Loot Crate June 2020 Review + Coupons

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Loot Crate is the original nerd subscription box for geeks & gamers. Every month you’ll get awesome, mostly exclusive geeky pop culture items curated around a theme for $21.99 per month, shipped.

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The items came in a black box with Loot Crate branding.

Some of the items came in individual packaging.

When you turn the box inside out, you can learn more about the evolution of a crate, from 2000 BCE up to today!

There’s an included card that has a QR code in it that will take you to the box’s virtual insert. The theme for this month is LEGACY.

Everything inside my June 2020 Loot Crate!

Justice League Pin. The exclusive Loot Crate pin I received this month features the Justice League’s Headquarters, The Hall of Justice!

The hall was an armored fortress, painted in white with a large, arched facade. It has large glass windows and you can see the name of the hall, marked outside in an arch. It has a large fountain with a golden sculpture in its center lying directly in front of the structure. It is also the place where they train young people to be crime fighters (also known as the Jr. SuperFriends).

Shazam! Socks. Here’s another item that has familiar superhero colors: red and gold/yellow. It’s Shazam!

It’s a pair of rad socks! The pair is held together by a tag/label that includes information about sock sizes, and the fiber content of the socks which are 98% polyester and 2% spandex. The pair is comfy, soft, fuzzy, and flexible!

The socks are composed of a red base color, with the cuffs, toes, and heels in yellow. They also have a print of the lightning symbol of Shazam! on the center leg part, and a print of the superhero’s name located on the bottom foot part.

Ghostbusters Book: Tobin’s Spirit Guide.

An immersive in-world guide based on the fictional book mentioned in the 1984 Ghostbusters film. This book features the ghouls, specters, and supernatural occurrences that inspired the fictional tome that the original Ghostbusters consulted.

This dynamic in-universe book takes fans inside the world of Ghostbusters like never before. In the first Ghostbusters movie, Tobin’s Spirit Guide is a comprehensive supernatural encyclopedia used by our heroes to research ghouls and ghosts. For the first time, this fully illustrated tome will allow fans to pore through the pages of this legendary guide to learn all about the things that go bump in the night—from Class 5 Free-Roaming Vapors to giant Sloars! This newly revised and updated version, written by veteran Ghostbusters Ray Stantz and Egon Spengler, brings the original text up to date with entries on the ghosts and ghouls they’ve tackled, including Slimer, Mr. Stay Puft, and Vigo the Carpathian.

Along with covering the original movies, Ghostbusters: Tobin’s Spirit Guide will also explore the expanded Ghostbusters universe, delving into supernatural phenomena from the comics, animated shows, video games, and other aspects of the franchise. Filled with never-before-seen original illustrations, the book will have a unique in-world aesthetic that makes it feel like a real object from the world of Ghostbusters.

Absorbing, immersive, and an essential purchase for fans, Ghostbusters: Tobin’s Spirit Guide is the ultimate guide to the franchise’s rogues’ gallery of spirits, specters, demons, and ghouls.

From the series, Tobin’s Spirit Guide is the popular book that serves as a compilation of various supernatural occurrences, entities, and facts, written by John Horace Tobin!

The book helped the Ghostbusters identify the entities involved in the cases they take on. The artworks on this book are creepily awesome!

It’s a supernatural encyclopedia that discusses about different kinds of ghouls/ghosts, monsters, demons, spirits, and more!

The Lord of the Rings T-Shirt. Exclusive shirts from Loot Crate are always made from premium quality cotton, making them one of the best and comfiest geeky shirts that you could have! This month, I received one featuring the Lord of the Rings.

The left side of the shirt features the long sword, Narsil. It is the sword (handle-shard part) used to cute the one ring from Sauron’s hand during the final battle of the War of the Last Alliance. Upon reaching the middle part of the sword, you can see the shards of the sword, resulting from when the sword broke while Elendil and Gil-galad were fighting Sauron.

Batman Black and White Figures. I also received not just one, but three mini-figures that feature the Dark Knight himself!

They are in blind packs so we really don’t know what we’re getting until we open the pack. Subscribers received 3 out of the 15 available Batman figures, a Robin figure, or a mystery villain.

I got 3 Batmans! They are made by different designers and you can easily spot the differences!

The first Batman mini-figure is by Jason Fabok.

Jason Fabok is a Canadian comic-book artist that worked his entire career almost exclusively for DC Comics. This Batman figure has both his fists closed, and his cape is almost on his right side.

The next Batman figure is by Mike Allred. Compared to the first Batman, it is less muscular.

Mike Allred’s style is often compared to Pop Art. This Batman is seen about ready to attack with his Batarang!

The last Batman figure is the Arkham Asylum version.

The Arkham Asylum is an action-adventure game developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Eidos Interactive in conjunction with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Among the three figures I received, this is my favorite. I love how detailed Batman is in this version compared to the other two.

The items I received from this box continue the Legacy of each series or franchise they belong in!  My favorites are the LOTR shirt and I also received a copy of Tobin’s Spirit Guide! I also love the pin that features Justice League’s HQ! The Batman figures show how the artists developed the superhero’s look as well, and it’s great how you can easily tell the differences between the figures.

What did you think of this month’s Loot Crate?

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