The Curiosity Box by VSauce Spring 2020 Subscription Box Review

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The Curiosity Box is a quarterly subscription box to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. Each box comes with 6-9 items that will not only entertain, but also educate you and your family. The subscription is $49.90 per quarter and a portion of all proceeds are donated to fund Alzheimer’s research.

This is their box #15!

The box is filled with stuff that will feed your mind.

Some of the items in the box were wrapped in plastic.

The inside of the box’s top lid introduces us to INQ!

The Curiosity Box has a separate information card – it’s great for quick reference and for when someone steals your Curiosity Quarterly for bathroom reading.

It contains a list of all the goodies this quarter! And as always, INQ the octopus is our guide through the box.

On the previous box, they announced that there won’t be a magazine included in the boxes as they wanted to increase the quality of what the subscribers get in the box, try out new ideas and enhance interactivity, and will include a monthly newsletter instead, which will be delivered directly to the subscriber’s inbox. The newsletter will still include thought-provoking articles and in-depth coverage of the box contents.

Everything in the box!

Operator Overload Steam Game.

Operator Overload is a new puzzle game by indie game creator Benn Powell. Solve your way through over a hundred levels of complex combinatoric conundrums using your logical deduction and problem solving skills, and then create your own using the in-game level editor for others to enjoy.

The objective of the game is to solve your way through over a hundred levels of complex combinatoric conundrums using logical deduction and problem-solving skills, and you can also create your own using the in-game level editor. The game works on Windows, Mac OS X, and SteamOS+Linux.

INQ Squish. We got a squishy version of the box’s mascot, INQ!

It has adorable eyes!

I also like the bright orange color of INQ. Super fun to squish!

Astronaut INQ T-Shirt. Another INQ item in this box is this black shirt. Here, INQ is an astronaut!

Octopuses are known to live on dens that they find or build themselves in their natural environment. And INQ here figured out where to live. The print is really awesome, it’s like a comic book art.

There’s a VSauce symbol at the back.

Creator Spotlight Sticker. Toby Hendy made this artwork and there are so many math-related symbols in plain sight! It’s a cool sticker! There’s a square root sign, cube root sign, logarithm, and more!

The flip side gives us more information about the artwork:

Take a walk through the mathematical forest, and find square roots, cube roots, trigonometric waves, and logarithms. This drawing by Toby Hendy is inspired by her series, “The Joy of Mathematics” in which she explores mathematical concepts in the style of legendary painter Bob Ross. You can watch Toby’s videos on her YouTube channel, Tibees.

Have a│mathematical│day!

Artist Spotlight Postcard. The Artist Spotlight this quarter features Daniele Turturici, an illustrator and comic artist from Italy. It’s a whimsical image that shows how curiosity works, featuring an ape in what looks like a space gear doing some research inside his home!

The back of the postcard explains more about the featured artwork, while the other side is left blank for notes and other information.

INQ’s Calibron 12. The puzzle game is Calibron 12, and it was packed in a vintage-looking box.

The pieces of the puzzle were packaged neatly inside the box.

The bottom of the box shows us the different puzzles, from #1 to #4.

The top lid comes with more information about the puzzle game. The puzzle is invented by Thomas Edison’s son, Theodore, in 1933.

The puzzle includes 12 red rectangular pieces plus 3 black spacers. The old version only comes with one spacer (whichever of the 3), but this set comes with all of them. Including all the pieces made it possible to make other puzzles, and this set can produce 4!

INQ’s Drinking Bird. Next, we have a heat engine, in the form of a Drinking Bird model! It also came with its own box packaging.

The box lists complete instructions on how to assemble and use the bird.

It comes in 2 easy-to-assemble pieces, the base/holder, and the Drinking Bird itself.

It’s also known as insatiable birdies, dunking birds, drinky birds, water birds, or dipping birds!

The bird looks adorable as it comes with googly eyes!

The model consists of two glass bulbs that are joined together by a glass tube, in the form of the bird’s neck. The tube extends all the way to the bottom bulb, and attaches to the bulb on top but does not extend into it. The space inside the bird usually contains a colored fluid (in this case it’s orange).

It’s a toy heat engine that mimics the motions of a bird drinking from a water source. However, they are sometimes incorrectly considered examples of a perpetual motion device, a device that continues to work forever.

The Science of Cooking by Dr. Stuart Farrimond ($21.49)

Get answers to all your cooking science questions, and cook tastier, more nutritious food using fundamental principles, practical advice, and step-by-step techniques.

Where does the heat come from in a chili pepper? Why is wild salmon darker than farmed? Does searing meat really “seal in” the juices? A good recipe goes a long way, but if you can master the science behind it, you’ll be one step ahead.

Using full-color images, stats and facts through infographics, and an engaging Q&A format to show you how to perfect your cooking, The Science of Cooking brings food science out of the lab and into your kitchen. Topics include meat and poultry, seafood, dairy, pulses and grains, fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, baked goods, and more, making it perfect for perfecting everyday cooking as well as for special meals.

In this book, we can learn all about the science behind cooking! If you love to cook, like me, this is a great opportunity to take your cooking skills to the next level. Knowing the science behind it will help you cook more effectively and perfectly!

There are features about marinating meat. They even explain the advantage of salting the meat before or during cooking.

One of my favorite features in the book is the one about cheese. It even presents different types of soft cheeses with a brief description for each.

This book also answers why do you have to sift your flour, why cooking food requires the addition of salt, and the difference between baking powder and baking soda!

Being curious and inquisitive is a good thing! If you like geeking out on science, The Curiosity Box is the perfect box because they send great books and even puzzles and toys that will satisfy your interests. This box also introduces us to great artists and inventors, people who have amazing contributions to the world of science. One of our favorite items this month is the book that shares the science behind cooking. It’s a great book filled with useful trivia and what’s great is that you don’t have to read everything in one sitting. It’s the kind of book that you can devour one page at a time. Overall, this is another amazing box. There’s a long wait because it’s a quarterly box, but the contents are all worth it. It’s a great box to share with the whole family as well!

What do you think of this quarter’s box?

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