Disney Bedtime Adventure Subscription Box Review – March 2020 CINDERELLA

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Disney Bedtime Adventure Subscription Box is a monthly Disney subscription that delivers bedtime items! Boxes include Disney pajamas, a storybook, stickers, a bath or grooming product, and bedtime activity cards! Subscription starts at $32.99 for the regular box and $59.99 for the Deluxe version, with discounts for longer subscriptions.

This is a review of the Deluxe version.

You can get this box on a month to month basis, but if you don’t want it that frequently, just select a different option:

For one-year subscriptions, boxes are delivered monthly. For quarterly subscriptions, one box is delivered every 3 months. For customized schedules, the purchaser selects the months to receive a box.

When you sign up, you’ll input your child’s name, size, and pick a character for your first box!

NOTE: The three shopDisney official Disney Subscriptions are pausing due to the COVID-19 crisis, including Disney Bedtime Adventure Subscription Box. For more details, click here.

The box itself looks enchanting!

Here is this month’s rewards chart!

The goodies were wrapped with white paper.

The bottom of the box contains a message from Disney Bedtime Adventure informing us of the challenge!

This is our fourth box and we got another special sticker for our card!

Now, we have the Cinderella sticker as an addition to our growing Disney Bedtime Adventures sticker board!

Everything in my box!

Adventure Sticker.  As usual, we start off with a Disney Sticker Sheet, and this month, it’s all about our favorite pumpkin-riding princess, Cinderella!

This is also where we find our Adventure Sticker for our card!

Bedtime Activity Card. Here’s our monthly bedtime routine activity card, which encourages a good bedtime routine.

Each color and symbol corresponds to a task that your kid needs to do before bedtime. Just choose one of each color every night to play! This is a super fun way to establish and practice good bedtime habits!

A little Golden Book Walt Disney’s Cinderella ($3.80)

The most beloved princess movie of all time—Disney’s Cinderella—is retold in the classic Little Golden Book format. It’s perfect for Disney Princess fans ages 2-5, and available just in time for the movie’s Diamond Edition DVD and Blu-ray release in fall 2012.

I have always loved Cinderella’s story and this book brings it back to life with colorful pages and illustrations!

The text is just enough for each page so that kids wouldn’t have a hard time focusing on reading. The story is also accompanied by beautiful illustrations!

Cinderella is such a classic tale and I’m so happy I can share this with my children!

Dress. This month’s bedtime wearable is a super cute dress. It’s in blue, just like Cinderella’s dress!

We love how soft the fabric feels. It’s definitely a comfortable choice of sleepwear! It’s light and airy!

The butterfly sleeves make it easier for my daughter to move her arms around!

The prints are too cute! There are Gus and Pip, Mary and Suzie, the pumpkin carriage and Cinderella herself!

They also added a different shade of blue polka dots to line the hem and sleeves to give it more charm!

Cinderella Stuffed Toy. My daughter loves plushies and she was so excited about this one!

Cinderella looks so pretty with her simple make-up and iconic updo!

Her dress was also in full detail even on the back part of this stuffed toy!

She’s also wearing a plushie version of the glass slippers! So cute!

Cinderella Towel. Here’s another Cinderella-themed item, a big towel with a full print of Cinderella! It’s so magical!

The print is in vibrant full-color!

Cinderella is such a beauty! This towel is made with microfiber fabric so it’s very absorbent yet still safe and won’t irritate the skin!

The print is so grand, you can forgo using this as a towel and hang this up on your bedroom!

Looks like we got ourselves a winner! She won’t let go of the stuff!

She’s super happy with all the items! She didn’t even want to take the sleepwear off and tells everyone about her Cinderella dress!

Every month, Disney Bedtime Adventure just keeps getting better and better! We’re really looking forward to the next box! All the items from this box were amazing and our favorite would have to be the towel just because of how pretty it is! This subscription has helped me a great deal in managing a fun bedtime routine for my kids and for that, I am super grateful! Not only that, their items are really awesome so each box is surely something to look forward to!

This box is pausing, and while waiting for its return, you can check out the Best Disney Subscription Boxes. We also recommend Disney+ and the Disney Movie Club!

What do you think of Disney Bedtime Adventure Subscription Box?


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  • jbwphoto1

    That’s just beautiful! Will check this out for my seven year old niece. She’s big into Disney, stuffies and dress up.