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Firstleaf Wine Club has a new sale!

It’s the heart of summer, and you know what that means — wine lovers everywhere are popping open warm-weather wines. And because we’re Firstleaf, we have a wide selection of wines that are perfect for the season! No matter what your tastes are, we have the right wines to complement your seasonal dishes, or to enjoy while relaxing on a lazy afternoon.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the perfect wines. So we put 6 of our favorites into our new Summer Wines pack, which you can get for an amazing $39.95 with free shipping! There’s no easier way to stock up on wine for the summer.

But as with all our packs, we can’t guarantee this selection forever. In fact, we expect to run out by the end of this week. So if you want these summery wines, make sure you place your order now!

Get the Summer Wine Bundle for just $39.95, plus FREE shipping! No coupon needed, just use this link to subscribe!

Get the Summer Wine Bundle for just $39.95 at Firstleaf Wine Club!

About the wines:

Devil’s Advocate 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon CALIFORNIA

Our winemakers have outdone themselves by earning 96 Points and Double Gold – even higher accolades than last! Our newest 2017 vintage release of Devil’s Advocate Cabernet has the gravitas we strive for. Topping last year’s amazing success, we’re pleased to celebrate this year’s Double Gold and 96 Point win at the 2020 Women’s International Wine Competition as judged by women winemakers, influencers, and industry legends! With wine, the Devil is in the details, and with Devil’s Advocate, you can always be sure that you are drinking exquisitely crafted wine. The 2017 Devil’s Advocate Cabernet Sauvignon is a polished style of Cabernet with a deep ruby color and high fruit intensity. The dark red fruit flavors are offset by strong tannins and a leathery texture with subtle notes of blue fruit. We think that the red and blue fruit mingle together beautifully to pair with wild game slathered in a fruity sauce. Our 2016 vintage took home 94 Points and a Gold medal from the 2019 New World International Wine Competition and a Silver Medal at the 2020 Winemaker Challenge. It retails for $21.

Watchful Maker 2018 Sauvignon Blanc HORSE HEAVEN HILLS, WASHINGTON

A classic Bordeaux style Sauvignon Blanc – crisp, citrusy, and high in acid. This Sauvignon Blanc from the Horse Heaven Hills region in Washington is a beautiful expression of a still relatively unknown wine-growing area. The vineyards in the region benefit from two very distinct gifts from Mother Nature – dry and hot temperatures leveled out by strong winds pushed in from the west, and soils made up of sandy loam. Both of these elements force the vines to work harder to find nutrients for survival. The result of these natural gifts is highly concentrated fruit flavors and expressive aromatics in wines from the area. This wine is made in a classic Bordeaux style – crisp with high acidity. Citrus flavors and aromas pair with earthy and floral notes, making this far too easy drinking. It retails for $27.

Linguist Estates NV Rosé of Sangiovese MENDOCINO COUNTY, CALIFORNIA

An elegant 90 Pt. Gold Medal Mendocino County Rosé fit for any occasion. The first release from Linguist Estates was a Firstleaf and wine critic favorite garnering praise from members and wine judges alike. We are happy to announce the return of the multiple medal winning Linguist Estates and the newest 90 point gold medal winning, elegant, Provençal styled, Sangiovese based Rosé. This dry wine is pure and refreshing, with light notes of plum, strawberry, and pomegranate bolstered by bright acidity. A delightful sipper which will also complement a range of lighter dishes. It retails for $25.

Alazules 2018 Airén SPAIN

Discover the fresh flavors of Spanish Airén in the 95 Point, Best of Class, Double-Gold Medal winning release from Alazules. How can the number one most grown white varietal of wine remain so under the radar? While Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes enjoy worldwide fame, the Airén varietal sits modestly in the background and is largely unknown outside of the arid Spanish wine regions where it grows. But now, we have a crisp, dry, and easy-drinking offering to share with you. Enjoy this wine over early evening hors d’oeuvres of charcuterie, goat cheese, calamari, and pickled octopus. Airén’s light notes of white peach, apricot, Fuji apple, and elderflower offer a refreshing sweetness that pair well with summer porch evenings, Shakespeare in the Park, or patio brunches. Judges rave about this wine: it was awarded 95 points, a “Best of Class” nod, and a Double Gold medal (unanimous Gold from every judge!) at the 2019 Harvest Challenge. It retails for $20.

Tailored Republic 2018 Pinot Noir ARROYO SECO, CALIFORNIA 

Taste the complexity of our newest vintage of Gold medal-winning Tailored Republic. Showing a classic flavor profile usually found in the best French Pinot Noirs, the Tailored Republic proves that California can be a great place to find complex Pinot Noir in the New World. Sourced in part from the Arroyo Secco region, its elegant and floral with a beautiful mix of red and dark fruits that dance on the lively acidity. The moderate tannins create a multi-layered Pinot that keeps unfolding as you try it. The light earth notes play beautifully off the fruit and make it particularly wonderful for pairing. It retails for $28.

Wave Hill Council 2019 Merlot AUSTRALIA 

This Australian Merlot is a perfect porch pounder and will be gone before you know it! In Australia, Merlot is rarely bottled as a stand-alone varietal. This particular vintage was so delightful that it was specially pulled out of blending. A perfect porch pounder, this wine features perfumed aromas and a soft rich texture. It is incredibly approachable and will have you going back for another glass! Merlot is a wine designed to pair with a variety of foods and this is no exception – think slow-braised, grilled, or roasted meats or anything with a spicy kick. It retails for $22.

Here are the Firstleaf Wine Club bundles available:

  • Gold Wines This bundle of award-winners is our most star-studded assortment of wines. All 6 wines in this bundle have won Gold Medals in a major international competition. Beyond that, they’ve won many other awards, including 90+ Points Awards, Best in Class Awards, and more. And for a limited time, they’re available to everyone at one price!
  • Essential Wines If you just want a group of essential wines, this is the bundle to get. It includes the world’s most popular varietals — like Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay — from a wide range of vineyards around the world. They’re ideal for the person in your life who wants an all-purpose bundle of wines.
  • Classic Red Wines Sometimes, all you need is a glass of the perfect red wine. This bundle includes a Hall of Fame of classic red wines, like Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and more. They’re the wines you want when you’re enjoying cured meats, or digging into a luscious chocolate dessert.
  • Member Favorites Not quite sure what you want? Let your fellow members help you out. This bundle features 6 of our all-time Member Favorites, wines our members have enjoyed and that we’re sure you’ll enjoy as well. It’s hard to think of a better showcase for the greatness of Firstleaf wine.
  • Old World Wines Get 6 incredible wines from the oldest wine cultures on Earth. These wines hail from all over the continent — including Spain, Italy, France, and Eastern Europe — and give you a taste of the descendants of some of the world’s very first wines. They’re the perfect gift (or recommendation) for the Europhile in your life.
  • New World Wines Every true wine lover knows that New World vineyards are hotbeds of innovation. These 6 wines reflect the excitement of the world’s new wine cultures, including South Africa, Argentina, and the American West Coast. They’re great wines to recommend to your more adventurous loved ones.

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