Bluprint Subscription Closing!

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Bluprint is ending their subscription over the next few months!

Here’s the full announcement:

To our Bluprint community:

This is not an easy letter to write. For the last ten years, my colleagues and I have worked tirelessly on Craftsy and then Bluprint. When we started the business in 2010, our goal was to provide passionate enthusiasts access to the world’s best experts and make it easier to learn new skills. Our hope was to make people’s lives better through creativity, and we’ve been honored to serve millions of customers over the last decade.

I am disappointed to inform you that Bluprint will be closing over the next few months. Like so many customers, instructors, designers, and employees, I am devastated by this news. Please know that our team is working quickly to finalize details, and we will provide more information soon.

For now, I wanted to let you know that we are looking at various options to allow those of you who have purchased individual classes to receive a copy of your classes. This includes individual classes purchased with own forever credits. We are also planning to issue prorated refunds for paid subscribers based on the last day our service will be available, which will be communicated when that date is finalized in the near future.

On behalf of all the Craftsy/Bluprint employees, I want to express our gratitude and appreciation to you for being with us on this journey.

If you have questions, please use the Contact Us feature below, and we will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

Thank you and please stay safe and healthy.


John Levisay
CEO, Bluprint (Craftsy)

Do you have suggestions for replacement subscriptions/classes/memberships or where Bluprint should store your forever classes? Share them in the comments below!

Update 5/30: CreativeBug looks close – any comments on this one?

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  • AR

    Don’t use Craftsy
    I have been trying to access my classes and I bought 3 of them before a membership was required.
    Craftsy won’t do the right thing and allow me access to the classes I already paid for, continuously sending me emails stating ‘Unfortunately, we do not show a paid membership with this email.’ I was not required to pay a membership fee when I signed up with them years ago purchasing $70 woth of classes. Because Craftsy has changed their marketing requiring membership to buy classes, they won’t let me use my classes.
    I keep getting the run around with emails sent to me from different people with the same vague response that they need my information, which I’ve sent several times.
    I wonder how many people they’ve done this to, who bought classes before they decided membership dues were required to access classes and how many they’ve required to repurchase classes they’ve already paid for after purchasing the membership, making those people repurchase their classes a second time. They will lose your information and turn it onto you as being someone who is trying to scam them because that is what they are trying to do to you and everyone who goes to their site.
    I highly recommend NOT using craftsy.
    There are so many talented Youtube channels where people are helping others do the same exact things as classes offered on Craftsy.
    Trying to communicate with Craftsy about this has been exhausting and their unprofessionalism is unbelievable.
    Save your money and time and skip Craftsy.
    I’m never giving them another dime and I’m telling everyone I know to stay away from them.
    My experience with them has been awful.
    Instead of honoring what I’ve paid for they send me ads for cheaper membership.
    Don’t use Craftsy.

  • Richard Vitlip

    Please let me know how I can access my Craftsy forever classes. DVDs would be fine. I have a lot invested and would hate to loose it

  • Jan Yde

    Please let me know how I will be able to access my lifetime classes I have purchased over the years. I agree with countless others, we should be given DVD’s or flashdrives for our purchases. This information takes a ton of bandwidth and I don’t have the space on my hard drive or phone. Please do not leave us hanging!!!

  • Rina

    I don’t understand how you could bill me for a yearly subscription when you knew you were shutting down. I’m thinking a class action law suit is needed to get refunds on services paid and not received. I cannot be the only subscriber this happened to.

  • Patricia Delise

    Please let me know how I will be able to access my purchases I made over the years. I have quite an investment in my purchases and would like to be able to access. IT APPEARS YOU ARE NOT RESPONDING TO ANYONE’S INQUIRIES. PLEASE DON’T END WITH US FEELING SCREWED OVER.

  • Juanita B

    I have a ton of credits to use. The notice that was given was not long enough. I didn’t find out until the window closed. I did reach out several times, but no response. They did bill me for the year. This will make me use total caution for any more subscription services.

  • Marcella

    For anyone who has a subscription – beware – My subscription was setup as an auto pay and I was charged for a full year on 6-14-2020 for the coming year. Yet they have notified us they are closing and you can no longer order classes or supplies. They should not be charging subscribers for their renewal. However I found out today that i was charged 79.99 on 6-14-2020. Furious that they would still be taking funds for subscriptions form my credit card.

  • Lynda KI Annibal

    I would like to know how bluprint is going to handle lifetime classes and patterns. I have over 80 classes and cannot down load them onto any of my devices. There is just not enough room

  • Marcella

    I would like my library of patterns and classes I purchased sent to me on a DVD or flash drive. I do not have the internet bandwidth to download them. They would not fit on my phone even if I could download them. Flash Drive or DVD please.

  • Elizabeth AlberyPullin

    I would like to be able to have a DVD that I can play in my DVD player or copy to my desktop computer. Some of the class materials are useless without the videos to go back and watch

  • sandi m

    I have Craftsy classes purchased several years ago that I would like to have access to either downloaded to my computer or at a Cloud location. No DVD as most computers no longer have DVD drives.

  • Mary J Greiner

    I would like all my classes, pattern libraries and anything else that I should have full access to be downloaded to a DVD or jump drive sent to me as they were to be forever mine. I am also disappointed that I didn’t get to use up my coupons for my forever classes.

  • Mary J Greiner

    I would like all my classes, pattern libraries and anything else that I should have full access to be downloaded to a DVD or jump drive sent to me as they were to be forever mine.

  • Tina Hardesty

    If you could transfer my classes to an online URL I can download them to a memory stick myself. If that is not possible how about it all transferring to CreativeBug or another forum. I have wanted to try CreativeBug but stayed loyal to Craftsy/BluPrint.

  • Kellie Andersen

    I’d like to be able to download them from the Cloud (or whatever) to store on my computer.

  • Kathryn Hollingworth

    I would like my forever classes on DVD or on a memory stick please.

  • ANA

    What a bad new. I need the courses purchased WITH SUBTITLES please consider this option

  • Linda Loope

    I have some Craftsy classes that I would like to download and have permently. I don’t know how to access them. I have a Blueprint subscription that I purchased a couple of months ago and have yet to use. Can you help me with any of this? Thanks

  • Patricia Delise

    I, like many, are so sorry to hear that you are closing. I have collected a number of wonderful videos that I had hoped I would still be able to access. To lose, it would be an expensive loss. I hope that you can find an easy way for us to continue to access the videos we purchased as a lifetime access. Best of luck in the future to you and all your employees who made Craftsy/Bluprint the success it was.

  • Bonnie J Evans

    This is really sad. It has been so helpful to have access to classes of all types to review and learn from. I would like to have my forever classes on USB or DVD. Someone needs to pick up the ball here and restart this.

  • Ashley

    If you love calligraphy/hand-lettering, watercolor painting, and more, check out High-quality, in-depth intermediate-level classes that you have lifetime access to (as in, you can actually download the videos.) We’re a small family-run business!

  • Michele Agopian

    Sad news… Loved spending hours and hours watching educational and amazing videos on Bluprint. Really breaks my heart to hear that this is going to end. Would love to be able to have the purchased videos on a USB if possible and if this is not an option would like to have them downloadable to my laptop. Thank you for the amazing years and best of luck in your new adventure ❤️.

  • Cathie Wichman

    Sad. I used Craftsy/Blueprint for so many things and learned so muh. I would prefer my forever classes on DVD.

  • Elizabeth Hess

    So sad as a member I did not receive an email about the closing. I have so many classes I have not had time to watch and also free classes I have not even had time to pick. What is going to happen to everything? So sad.

  • Cathy Tims

    I am a member and would like to know how I can get my lifetime classes.I would like them on DVD

  • Susan

    This is disappointing but not surprising. To me, Craftsy was a relatable brand name with recognition in the maker community. The change to Bluprint felt kind of “slick.” I would love to be able to download the classes I bought to my laptop and not be limited to a mobile device.

  • Marianne McIntyre

    I am so disappointed in this announcement and I know I’m not alone. I would love to know the real reason this is happening. I can’t imagine there isn’t another company that could take this over and make it successful!

    For the classes I have purchased, I would like them on DVD. If that isn’t an option, I hope I will have access to them somehow for “lifetime” as promised.

    I just recently made 2 fabric purchases from Bluprint and was AMAZED at the high quality AND how quickly my products arrived.

  • Lil Koster

    I would love to have DVDs of the Craftsy classes I bought. If the classes must be stored online, perhaps in a website with an access code (or our BluPrint password?) that would allow us access to the classes we purchased?

  • Dixie L Faries

    Perhaps Ravelry could be a platform for the forever classes/videos purchased by customers.