FRIENDS Subscription Box Spring 2020 Review!

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The FRIENDS subscription box is an official quarterly subscription made especially for F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans. Each box costs $39.99. It contains 6-8 exclusive items and may include officially licensed collectibles, apparel, and accessories based on your favorite F.R.I.E.N.D.S characters and episodes.

The items came in a black box with FRIENDS branding.

This box’s theme is Season 1!

There’s also the iconic FRIENDS logo on the interior of the box cover.

I’m excited because the box is full to the brim!

The items were securely packed. Some of them were bubble wrapped and the other came in plastic packagings.

They’ve executed the F.R.I.E.N.D.S theme well, starting off with the cute design on the box and this card with all the iconic F.R.I.E.N.D.S TV series symbols from the NYC taxi to the fountain where the casts were dancing to the intro song “I’ll be there for you”, to the sofa at Central Perk, to the iconic yellow peephole picture frame from Monica’s door, to Phoebe’s guitar, to the apartment cat! Wow! Every F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan will surely get giddy at the first sight of the box!

The box came with a card. It shows all the items included in the curation.

Everything in my Spring 2020 box!

FRIENDS Notebook. The notebook came with a tag that features the same design as the box!

The notebook’s front cover has the famous quote by Monica Geller, from the very first episode of the show:

Welcome to the real world! It sucks. You’re gonna love it.

The notebook is spring bound. The back also has the iconic FRIENDS logo, showing that it’s a licensed item.

Each leaf of the notebook is lined. At the upper corner of each page, also present is the FRIENDS logo! This is great for jotting down notes or for writing your thoughts after watching re-runs of the show!

FRIENDS Guitar Sticky Notes. Another iconic image present in this box is a guitar, in a sticky note form!

This reminded me of Phoebe Buffay, who plays the guitar and even taught Joey Tribbiani to play it!

There’s a little space on the body of the guitar where you can write short notes or reminders. This is also perfect for adding to journals or planners.

Rachel’s Cameo Pin. Rachel Green is a well-remembered character in the series, and here’s an accessory related to her!

The classic and elegant-looking pin is placed in what looks like a black ring box, making it look more special.

In Episode 24 of Season 1, Ross Geller gave Rachel a pin for her birthday, and it’s an expensive and vintage brooch just like the one her grandmother had. It also served as Ross’ declaration of love for her!

Marcel Plush. Marcel is Ross’ pet, a white-headed capuchin monkey, and he is also present in this box as a plushie!

Yes, this made me more excited more than anything in this box, just look at how adorable he is!

The monkey plush is really soft and cuddly!

The cute face is also what gets me, lucky Ross!

Soda Can Bottle. Here’s another cute and useful item in this box, a soda can bottle!

The lid looks similar to a soda can’s top, except that you can slide it again to close.

The bottle is in pink and it also has the word “Soda” printed on it.

There’s also an image of a thumb on the pink bottle. It reminds of that episode in Season 1 when Phoebe found a thumb in her soda, so she got $7000 from the soda company as a compensation!

Poker Set. In Episode 18 of Season 1, the guys in the series taught the girls how to play poker! We got our own poker set in the box so we can play it too while relieving the hilarious moments in that episode.

The poker set came in its own box and everything is neatly stacked inside.

It contains 3-color sets of chips and some playing cards.

The red chips have the number 94 on them, the black ones have the FRIENDS logo, and the blue ones have the TV series’ popular quote.

It also has a deck of cards! Of course, the images are the iconic symbols you can see in the show!

Friends Hockey Jersey. This hockey jersey reminded me of Episode 4 of Season 1 where Ross got hit in the face with a hockey puck when they watched a game! Fun times!

Of course, the jersey wouldn’t be from the series if there’s no FRIENDS logo printed on it!

It also has the number 94 at the back, serving as the jersey number, which is also the year the series started!

This is really a nostalgic box that brought me back to the 90s! FRIENDS will forever be an iconic show and, even decades after the series first aired, it’s still fun to receive FRIENDS merchandise! This seasonal box has some of the most awesome FRIENDS items and most of them are licensed, so they are really worth adding to anyone’s FRIENDS collection! My favorites in this box are Rachel’s pin and the hockey jersey! If you’ve just watched the show this year, no worries because it is never too late to start with your collection especially with this subscription. They’ve been doing a really great job in curating boxes that remind us of our favorite FRIENDS episodes!

Are you getting the FRIENDS Subscription Box?


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