Bokksu June 2020 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Bokksu is a premium snack box that features authentic Japanese snacks, as well as a tea pairing to go with it. There are two levels to choose from: Classic Bokksu ($44.99 USD) includes an assortment of 20-25 premium Japanese snacks and a tea pairing; Tasting Bokksu ($29.99 USD) includes 10-14 premium Japanese snacks and a tea pairing. Both boxes offer a discount for longer terms. The snacks sent are not easily found outside of Japan and this subscription ships internationally from Japan. Shipping is already included in the price. I am reviewing the Classic Bokksu.

Other Japanese snack subscription services use mass-produced mainstream snacks that can be readily found in most Asian markets outside of Japan. Bokksu directly sources its artisanal snacks from local snack makers in Japan (some of whom have been around for over 200 years!). We only curate high quality and gourmet snacks, never filler items. We are also the ONLY service that handselects a tea pairing for each box to complement that month’s flavors.

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NOTE: Your first box will be the Seasons Of Japan, shown here.

I love citrus so this is going to be a tasty month!

The box was packed to the top!

When I opened my box I found a card on top.

The back of the card had some info on the box.

June’s theme is Tangy Citrus. I am always impressed with the booklet that is included in the box, there’s so much info inside! Both levels of Bokksu come with this booklet.

It showed which snacks come in both subscription levels, with Classic Exclusives being in the Classic box only.

The next page showed a map of where each snack originated. I also love looking at the snack “art” pictures.

I like the new snack info format, it helps me decide if I want something sweet or savory.

This section talks about citrus and symbolism.

The back of the mini mag had a glimpse at the next box theme!

Everything in the June 2020 Classic Bokksu!

Setouchi Lemon Pie is a classic palmier, with flaky sweet puff pie pastry and crunchy lemon sugar on the outside. Lemon flavor is light – it’s a delicate tea cookie. There are 8 individually wrapped cookies in the bag. 

Potato Chips: Yuzu Salt are thin, crispy potato chips and we thought they were similar to vinegar and salt chips, except there was a hint of citrus.

Seaweed Tempura: Setouchi Sudachi Citrus Flavor is sweet, salty, fishy, and citrusy. I like the tempura part but I think this is made with artificial sweetener or stevia because it leaves a weird aftertaste, which might not be a problem for some people. Sudachi is a small citrus fruit commonly used in ponzu sauce.

Low Carb Style: Orange Tea Pound Cake smells like fruit cake, is soft and not dense, and is flavored with orange zest and black tea. Delicious.

Yuzu Anpan (shown on the right) is a sweet bun filled with a flavored white bean paste, and in this case the flavor is yuzu. It tastes like a cross between lemon and tangerine!

Mikange Mikan Meringue melts as soon as it hits the tongue. It’s flavored with mikan, a type of mandarin orange, but it’s very light. One moment it’s there, the next, poof!

Setouchi Lemon Sable Cookie is a soft-baked buttery cookie flavored with Setouchi lemon, a less-sour version of the yellow fruit. The citrus flavor is barely noticeable but this was a decadent treat.

Hyuganatsu Monaka I think this is supposed to be similar to the giant bean-paste filled fish (taiyaki) but the outer layer wasn’t right, it was soggy and broken. The filling, however, was tasty, a sweet white bean paste flavored with hyuganatsu, a type of citrus fruit.

Ginger & Yuzu Herbal Tea I didn’t think of this as a tea, more like a flavored, powdered drink mix. I added it to 4 ounces of cold water and stirred. It was really tasty, the citrus was realistic, and the ginger made my throat burn a bit. It is already sweetened.

Pom Ponjuice Mikan Orange Mochi is so fruity and sweet! The outside is soft, sticky mochi, then there is a thin layer of marshmallow, and a silky mikan citrus flavored jam is in the very middle. It is just fun to eat!

Arare Rice Crackers: Lemon + Vinegar I love arare, and this one was crunchy and had a light tangy vinegar and lemon flavor. Melts quickly though if you want to wait with it in your mouth. 

Yuzu Konjac Jelly I didn’t get a picture of this, but it is a yuzu-flavored gel, with a combo of orange and grapefruit flavors. I placed it in my fridge a couple of hours before eating, and you just tear off the edge of the packet and either squeeze into your mouth, or suck it out of the hole. It wasn’t as watery as jello, very thick and almost substantial.

Dry Salted Mikan Slice When I heard “salted citrus” I thought no way, but this was surprisingly tasty. It reminded me a little of dried apricots, but was sweet and salty.

The June Tangy Citrus Bokksu was a big hit in my home! I love citrus fruits and this box was full of delicious, delightful flavors, almost all of them sweet! I enjoyed the different textures of the snacks – soft, crunchy, jellied, and chewy. I shared the snacks with my family and we always compare notes to see what was a hit, which one was a flop. These were all winners!

What’s your favorite snack from this month’s box?

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