Erin Condren Seasonal Surprise Summer 2020 Subscription Box Review

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Erin Condren’s Seasonal Surprise Box is a quarterly planner accessories and stationery box featuring early access items, popular accessories, and exclusive surprises from Erin Condren. This box isn’t available by subscription; you must purchase each box individually. This box usually sells out quickly but click here and tap that blue bell to get notified when the next box becomes available! The box is $40 and includes free shipping to the US.

This colorful collection of summer surprises is designed to inspire your creativity & inspire much-needed joy!

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The inside of the box has an inspirational saying and you can even take the box apart and reassemble it with the outside facing in. I have done this to several boxes, which are now used to hold stationery and the like. You can see my flipped box in the last picture of this post!


My items were cushioned with bubble wrap and the items look so pretty and colorful!

The theme for the Summer 2020 Box is Something Beautiful on the Horizon! We are keeping our eyes on the future these days.

The information card gives you a picture list of all the items included. Some of the items may be available at Erin Condren retail locations, some may be coming soon, and others are exclusive to the box.

Everything in my box!

Erin Condren Sticker Paper Sticker Book is an exclusive item.

Some info was printed on the inside cover of the booklet. The sheets have a backing and are sticky!

The sticker sheets have the new Layers print, which was introduced recently and matches my new LifePlanner! The design looks like wavy lines or waves in the ocean.

There are 12 pages, and each one is about 7.5″ x 5″.

You can cut the paper into whatever shape you like, and the grid on the back can help you get straight lines.

Erin Condren Layers Note Cube is a sneak peek item so it should be available eventually on the EC site.

I’m not sure how many pieces of paper are on this cube, but it is 3″ x 1.25″ and the papers aren’t sticky. It has the Layers design on its sides and I have been getting use out of it already, it is just what I needed for my desk.

Erin Condren Summer Memories Petite Journal is an exclusive item with the Layers print (I’m sensing a theme here). The wording on the front is silver but also changes colors depending on the light and angle.

Capture the magic & memories of summer with this vivid memory keeping journal. Featuring lined pages for journaling & dedicated pages for photos, sketching, & scrapbooking.

It is about 8.5″ x 5.5″.

There are 80 memory keeping pages. There are pages like this that have space for mini photos.

The three page spreads following look like this, with a lined page on the left and blank page on the right. Then the pages repeat, with the photo pages and then journaling pages.

Clear Glitter PetitePlanner Sleeve is a sneak peek item and I can see why they would eventually offer this, it is so cute, at least for those of us who LOVE glitter!

No worries about making a mess though, since the glitter is on the inside of the plastic vinyl.

A Petite Planner (such as the one received in this box) fits inside, with the covers going into the sleeves to keep it secure. It also helps protect the paper covers underneath. What a cool idea!

Erin Condren Dual-Tip Highlighter Duo is another sneak peek item although I’m not sure about grey highlighters for myself.

They are dual-tipped so you can pick the line that fits your needs.

Here is the finer tip…

…and here is the wider side. The color on the left is pretty soft, while the one on the right is darker but you can still see words underneath when used as a highlighter. I think this would work for those who prefer neutral colors but I am all about bright!

Erin Condren Glue Tape is a sneak peek and I must admit, I had no idea what it was or how it could be used, so I asked Google.

It is used to apply a sticky glue adhesive so small items can be affixed, like in scrapbooking. For instance, it could be used in the PetitePlanner shown earlier to keep those mini photos or other keepsakes in place. See the white thing in the front? Flip it down and apply pressure to paper, rolling it slowly where you want it to go.

Erin Condren Turquoise Pocket Scissors is another sneak peek and I think it’s a cool concept!

It has a safety cap and locking handle and instructions for use were on the back.

I love the turquoise color!

Remove the cap…

…and slide the locking mechanism up and voila! The scissors are about 5.25″ long and as noted on the box, they are not intended for heavy use but would be perfect for trimming the sticker paper shown earlier in the review.

Erin Condren Textured Zipper Pouch is a sneak peek and I love the color combo, so unique!

The inside says it is made with “man-made material” and it reminds me of the stuff used to make some reusable shopping bags, kind of crinkly and with a texture of both paper and plastic. It is matte light pink on top, sort of shiny navy in the middle, and metallic rose gold on the bottom.

The back is all shiny navy. The zipper is rose gold and the zipper pull is shiny navy. The outside should be easy to clean with a damp cloth.

The inside is lined with soft flocked material. The bag is 10.75″ x 7.75″.

Sticker Sheets We received two exclusive summery sticker sheets! Erin Condren has the best stickers!

The first sheet has a pool float, popsicle, and luggage and feels like washi paper. The metallic accents change from silver to rose gold!

The second sheet has an ice cream cone, beach ball, and monstera leaf. It has metallic accents that change from silver to holographic rainbow!

As always the Erin Condren Seasonal Surprise Box was filled with a mix of items to help me get excited about the upcoming change in seasons! I always adore the stickers and these were perfect for adding some shine to my LifePlanner. The bag was too cute, I love the colors and the shine from the rose gold. The glittery PetitePlanner sleeve was a neat surprise and the note cube was just what I needed, I just didn’t know it until I received it! The other items round out the collection nicely and I was happy to see the Layers design feature prominently in so many products. One more thing – the box is now flipped so that the inside faces out, and all of the shipping stickers are now hidden inside, and it looks perfect for storage!

What did you think of the box?

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