Stitch Fix Kids June 2020 Girls Review

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Stitch Fix Kids is a personal styling service for kids clothing ranging from sizes 2T to 14. At $20 styling fee for each box, you’ll get 8 to 12 items with retail price ranging from $10 to $35 when it is shipped to you. You will be asked to share some styling preferences first when you sign up for this box so that the items included will be curated accordingly. If there are clothes that don’t fit your child, you can always return them by the return envelope included in the box. If you do decide to keep all of the items, you will get 25% off on the whole box.

This is the review of Stitch Fix Kids for Girls.

The items arrive in a brown box sealed with a Stitch Fix tape.

When you open the box, you will see an envelope on top with the rest of the items hidden away. The flaps of the box contain everything you need to know about how the service works.

The return envelope is already included in the box so you can return what you don’t like/doesn’t fit easily.

StitchFix started it off on the right foot with this cute set of StitchFix stickers!

Here’s the envelope containing cards! It includes a welcome card with a short message from the stylist!

There’s also a mini-game for the kids!

They also included a list of all the items’ size and price. This way, it will be easier for you to compute how much you’ll be paying if you’ll get individual items.

All the items are wrapped in paper with a colorful Stitch Fix sticker.

Everything in my box!

Capelli New York Raja Slip On Sneaker ($20) The sneakers come in a yellow reusable zip bag!

The cute sneakers come with holographic mermaid scales!

They are shiny, especially when light hits them!

The holographic scales go all the way through the entire sneaker!

My daughter thinks this pair is cool and fun to wear! It’s easy to pair with her casual clothes as well!

Rumi + Ryder The Knit Dolphin Short ($16) This dolphin short is filled with flowers all over, reminding us of spring. It has an elastic waist that makes it easy to wear.

The flower prints have vibrant colors! The fabric is also nice, as it’s soft and breathable. This is indeed the perfect lounge shorts.

Rumi + Ryder The Knit Dolphin Short ($16) Here’s another pair of dolphin shorts with an elastic waist and this time, it has butterfly prints all over!

My daughter can move freely while wearing the shorts. She also loves the butterfly prints, they’re colorful!

Rumi + Ryder The Knit Dolphin Short ($16) The third dolphin short has fruit designs all over! Just like the first and second one, it has an elastic waist.

I really like the material they used to make these shorts. The short pairs perfectly with tees, and my daughter can also wear it for summer!

Love Glam Girl Byrona Tie Dye Tie Front Top ($18) This tie-dye top totally gives us the summer vibes.

The front has a tied knot to give it extra flair.

It has the word Kindness printed in front, with some flowers and a butterfly. So adorable!

What’s unique about this shirt is that it has lace detailing on each sleeve! It adds a more classic vibe to the whole look. It’s unique and something unexpected, but it works!

Third Wish Clothing Shea Tie Sleeve ($16) An automatic favorite in this month’s fix is this unicorn tee!

The unicorn with a rainbow background is made of sequins!

The sleeves have small knotted ties on them. They’re cute!

It also has a small teardrop opening at the back to add more detail to this top! There’s also a tear.  Fortunately they had the same size available as an exchange.

Chit Chatt Miley Tie Front Graphic Tee ($14) Here’s another top my daughter loved, a dusty rose-colored tee!

It has “Let’s Be Mermaids” printed in front, complete with a shell illustration.

It also has a bunny ear tie in front that looks super cute!

Love Glam Girl Averie Twist Front Graphic Tee ($14) This top is sleeveless and lightweight, ideal for wearing on hotter days.

It has a cute interactive sequin design in front that changes colors when you swipe it in opposite directions.

Unlike the other tops that have ties on them, this one has a twister front which has the same effect but a totally different look but still cute altogether!

BCB Girls Breyna Smocked Fit and Flare Dress ($28) We also have dresses in this fix! The first one is a cute floral sun dress!

It’s nice and simple, and it is perfect to wear for a day out during the summer! The upper body part is elastic, so it fits comfortably.

The strap is adjustable. You can easily tie and untie it. There are even cute little tassels at the end of each strap!

My daughter likes the floral print of this dress. I agree because it’s pleasing to the eyes. The skirt is fun and flowy! It’s truly a perfect summer dress!

Rumi + Ryder Armanda Fit and Flare Dress ($24) The second dress also has a floral pattern but it has more of a tropical vibe to it.

The contrasting colors of the leaves and flowers look really good against the yellow background.

It has a dainty button hook enclosure at the back. I like how this dress is light and flowy! It’s a great dress for a beach trip!

My daughter and I love the whole vibe of this fix! From the fabric quality to the designs, everything was great! My daughter’s favorite is the pink summer dress, it’s simple but elegant and stylish at the same time. The fabric is breathable and it will be comfortable to wear even on a hot summer day! All the dolphin shorts were a hit as well! She says they feel really nice on the skin and she can move about without restrictions when wearing them. Overall, this was a great fix! All the items were good and we couldn’t be happier! If you’re looking to upgrade or update your kids’ wardrobe but don’t have enough time to go back and forth from mall to mall, Stitch Fix Kids is perfect for you. What’s great is that you have the freedom to keep or return the items they send. Just pay for those you want to keep! It’s truly an amazing styling service!

What do you think of Stitch Fix Kids?

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