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Panda Crate is a subscription from the KiwiCo family that’s specifically curated for babies ages 0-2. Shipping every other month, it costs $39.90 with free shipping to the US. This subscription is made for infants and toddlers to help in their early childhood development. Each box includes 5-6 learning toys and/or books ideal for child’s age and stage, a copy of wonder magazine, Activity Cards to promote learning and development, and Beyond the Crate Cards to help you bond and explore with your child. All products from this box are designed by experts and backed by researchers at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

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It’s the CHAT WITH ME box!

Everything is placed inside this cute green box! The box looks full, and we’re excited!

It comes with a Wonder Magazine and a card.

There’s no extra packaging inside but everything came in perfect condition.

Everything in the box is listed down on this page, and they also provided a picture and bits of information about each of them!

This month’s Wonder Magazine includes special articles about Fostering Language Development.

The back of the magazine presented us with KiwiCo’s goals for the next generation of innovators!

As usual, the booklet features a table of contents so you can easily get an overview of all the topics.

To help us understand more about our babies, they included this article that tells us about baby babble!

This article provides information about how the babies learn to talk. Every baby develops at their own pace!

Another feature is about developing the fine motor skills necessary to make their needs known before they develop oral coordination and language, and that is sign language!

Here’s a column by Dr. Dimitri Christakis, which provides useful tips and advice for parents. This month, he answered a query about child imitating sounds made or taught by their parents, and what should the parents do if the baby doesn’t say the sound right.

Here are the cards included inside this month’s box that explains more about the items!

The back of the card provides essential information about each of their subjects, they even include a ParentProTip section for more useful parenting tips.

Everything in my box!

Mooing Cow. This adorable, mooing cow will help expand the little ones’ vocabulary with the help of animal sounds. It moos with movement!

The cow is made of 100% natural canvas, and it has feet made with cloth. It also has rope arms so the kids can easily grab it.

Poppy Says Hello Book. The crate also included an adorable board book, and it features the cute Poppy!

Poppy is visiting a farm to see all the animals. Can you help her say hello to her friends?

The book will help the kids practice animal sounds while they help Poppy say hello to all her animal friends.

They will also explore numbers and counting. The book has thick pages that can withstand wear and tear.

Pull-Along Truck. This toy encourages coordination and gross motor skills.

The body of this pull-along truck detaches for easy cleaning. Its base is made of wood, so it’s pretty sturdy.

It also comes with a pull-along cord that will make it easy for the kids to pull it. The body of the truck is also spacious, and they can put other toys on it.

Stacking Animals. The little ones can build fine motor skills by balancing these cute animals made from solid beechwood.

Each piece is made to balance and they’re sized for little hands to hold. Also, they’re safe for play as they are coated with non-toxic, water-based varnish.

Peek-A-Boo Barn. This toy barn is sized for travel so that we can bring it during trips. It helps strengthen the kids’ motor skills and directional vocabulary.

The doors are made to twist, flip, and slide and each of them has a hidden animal. The kids can easily lift the bottom left door because it has a notch.

Here are the Beyond The Crate Cards! These cards feature activities you can do to bond with your kid. It includes In Full Swing, Family Flashcards, Tot Talk, and Sounds All Around.

The back of each card contains a list of what you need for the activity and easy-to-follow instructions. There are helpful tips for parents as well.

For this month’s Panda Crate, they focused on a skill that kids develop especially during their early years, which is making a sound that will eventually lead to speaking and learning a language. The cow plush toy and the board book are helpful for introducing kids to different sounds. We also like the stacking toys and the barn that features animals! Parents can also have a great time bonding with the kids with the help of Beyond the Crate cards. The box is not just for play and fun, but comes with lots of tips for the parents as well! Also, it’s so darned cute we can barely stand it!

What do you think of this month’s Panda Crate?

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