Pet Treater Cat Pack April 2020 Cat Subscription Review + Coupon!

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Pet Treater is a subscription program for pets, delivering quality items like toys and treats. They offer 2 options for cats: a Cat Pack with 3-4 items ($15 a month) and a Multi-Cat Pack with 5-8 items ($25 a month). Your first pack will be filled with the most popular fan favorites! Also, the items are sent in a plastic bag, not in a box, but so far we’ve never had problems with it.

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Everything is packed inside a polybag.

Everything in my April 2020 box!

Bandana. We can’t help but giggle when we saw this month’s featured bandana! It’s a dark-colored one with rainbow-colored poop prints, and there are even small hearts and butterflies!

It’s so colorful! It made the bandana look nice and cheerful because of the mix of colors!

As always, it can be easily tied to your furry friend’s neck. The material used also in this bandana is soft and lightweight.

Magnet. The square magnet features a busy kitty! This would be perfect on a metal or steel cabinet in the office, or even the fridge!

The back has a large magnet on it, so expect that it can really hold long and strong!

From The Field Ultimate Blend Sample Silver Vine and Catnip Mix. The catnip in this mix was grown and produced in Washington. They let the plant reach full maturity before they’re harvested, so they’re loaded with pure essential oil and blooms that are good for the kitties.

This mix of Silver Vine is fresh and potent, and it may work with cats insensitive to catnip. It also provides healthy exercise for cats. The mix comes in a small, resealable pack.

Buddy Biscuits Cat Treats in Savory Turkey & Cheddar ($3.30) The kitties will definitely love this treat because it has turkey, plus it is grain- and gluten-free!

This treat is also really healthy and tasty. No wheat, corn, soy, fillers, or anything artificial.

They also come in bite-sized pieces which will be easy for the cats to enjoy and digest!

Mouse Cat Toy. Cats are natural hunters! This mouse toy is perfect for any kitty who loves chasing little critters. It can help in keeping them entertained or to have some exercise!

There are three mice and each one has feathers for their tail. You can wiggle them in front of your kitty and see them jump just to catch the mouse!

Petrageous Designs Wacky Birdie ($15.63) Here’s another set of fun toys for cats, and they are called “wacky birdies.” They look like shuttlecocks that are used in playing badminton!

There are two colors of the wacky birdies: yellow and blue. These toys also bounce high, perfect for super active cats!

When you look closer, the LED head looks like a bird’s head!

Also, each LED head lights up bright, so the cats can see them even in the dark!

These toys are also easy to clean.

Even after a rough play, the toys will stay intact as they’re made of really durable materials.

Felines will love this box as it contains fun toys and treats that are specially made just for them. This month’s featured treat is special and it’s made of from one of their favorite meat: turkey! It’s good to know that it doesn’t contain any artificial ingredient, so you are sure that what you’re giving your cat is safe and nutritious. The bandana made us laugh because of the whimsical, fun, and colorful design. It’s made with high-quality fabric, as always. The toys also promote a healthy lifestyle for cats by involving them with some fun exercise. It’s a purr-tastic curation, all in all!

What do you think of this month’s Pet Treater Cat Pack?

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