Finders Seekers Subscription Box Review + Coupon – SAN FRANCISCO

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Finders Seekers is a monthly puzzle subscription box for anyone who loves puzzles, escape rooms, Sherlock Holmes, mysteries, or anything requiring a little brainpower. Finders Seekers features a new destination each month, so in addition to the puzzle/escape room experience, you get a mini travel experience, too, exploring a new city and its culture every month.

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FYI – there are SPOILERS in this post!

As a subscriber (limited numbers can join each month), you are invited to join the Society of Seekers, a group of like-minded puzzle fiends who use their heads and a little bit of internet-search know-how to explore a city and solve a mystery each month. We’re off to SAN FRANCISCO this month!

NOTE: This is an updated version of the Finders Seekers December 2018 San Francisco box.

Everything is packed in a string-tie envelope.

There’s also a sticky note that contains instructions on how to get started with this case.

Everything in the box!

Also included in this month’s box is a welcome letter and checklist of every item that should be inside the package, with all the clues you’ll need to solve the mystery. Plus, we now know where to start the journey! In this case, we are asked to help the FBI to find the kidnapped Silicon Valley’s elite executives!

Crossword Puzzle. This case is different from the previous cases that we solved in the past. The puzzles are all in the envelope, and they’re not found on the website, so as the hints. To solve this one, we need to make use of all the contents, and this crossword puzzle is what we need to complete to solve the mystery!

The answer can be written from each location on the crossword puzzle, and also, words don’t have to fill all blank squares in a row or column. In case you mess up, there’s a copy available on their website.

Journal. The journal plays an important role in this journey. It helps us in solving the puzzles and answering the crossword puzzle.

Looking at the crossword puzzle, we can also find the words Haight & Ashbury on it, which is printed on the back of the journal.

There are lots of hints and clues in this journal, so you better watch out and look at the pages carefully!

The journal also includes different locations to help us answer the puzzles. For this one, we have the Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve, which is a state park of California in the United States established to preserve 805 acres of coast redwoods.

Napa Valley is a wine region located at the Napa County, at the North of San Francisco, California.

Alcatraz is known to be the home of prisoners since the 1850s. Alcatraz was used for military prisoners when San Francisco was put on the map during the Gold Rush of the 1840s and during the Civil War. It then closed its doors as a prison in 1963. The following page features the Exploratorium at Pier 15, a museum of science, technology, and arts in San Francisco.

Aside from the location and some information, there are also hints for the puzzle after each description.

It also features the Fisherman’s Wharf, which is one of San Francisco’s busiest tourist areas full of souvenir shops and stalls selling crabs and clam chowder served in a sourdough bread bowls!

There’s also the Chinatown in San Francisco, one of the oldest and most established Chinatowns in the US. Dim sum joints and other traditional eateries can be found around the area.

The Presidio in San Francisco is a 1500-acre park on a former military post. It has forested areas, trails, a golf course, and scenic overlooks, like the Golden Gate Bridge. On this next page of the journal, there’s a final instruction on what action we need to take to finally solve this case.

The back of the journal also included the hints for the crossword puzzle! It’s better to try first and seek help online before finally taking a peek on this one!

Compass. Some of the hints require the use of this compass.

Souvenir Notebook. The souvenir notebook has the Finders Seekers Mysteries symbol in front. The notebook also comes with a pen.

Inside are lined pages. There’s also a page with a sticker featuring what looks like a colorful sphere on it.

Looking at the ticker on the different angles, it will reveal the word, which is the answer to the Exploratorium puzzle!

Fortune from a Fortune Cookie. This piece of paper is similar to what you usually get from fortune cookies! It also has a somewhat inspiring quote:

An unusual idea will lead to your success.

The back features some numbers which can be used to decipher the answer to the Chinatown puzzle!

Advertisement for Sage Cosmetics. This one has a connection to the Ghirardelli Square puzzle, and the organic products secret ingredient that is featured in this ad is the answer to the puzzle!

Napa Valley Puzzle. It seems like this puzzle is asking us to find the letters that will connect us to the wine glass, which will form a word!

Alcatraz Photo. For this photo, a coin is needed to break through the bars and solve the Alcatraz puzzle.

Photo of Victorian Row Houses. Using this photo and the back of the journal, we can decode a word for the Haight and Ashbury puzzle.

Black Marker. This black marker is used for the final puzzle. The last page on the journal that says “Catch Me If You Can” has the instructions on what to do for the final action to finally solve the mystery and find where the Silicon Valley executive elites are!

In the end, the crossword puzzle was transformed into a QR code and all we need to do is to scan it with our camera phone! This is so much easier, as compared to the first version of the San Francisco box.

This is the same box, but it definitely gave us a new experience! Instead of the usual online puzzles that we are solving, we got both the puzzles and clues in an envelope! We love the idea that the final image on the crossword puzzle was turned to a QR code that we can scan! It’s definitely a fun adventure, and a great way to pass time! Finders Seekers can certainly turn any day into one that’s full of fun and adventure, and the end of each case, everything is worth it and truly rewarding!

Did you solve the mystery? How long did it take you? Let us know in the comments below!

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