Sago Mini Box April 2020 Subscription Box Review + Coupon – PLANES!

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Sago Mini Box is a monthly make-and-play subscription for preschoolers that brings quality and creative play. Each monthly box is $19 plus shipping, and if you decide to have an annual subscription, you can save up to $48 annually. You’ll get a box filled with make-and-play activities and surprises designed to teach modern skills to preschoolers and a Sago mini collectible figurine of one of the characters from the box, and a special letter for the kids.

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The box features cute doodles on the outside! Inside, it’s pretty colorful!

The contents are packed with wrapping paper and sealed with a Sago Mini sticker.

Inside the box, the items are also individually wrapped and packed.

There’s a card that welcomes us to this month’s box, which is all about PLANES!

The flip side of the cards talks about all the activities in this month’s box, and lists the contents as well!

There are 3 activity packs!

They also included a colorful world map!

They are labeled per continent! There are also images that represent some countries, telling us what they’re known for!

For example, North America is known for American Football symbolized by “The Duke”, a spheroid-shaped ball. It also includes the Statue of Liberty, mountains, butterfly, and more. For South America, it has symbols like a llama, mountains, and a soccer ball! My kids studied the map first!

Captain Robin. This month’s collectible mini-figurine is Captain Robin!

Captain Robin is a pink bird with a red beak, and he’s wearing a pilot’s uniform!

Activity # 1: Pilot in Training. For the first activity, we received the materials in a blue envelope filled with airplane prints.

The other side of the envelope has the instructions for the activity!

The envelope includes a letter from Robin.

The first step of the activity is to assemble the provided plane pieces!

The parts can be mixed and matched depending on your kids’ liking. Here are the 3 colorful and adorable cardboard planes my kids assembled!

The second step is to create the airport using the crate. It’s super easy to do, you just have to fold the box inside-out!

There’s a part of the box that looks like an airport building, where there are several people and crew.

Now, it’s time to fly! For this part, we got several destination pieces! There’s no text but you can easily identify the places because of the illustrations.

They are so cute and colorful. The art style easily appeals to kids!

You can scatter the destinations around the airport so that the planes can land on them.

My daughter gave it a try! She picked the airplane with wings that look like watermelons!

She learned how to make the cardboard plane fly in no time!

Of course, there’s also Captain Robin, reporting for duty!

My kids even practiced safe landing at the airport!

My son also joined in on the fun! He picked the airplane with a banana-shaped body and purple wings!

This activity makes for a fun sibling bonding experience as well.

She surely had so much fun playing with the cardboard airplane and Captain Robin!

Activity # 2: Our Travel Buddy. The materials for the second activity were packed in another envelope. This reminds us of the classic air mail envelopes with blue and red borders.

The flip side of the package also has instructions on how to do the second activity.

Inside, we got notes from Astrid and Tom.

Before traveling, we have to pack a suitcase! The sent a cardboard suitcase for this, as well as drawings of some items we might need on a trip like a tee, a camera, a hat, and more!

For this, the kids just need to match the items on the templates inside the case.

It’s like a puzzle!

My daughter and my son worked on the puzzle togerger!

They took turns in placing the items in the suitcase and it was fun!

Here’s my daughter, putting the last puzzle piece that completes the suitcase!

Now that we’re done with packing the suitcase, it’s time to take the passport and the stamps included in this kit.

The kids can personalize their passport by writing their name and age, as well as adding their photo and drawing their country and city on the first page.

For the next page, there’s a map and the kids need to mark where they’re currently at and where they want to go! There’s another map on the other page, and this time, they need to mark all the places around the globe that they’ve already visited!

There was a space for a stamp, so my daughter looked for the corresponding stamp design and attached it on the page!

Another fun activity in the passport is about drawing what is inside Robin’s suitcase and the things that they would bring to an island.

Next up is a matching activity, where the kids need to match the plane to the things or animals that inspired them. For kids who love to draw, there’s also a space where they can make their own plane design!

My son loved working on the plane maze and the matching activity that aims to help the planes get to their destinations!

More flight-related activities! One is a spot-the-difference activity, and the other encourages kids to draw the airplane food they want to eat. All these prompts are great for stimulating the kids’ minds and their creativity!

My daughter continued to match the stamps to the pages!

It’s fun looking at the clouds! Seeing different cloud shapes get kids to be imaginative and here are some perfect activities to do just that!

My daughter found the last matching images on the passport stickers as we reached the last few pages of the passport.

With these activities, the kids can showcase their creativity and amazing imagination!

The passport also included different ways to say “hello” and “thanks” in different languages.

The last page is an airplane BINGO! Here, the kids can mark the things that they can find in an airplane!

Activity # 3: My Budding Photographer Pal. We’re now onto the third and last activity! The materials for this were packed in a blue envelope with cloud drawings.

Just like the past two activities, there were complete instructions on how to make the camera on the back of the envelope!

It also includes a note from Jinja!

For this activity, we used the camera outer sleeve, inner tray, ribbon, and photo cards.

The first step is to pop open the outer sleeve for the camera and then close the lid to build the inner tray. To make it easier to carry around, we inserted the ribbon through the hole in the inner tray and then tied a knot.

Our camera is looking amazing! The back even comes with amazing details, like a real one!

Say cheese!

What makes travel more fun is keeping memories through photos!

My kids used the destination pieces from the first activity as they took “pictures”! It’s like they’re really on a fun adventure and traveling around the globe with all of the stuff we got to do from this crate!

Some of the photocards have images, and some are blank where the kids can draw their own pictures based on the prompt written on it!

My kids decided to use crayons for their pictures! My son grabbed a blank card and got creative with his drawing.

Meanwhile, my daughter loved picking crayon colors and coloring those cards which already have images on them!

Here are some of their finished masterpieces!

This box proves that the kids don’t always have to rely on their gadgets in order to have fun! We love that each activity encourages their creativity and enhances their imagination through pretend play. This month, my kids had so much fun as they traveled around the globe without leaving the comforts of home. From packing the suitcase and drawing/coloring vacation photos, they enjoyed every bit of the adventure! The crate itself is really useful as it can also be turned into something that they can use for play as well. Nothing is wasted in this box! It’s surely one of the best boxes to have when you want to bond with the kids and the whole family!

What do you think of Sago Mini Box?

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