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Annie’s Young Woodworkers Club is a monthly subscription that provides woodworking craft kits for kids 7-12 years old. For $19.99 each month plus $5.95 shipping ($6.95 in Canada), you will receive a kit that contains materials and instructions for making home accessories, jewelry, or even holiday treasures. Aside from creating a useful item, kids will also learn and master real-world building skills that they can use until they grow into adults. They will learn woodworking skills like using screws and nails, using sandpaper to round off edges, handling a hammer, learning the importance of making careful measurements, and more! The first three kits will include 5 kid-sized, high-quality tools that they will use again for the upcoming boxes/projects, and that includes a tape measure, screwdriver, jeweler’s screwdriver, carpenter’s square, and hammer.

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The package came in a padded mailer.

There’s a mini booklet that shows what the finished product is supposed to look like.

For our first box, we’re making a Turbo Racer!

The kit also included an instruction sheet, complete with images, making it really easy to understand and follow.

The steps are detailed and also child-friendly! This makes a fun way to learn woodworking skills and eventually master them to make the upcoming crafts/projects more fun!

There’s also an instruction on how the toy will work after they finished creating it.

The sheet lists all the materials included in this kit, plus some assembly tips to make the project easier.

Everything in my box!

The first woodworking tool that we got is a hammer!

It’s a tool used to strike another object, like driving nails into wood. Also, the hammerhead comes with a claw that is used to easily pull out nails.

Here are most of the wooden parts of the Turbo Racer. It includes the chassis sides, axle inserts, chassis front/back ends, axle supports, and fenders.

To smooth out the wood and their edges, the kit also has sandpaper.

The first thing my son did is to make the wooden pieces smooth by sanding them using the sandpaper.

The wood pieces they provided already has pilot holes. It keeps the wood from splitting, and it also made hammering easier.

The kit also included some paint and a paintbrush so that the kids can add color to the Turbo Racer.

After completing several parts of the toy, my son painted them.

He did the painting ahead of assembly!

The kit also included wheels, bolts, washers, wing nuts, a rubber band, and the rear and front axles.

It’s time to attach the wheels using the axle!

The guide is really helpful as the kids just need to follow what’s on the images to complete the racer.

The racer is almost complete and ready to compete!

There’s a sheet of stickers included that kids can use to further decorate the Turbo Racer.

The stickers made the toy look cooler and fiercer!

My son used up all the stickers on the racer’s body!

There’s also a propeller!

My son attached one end of the rubber band to the wire loop on the propeller and the other end to the brass hook.

It’s done and all that’s left is to try it out!

For the racer to work, you just have to wind the propeller counterclockwise.

Here’s how cool the Turbo Racer looks!

My son likes it so much! It’s easy and enjoyable to make projects like this!

The toy also looks durable, and with proper handling and care, it may last a long time.

We also love the colors of the paint and the stickers, it actually reminded us of The Flash!

We hope that this racer can be as fast as the superhero!

Annie’s Young Woodworkers Club provides kids with a fun woodworking activity that they can do on their own! Aside from teaching them woodworking skills that they can use until they grow up, they will also have a new toy after every activity! My son loves his new Turbo Racer and he definitely enjoyed making it – he was so incredibly thrilled by this project! I can see how happy he is after he finished the craft and started testing it. The box provided almost all the materials needed, and the guide is really detailed as well. This kind of activity for kids makes a great way to pass time productively at home!

What do you think of Annie’s Young Woodworkers Club subscription?

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