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Kinder Beauty Box is a vegan and cruelty-free subscription box that sends skincare, hair care, makeup, and accessories. Each month you will receive up to $165 worth of clean, vegan & cruelty-free skincare, makeup, hair-care and accessories and at least two of those products will be full-sized! The items are compassionately curated by Daniella Monet and Evanna Lynch. All Kinder Beauty Box products are guaranteed to be 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Kinder Beauty Box is $25 a month, with free shipping to the US, $5.95 elsewhere. Price drops to as low as $23 a box with a prepaid 6-month plan. A portion of all sales will go towards benefiting the founders favorite animal rights and environmental causes.

Every product that goes into a Kinder Beauty box is 100% vegan, and every brand we work with is completely cruelty-free. This means the products and ingredients are never tested on animals, the products aren’t sold in China or any other countries that mandate animal testing, and the brands aren’t owned by any parent companies that test on animals.

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First look! Kinder Beauty Box is growing and they now send an introductory box to new members. Here is an explanation from their blog:

To accommodate our growing Kinder family—and to make sure all existing subscribers continue to receive and enjoy each of our monthly collections— we’ve put together a brand new introductory “best of” collection of Kinder goodies specifically for our new members.

In the meantime, many (but not necessarily all) new Kinder Beauty subscribers will receive this exclusive new collection as their inaugural box, and then beginning with their second month, they will start receiving the regular monthly collections along with all other members.

I received a product information card.

The inside of the card listed each product and their MSRPs. Websites were also listed in case you want to order more products. While the regular monthly box sometimes has variations, the introductory box doesn’t, and this is exactly what Kinder listed on their website.

My items were tucked into white paper squiggles.

Everything in my box! I have been getting Kinder Beauty Box for several months and I have tried all of these items before. I will mention which previous box it came in too!

Fleur & Bee Eyes Eyes Baby Eye Cream ($22, April 2020) I collect eye creams and although I don’t believe any of them really do much to turn back the hands of time, I do think they help keep the area moist and provide a smooth base for makeup.

Water, glycerin, and sunflower seed oil are the first three ingredients and there is aloe, niacinamide, caffeine, and cica (AKA gotu kola). I am less excited about seeing alcohol, I prefer not to have that near my face or eyes, but it is lower on the list.

I didn’t experience any irritation when using this creamy product. It has an herbal and floral scent that is thankfully on the low side as far as scents go and it felt emollient without feeling greasy.

100% Pure Bright Eyes Mask ($7, February 2020) By the time Monday morning rolls around, I am usually in need of a product like this.

Aloe gel, green tea, hyaluronic acid, and cucumber hydrogel were some of the ingredients that help reduce puffiness while hydrating that delicate area. They felt nice and cool under my eyes and I think I did see a slight reduction in those bags, although the darkness remained. I’m still pleased and enjoyed the relaxing feeling while wearing my masks!

Dirty Lamb Ultra Night Serum ($52, December 2019) I know this says it’s a serum, but it’s made of oils so I’m going to call it what it is.

Wheat germ oil, grapeseed oil, hemp seed oil, and more oils are in this mix, along with a couple of essential oils for scent. The oils are supposed to keep skin moist while the lavender is supposed to promote a relaxing feeling.

I like the scent and the feel of this oil, it kept my skin silky overnight and yet I didn’t feel greasy in the morning, but then again I have dry skin and it tends to like oils such as this.

GLOV On The Go Makeup Remover ($12.70, January 2020) I want to point out that this next product came in a bio-degradable bag that will dissolve over about 12 months, instead of lasting indefinitely in a landfill.

Instructions for the GLOV were on the back of the package.

Wet with water and use it to remove eye and/or face makeup. It doesn’t remove every trace for me, but it removes a good amount and saves my washcloths from getting stained.

It fits over all of the fingers with the exception of the thumb. It’s soft and can be reused again and again. They suggest washing with their special cleanser but I throw it in with my towels.

Medusa’s Makeup Eye Dust in Penny Wise ($8, March 2020) Our final item this month was an eyeshadow!

Or, as the company calls it, Eye Dust. This one is made of mica, titanium dioxide, and (according to their website) iron oxide.

This has a sifter on top so you can gently shake out product into the lid. There was a piece of plastic tape over the top so you may need to remove that with tweezers first. Be careful, a little of this stuff goes a long way.

Here’s what it looks like in full sun. Lots of glimmer! I used a light base color on my eyes and then used this in the crease and outside corner of my lid and was pretty happy with the shade!

I thought the Kinder Faves Box was a good assortment of past favorites! The eye cream and face oil will last a long time, as will the eyeshadow. The gel pads are one and done but they work well and are a luxurious treat. The GLOV also lasts a long time, just wash between uses. The value for the Kinder Faves Box is around $101.70! According to the Kinder website, they plan on making this an add-on for current subscribers in the future.

What do you think of Kinder Beauty Box?


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