Palate Club May 2020 Subscription Box Review + Coupon – Red Wine Tasting Kit

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Palate Club is a unique wine service that has an online questionnaire where you can give them an idea of what you like, and they have a team and AI to help choose wines to send direct to your door! Palate Club recommends users begin with their Blind Taste Test kit to get a baseline of their palate without the influence of labels, so that is exactly how I got started. They also have an easy to use app available for download on both the Apple and Google store! The Blind Tasting Kit is currently $49.99 and the wines sent are from artisans from around the world.

Blind tasting is part of the experience. We hide the labels before shipping so you can taste objectively.

Rate the wine in our app to build your personal wine profile. Your shipments are blind and ready to party once they reach your door.

Refer a friend and get rewarded with points that you can use on extra wine or to send our blind tasting kit as a gift.

DEAL: Save $10 off your first Tasting Kit! Deal applies automatically, just use this link to grab the deal.

My wines arrived quickly after ordering and were delivered to my door. Keep in mind that someone 21 or older needs to be home to sign for the wine, or arrange to have the box delivered to a locker so you can pick it up on your terms. Mine was shipped via UPS and CVS is one of the pickup places.

I received a card…

…that told me all about the app. It’s easy to rate the wines.

A second card…

…gave me some ideas for hosting a blind tasting party. We’re not hosting parties at the moment so I shared my new wines with my husband and adult daughter to get their feedback too.

My wines look good so far, no problems with shipping!

The wines were indeed “blind” but that makes for a boring post so I unmasked them for the sake of the review. Note the numbers – you will need them in order to rate your wines.

Everything in my box!

I know this was supposed to be a blind tasting but since I don’t know my pinot grigio from my pinot noir (at least, not very well) then it really didn’t have any bearing on my tasting notes or ratings. To be fair I tried not to look at the bottles before drinking.

Starmont 2014 Carneros Pinot Noir Red wine is my husband’s favorite type of wine (I prefer white) so our first blind bottle was a win with him. It’s pretty bold and fruit forward and we agreed it smelled like fruity sangria and had a plummy flavor.

This Pinot Noir is from Napa Valley and the acidity gave it some bite. I will be mixing this with fruit juice and make that sangria a reality.

Famille Perrin Côtes Du Rhone Reserve is made with Grenache grapes and for some reason I thought Côtes du Rhone was white wine, so surprise! The vintage is 2015 and this wine is from France. It is fruity but sharper than the Zinfandel shown later in this review, with more acidity. Medium bodied and dry.

Borgo Scopeto 2014 Chianti Classico My husband really liked this style, and I was happy when I discovered it was a Chianti because we’re having spaghetti tomorrow and I will serve the remainder of the bottle then. I’m looking forward to seeing if I like it better when paired with a rich, meaty sauce.

The husband said he smelled spices and it is pretty dry, not my personal favorite. It is comprised of three different types of grape, with Sangiovese being the most prominent.

Old Vine Zin Steele 2015 Mendocino Count Zinfandel Oh, this is nice! The Zinfandel grapes in this bottle are grown in Mendocino so it is a classic California red.

For a dry wine it sure is fruity, with jammy goodness and a lighter body than some reds I’ve tried, it’s more refreshing possibly. Serving suggestions included BBQ pork ribs and I can imagine sitting in my backyard on a summer evening sipping this wine with dinner.

I was very pleased to try 4 different red wines in my Palate Club Red Wine Sampler! I am by no means a wine specialist which is why this is such a neat concept, because I can rate my wines and receive future shipments curated to my tastes. I may never get to the point where I can tell one style apart from another but I know what I like and these were all good wines, especially that Zinfandel! There is a white wine sampler that you can also try and I appreciate that the bottles came to my house so I didn’t have to spend lots of time in a store trying to figure out the difference between the styles.

What do you think of this box?

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