MasterClass Dr. Jane Goodall Conservation Class Review

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This is a review of the Dr. Jane Goodall Teaches Conservation class from MasterClass!

The MasterClass Instructor – Dr. Jane Goodall

Dr. Jane Goodall begins this class with an introduction to her goals for teaching this class and an inspiring opening to conservation. She takes on this massive issue of how to protect our environment in a way that is so inspiring and practical. Often times when we think about climate change and the destruction of the environment, we think something has to be done at the highest level of government for any impact to occur, but Dr. Goodall rejects this idea. She uses this class to teach viewers how every decision and individual act of activism makes a difference! And how conservational change is going to occur from grassroots organizations and individuals making the decision to save their environment.

For those who are not familiar with Dr. Jane Goodall, she is a well known primatologist, anthropologist, and environmental activist. She is best known for her 60-year study on the social and family interactions of wild chimpanzees.

In the summer of 1960, Dr. Jane traveled to Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania to begin her observations. She immersed herself in the chimpanzee habitat and defied scientific convention by giving chimpanzees names instead of numbers. Dr. Jane witnessed a chimpanzee using a twig to fish termites from a nest, thus revealing humans were not the only creatures to use tools. Now a UN Messenger of Peace, Dr. Jane travels more than 300 days each year to speak about the challenges facing chimpanzees and the environment.

In first part of this class, Dr. Goodall talks about how it all started and what she learned while studying chimpanzee’s in the Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania. This then leads into her great discoveries about the relationship between chimps and humans. Finally the last part focuses on humans and the environment, where she focuses on how viewers can practice conservation and activism.

Conservation – Who is it for?

This class really is for everyone! Understanding the connection between nature and humans is crucial for the protection of wildlife and the environment. This class really goes into detail on chimpanzee behavior, conservation, and activism. So if you are intrigued by Dr. Jane Goodall’s experiences watching the chimps or on how to be more active in your community, you will really enjoy this class.

MasterClass Dr. Jane Goodall – Main Themes

  • Activism
  • Work hard
  • Empowerment
  • Communication
  • The indomitable human spirit

MasterClass Workbook – Conservation

This class comes with not one, but two workbooks! The first workbook provides the traditional MasterClass workbook information including lesson reviews, opportunities to learn more, and activities. The second workbook is a family oriented workbook. This workbook is meant to be shared with young learners as a way to include them in viewer’s education on conservation. This workbook includes different reviews of each lesson along with interactive activities! Along with the learn more section and many activity options, each lesson has a vocabulary review and reading comprehension questions to really engage the young viewers.

MasterClass Conservation Key Takeaways

Dr. Jane Goodall has created a class that will make you fall in love with her research and be heart broken by the realities of habitat destruction and animal cruelty. During this class viewers will learn about some of Dr. Goodall’s ground breaking findings while she was studying chimps in Gombe, how she became an activist, how humans are destroying their only home, and what viewers can do to make a difference. The lessons focus on a variety of topics including, climate change, water, land, industrial agriculture versus organic farming, food, and how to be an advocate and communicate.

Every single one of us has that same indomitable spirit. We just have to allow it freedom. We just have to encourage it to grow. We just have to remember that every day every one of us makes a difference. And we have a choice as to what kind of difference we’re going to make.

What I loved about this class was the detail. Dr. Goodall really brings you into her world and you can’t help but make a connection to the chimps she studied for years. Even when she transitions into how viewers can make conscious efforts to decrease their impact on the environment, she does this over many different topics including how your food choices and everyday lifestyle impacts the environment.

Final Thoughts on Dr. Jane Goodall’s MasterClass

This class captured my attention from the very beginning! Dr. Jane Goodall has created an inspiring and breathtaking class that teaches viewers and their families how to practice conservation and activism. If you are looking for a class that really looks at conservation, inspires activism, and teaches you how to make a difference in the world, this is the class for you!

What do you think of this MasterClass?

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