to check on the next clue.

Here’s a photo taken on the mysterious wood plank that was found on the sunken ship boat in the Atlantic!

This sheet features information and a brief history of the Sea Dog’s Treasure. According to the sheet, this project started in 1945 with a total of 9 members, which includes the treasure hunters, scientists, and historians. One of their discoveries is the P1 and P2 coins that are excavated in 1947.

We also received an excerpt from a newspaper sheet that contains information that claims to solve the ancient mystery.

My kids started their backyard adventure by reading the instructions carefully. They also wrote some of the clues they found and followed them thoroughly.

My daughter found a piece of the map on our barbecue grill!

Here are more pieces of clues in our playground area.

My son even dug a small hole in this part of our backyard to check if there’s a clue for the treasure map.

Here all the pieces my kids have gathered all over our backyard.

They were able to easily connect the pieces together and then answer the riddles using the clues they got.

They also found the drawstring pouch bag, they’re now checking what’s in it! My boys could NOT resist dragging out ALL their pirate gear for this adventure!

There you go! They found a pair of gold coins inside the pouch bag. As shown earlier, these coins feature unique carvings that they need to decipher.

These cute little pirates look pretty serious in solving the mystery of the Legend Sea Dog Simmons.

They already have all the pieces they needed, all they need now is to think and figure things out!

These symbols look really familiar, they are also the same symbols that we saw on the S.D.S. sheet.

All the clues and codes are decoded, it’s time to open the final code!

My kids did a great job solving the mystery, they deserve to get this gold Master Treasure Hunter badge for their job well done!

Get Outside Club encourages kids to have fun outdoors using well-planned games inspired by escape rooms. Everything needs to be set up by game masters/parents first, and it does take time, but it’s really worth it! The instruction sheet is lengthy as it explains everything thoroughly. It also contains suggestions if you want to adjust the game to be more challenging or to be easier. I also appreciate the inclusion of the clues and other materials the players need for solving them! My kids said it felt like a real adventure and they were so happy when they finally solved the code! Overall, we love how interactive the games are. This is great for kids and parents looking for new things to enjoy in their own backyard!

What do you think of the Get Outside Club box?

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