Fortune Cookie Soap FCS of the Month May 2020 Box Review

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The FCS of the Month Club is a monthly subscription from Fortune Cookie Soap that features goodies from FCS. The box is now $16.95 a month with free shipping. You can also subscribe just quarterly.

Upon opening, we were greeted with a card.

The items were wrapped with hot pink tissue paper.

This month’s theme is JUST KEEP SWIMMING!

At the back is a list of the items you will find inside, along with a brief description for each.

Everything in this month’s box!

This card showcases this month’s theme!

Intervention! Fortune Cookie Soap ($4.35) “Intervention!” reminds me of only one thing: Finding Nemo! This soap inspired by the movie is vegetable-based, with no surfactants, parabens, sulfates, and propylene glycol.

It’s shaped just like a fortune cookie! One side is blue and the other is red. The soap lathers up nicely and produces an amazing scent, with notes of coconut milk and pineapple.

Our fortune is a line from Dory in the movie Finding Nemo.

I wish I could speak whale!

Jellyman Scent Difuser. The scent diffuser came in a bottle container, laced up on the top so you can hang it anywhere you want! It has a fresh fruity fragrance that stays for a long time. Perfect to put in your car, your room, or even in your office! It’s named Jellyman, after Marlin’s nickname given by Crush, a sea turtle, in Finding Nemo!

Aqua Scum Whipped Cream. The whipped cream is conveniently packed in a jar, so I can easily scoop it and apply it to my skin. It’s highly moisturizing and it smells great as well! It’s named after Aqua Scum, the cleaning device for Dr. Sherman’s fish tank in Finding Nemo.

A small amount goes a long way with this product! It smells like a blend of lychee, apple, and peach nectar, perfect for fans of fruity scents.

Whale Talk Deep Conditioner. Here’s another fruity-smelling item, a deep conditioner that works wonders for the hair as it soothes and nourishes, leaving hair healthier and more manageable! It’s named after Dory’s famous whale talk!

Infused with argan oil, it also improves the hair’s elasticity and rejuvenates, rebuilds, and repairs damaged hair! Fragrance notes include strawberries, black currant, jasmine, grapefruit, and fresh avocado.

Fin.Noggin. Duuude. Shampoo Bar. Shampoo bars are great because they’re more eco-friendly compared to shampoo in bottles. We got one in the box and it smells pretty amazing! Also, how can we forget that cute moment with Crush and his son? Fin. Noggin. Duuude!

It lathers up nicely and it does a great job of cleaning my hair, especially the scalp. It also has a unique combination of fragrance notes, including lemon-lime fizzy pop, orchids, and white chocolate!

Shark Bait Toilet Bombs. Sharkbait, ooh ha ha! They’re irregularly shaped cubes that smell like a blend of vanilla and oranges.

This product doesn’t just deodorize the toilet but also disinfects and sanitizes. They’re named after Sharkbait, Nemo’s Tank Gang nickname, and it’s quite catchy!

What fun box! I love this month’s theme! I enjoyed the Finding Nemo references throughout the items inside the box. My favorite is the whipped lotion as I can really feel how moisturizing it is on my skin. I also liked the toilet bombs because they make cleaning the toilet easier. This box always provides useful and pleasant-smelling products, and a fun theme!

What do you think of this month’s FCS The Soap Box?

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